Overall Rating: 4.6

Colin (London) | [8142]

"Granny Kay is into dogging, swinging, threesomes (FFM) doggie and oral, she likes her hair being pulled, being finger-fucked, spanked and riding on top. Perfect." Colin, London

Darren (Cheshire) | [8141]

"Fiona is the queen and cream of my dreams." Darren, Cheshire

Jim (Scotland) | [8140]

"Roxy is truly fucking amazing! OMG, what awesome tits she has. Trust me I know!" Jim, Scotland

Colin (Maidenhead) | [8139]

"Helen is so amazing - as if a new superior race of woman has been discovered. She is a dream in flesh." Colin, Maidenhead

Barry (Liverpool) | [8138]

"Nothing better than a big pair of oiled up titties Carol. Just one star short of a full 5/5 from me babe" Barry, Liverpool

Harry (Wincanton) | [8137]

"Sue is absolutely stunningly beautiful. I won't entertain any debate. I have grown accustomed to shaved or trimmed pussies. But in Sue's case, I will take and cherish her as natural as she wants to be. I look forward to seeing more and more of this gorgeous goddess very soon." Harry, Wincanton

Nigel (East Midlands) | [8136]

"Diane is 58? What a fucking hottie for ANY age, let alone 58!" Nigel, East Midlands

Garry (Carlilse) | [8135]

"Cathy, you're my living a fantasy, I will never tire of the special times we share." Garry, Northwest

John (London) | [8134]

"In general, I'm not a fan of shaved pussies. Watching a woman shave her nether regions is not a fetish I find arousing. In this case, however, the woman is Sara, one of the most beautiful women on the planet. She is exceptionally fit. Because she looks like she is having fun with it, I am prepared to make an exception to my rule in her case." John, North London

Rob (Hartlepool) | [8133]

"You're like Snickers Natalie, always satisfying!" Rob, Hartlepool

Douglas (West Kilbride) | [8132]

"Rose is one of the hottest women I've ever seen. Everything about her is a turn on: her beautiful face, amazing tits, great legs and sweet pussy. And to top it all she has class and is slutty at the same time. What more can a man ask for!" Douglas, Scotland

Steve (Henley-on-Thames) | [8131]

"Sandra is a milf that is mesmerisingly stunning! I need to see much much more of her!" Steve, Oxfordshire

Dave (London) | [8130]

"Wow, Donna is a lot of woman..YUMMMEEE!!!" Dave, London

Sean (Oakham) | [8129]

"Any woman like Penny who plays with her arsehole while she's getting fucked gets a lollypop from me." Sean, Leicestershire

Ken (London) | [8128]

"Sweet Samantha is the reason I love it here so much. I have no idea why she isn't in the top ten hit. Complete mystery to me." Ken, London

Andy (Northwest) | [8127]

"Donna really knows how to show off the goods." Andy, Northwest

Danny (Dewsbury) | [8126]

"While I am normally a lover of natural tits, there is something hypnotic about the massive orbs on Charlotte's chest. Sliding a cock between them is amazing." Danny, Yorkshire

Ricky (Gainsborough) | [8125]

"Love Maria's nipples. Hope she can squeeze some milk out of them for me!" Ricky, Gainsborough

Ben (Yorkshire) | [8124]

"Jade is her bald pussy and having her arse cheeks in my her big nips and tits too!" Ben, Yorkshire

Paul (Midlands) | [8123]

"Holy Moses. I would crawl across a ½ mile of broken glass on my bare knees just to kiss and suck Chloe's beautiful pussy for about an hour. What a woman, she is the greatest and I love her. The absolute best contact by a country mile! And she has the prettiest pussy ever." Paul, Midlands

John (West Yorkshire) | [8122]

"OMG, cannot get enough of Jill. Horny milf, great tits, hot arse, gorgeous legs and beautiful feet. She's got it all." John, West Yorkshire

Kevin (Burton-on-Trent) | [8121]

"What an incredibly beautiful woman Emma is! There aren't enough superlatives to adequately describe how great she is. I just adore this woman and can't get enough of her. If you're reading this Emma, I'll be in touch with you on Friday as agreed!" Kevin, Burton-on-Trent

Eric (Cardiff) | [8120]

"Great Jade! Keep letting that bush grow back out. With your larger breasts, you look fantastic, especially when you unfurl that serpentine tongue of yours!" Eric, Cardiff

David (Southampton) | [8119]

"Lauren. You left me speechless and breathless last night!" David, Southampton

Terry (London) | [8118]

"Pearl, it is true the bush is back, but I can't ignore those legs, that arse, those tits or that smile you can't say no to." Terry, London

George (Edinburgh) | [8117]

"I just love how May looks! Like a true woman should, right down to her hairy pussy. God meant for a woman to have thick hips and hair down there." George, Edinburgh

Tom (Halifax) | [8116]

"Jackie, I have run out of accolades for this incredibly beautiful woman. I really look forward to contacting her again tonight. She is my favourite contact. Her hairy pussy is at the top of my list of favourite things." Tom, Halifax

Frank (Manchester) | [8115]

"Kat is a horny looking mature babe. She has a fantastic slim body with great natural titties and a cock straightening pussy. Love the welcome mat of fur on her cunt." Frank, Manchester

Adam (Birmingham) | [8114]

"Hot and erotic redhead. I am proud to live in the same city. Amy is an incredible woman." Adam, Birmingham

Phil (Coventry) | [8113]

"Julie has a very tight arsehole. Perfect for licking and fucking." Phil, Coventry

Jason (London) | [8112]

"Those full, round tits. That wicked smile. Those long legs. The sum of Lisa's parts is equal to one drop-dead sexy MILF." Jason, London

Pete (London) | [8111]

"Classic Sally! Always HOT and SLUTTY! Love the boots and stockings. Red is her colour too. Have to get her in boots more often." Pete, London

John (Essex) | [8110]

"As soon as I saw Roslyn I was smitten. I'm so glad she's out showing that the best pussy is the best pussy and not because it has the most youth ;-)" John, Essex

Greg (Cheltenham) | [8109]

"Jo is definitely hot MILF material. She has some great pics, especially the close ups of her cunt and arse. Truly world class spunk material." Greg, Cheltenham

Don (Bristol) | [8108]

"Sophie has my vote for best oral, she can swallow a cock to the root and leaves her mark with that glistening slobber that all men love." Don, Bristol

Steve (Scotland) | [8107]

"Elyse drives me crazy every time. She has beautiful eyes and such an enthusiastic smile. Her body makes me salivate." Steve, Scotland

Enrico (Kent) | [8106]

"Oh my! Georgie can't get enough anal. In love even more." Enrico, Kent

Dennis (London) | [8105]

"Heather is a perfect woman. I get what I want (and she doesn't nag like a wife.)" Dennis, London

Barry (Newcastle) | [8104]

"I would give anything to lick Evie's gorgeous pussy all night long for the second time!" Barry, Newcastle

Alan (Manchester) | [8103]

"I am breaking my own self-imposed rule here. I normally don't send in comments on the same MILF more than once (I have already commented on Emma!) but our latest session deserves some praise. Emma is a whole lot of woman. Her juicy tits and silky soft arse are simply the best. And when she pulls her arse cheeks apart to reveal all, the treasures between are amongst the best any man could wish for. A little bit of pubic fur on her pussy would make her perfect." Alan, Manchester

Dean (Hull) | [8102]

"Donna is the perfect woman! I want more of her deliciously 'tight' pussy." Dean, Hull

Carl (Devon) | [8101]

"Oh my GOD, Megan is SO BEAUTIFUL. I LOVE her GORGEOUS HAIR and her GORGEOUS MOIST PUSSY - OMG, she is GORGEOUS! Oh my Lord, those BLUE EYES and her HAIR, her looks are to DIE FOR. Where do you find and how do you get SUCH GORGEOUS WOMEN? Best contact site ever. OMG, I THINK I'M IN LOVE! Oh my GOD." Carl, Devon

Will (Merseyside) | [8100]

"Sarah is fucking gorgeous! The blonde hair is just icing on the cake." Will, Merseyside

Dave (London) | [8099]

"I can never get enough of Staci. She is one stunning, busty redhead. She has such beautiful eyes. I love to suck on those beautiful tits and eat that sweet pussy and lick her hot arse. Then get to slide my hard cock in her and go for one hell of a ride." Dave, London

Bryan (Glasgow) | [8098]


Andrew (Berkshire) | [8097]

"Alicia is a beautiful blonde, she has a great body with a set of beautiful tits, nothing better than that combo." Andrew, Berkshire

Trevor (East Sussex) | [8096]

"This is the only contact site worth shit.... can't get enough of Brea BTW!" Trevor, East Sussex

Ben (Middlesborough) | [8095]

"I want to cum hard all over Giolla's fabulous tits again. Once was never going to be enough." Ben, Middlesborough

Paul (London) | [8094]

"Zara is unbelievable. I've never done anything like this before, but I'm having fun doing it." Paul, London

John (South Yorkshire) | [8093]

"Poppy is a beautiful blonde with a great rack. Very nice. Would be great to see even more of her." John, South Yorkshire

Steve (Leicester) | [8092]

"Layla is one of my favourites here. She radiates steamy energy every time." Steve, Leicester

Jim (Glasgow) | [8091]

"I'm creative with soft rope and PVC pipe - I'd be happy to gently tie Kelly up and not so gently take her twelve ways to Sunday." Jim, Glasgow

Frank (South Wales) | [8090]

"I love Vicky's big tits, want to play with them all day long." Frank, South Wales

Tom (Birmingham) | [8089]

"Carla is so fucking hot. I blow my load instantly just thinking about her doing stuff to me!" Tom, Birmingham

Nathan (Salford) | [8088]

"Hurry up and bring Fae back so I can keep feeding her lots of cock!" Nathan, Salford

Mike (Essex) | [8087]

"I have been a big fan of Katie from the moment she appeared on here. She has that extra something that makes her wild. Love the long red nails!" Mike, Essex

Richard (Swansea) | [8086]

"Wow! What a body, I just want to devour Monica so completely every night!" Richard, Swansea

Richard (Swansea) | [8085]

"What an incredibly gorgeous woman Katie is! I can't believe she's in her 40's!" Richard, Swansea

John (London) | [8084]

"Janice is gorgeous. She has a rocking body even if she is twenty-something. I have an appointment to bang her next Wednesday." John, London

Peter (Stockport) | [8083]

"Wow, wouldn't I love to deck the halls with this 'Holly'. Fantastic boobs. Lovely long legs, and a pussy to take you to heaven." Peter, Stockport

Dave (Peterborough) | [8082]

"Sara is a beautiful woman, I love her body and those beautiful tits." Dave, Peterborough

Shaun (Liverpool) | [8081]

"Nikki is so very pretty and I love her beautiful arse I would to bury my face in it and then my cock." Shaun, Liverpool

Garry (Scotland) | [8080]

"Holy shit, Emily's legs over my shoulders and me grabbing those hips while we fuck our brains out to climax!" Garry, Scotland

Ken (Lincoln) | [8079]

"There is a lot to be said about how appealing a fuller figured woman can be. Jen has a beautiful face, nice natural tits and a rear end to die for. The shots of her curves in all there glory are the pick." Ken, Lincoln

Johnathan (Hampshire) | [8078]

"I have said it before - there is something very sexy about a woman who has curtains that don't match the carpet lol. Ruth's pussy framed by the neatly trimmed dark bush is sublime. Nice firm arse as well. Her husband is a lucky fucker." Johnathan, Hampshire

Dick (York) | [8077]

"Louise is a right Fox. Recommended." Dick, York

Malcolm (Dundee) | [8076]

"Wow what a body to wank my cock over? Love to see more Zoe." Malcolm, Dundee

Darren (London) | [8075]

"Anna you have aged like a fine wine, you look incredible. Your face is very pretty, your eyes are beautiful and your smile brings it all together. You have definitely taken very good care of yourself, your tits are incredible, your nice lean tummy, your arse is so beautifully shaped and is hot as hell, your pussy looks so sweet and tasty, and your legs are so hot. Any woman of any age would want to look as good as you do. I look forward to seeing more of you soon." Darren, London

Colin (Derby) | [8074]

"Women like Nina are why men masturbate. She makes even my tongue hard." Colin, Derby

Adam (Nottingham) | [8073]

"Laura is the stuff dreams are made of - wet and otherwise." Adam, Nottingham

Dave (Northampton) | [8072]

"Welcome back Emma! Great to see Emma's beautiful face back on the site - not to mention her beautiful arse, tits and pussy. Loved looking at her displaying her wares, especially the shots from the rear. The imagination quickly wanders to thoughts of fucking her pussy and arse from behind. One of my favourite sexual encounters." Dave, Northampton

Daz (Sheffield) | [8071]

"Many kisses before cumming deeply in Amanda's pussy." Daz, Sheffield

Steve (Wolverhampton) | [8070]

"WOW LOUISE--SO Hot--what a lucky husband you have!" Steve, Wolverhampton

Josh (Macclesfield) | [8069]

"Jenny is super great! Want to see much more of her. It's been too long. Next time threesome or gangbang would be good. Special request on top/cowgirl (long about 15 minutes make her cum a few times) and doggy. Would love to end with facials. Please bring her back for more. She is a natural talent ;)))" Josh, Macclesfield

John (Hemel Hempstead) | [8068]

"Sarah has one of the best bodies on the site. Her ample breasts, long legs and trimmed but furry pussy are sensational." John, Hemel Hempstead

Jimmy (Aberdeen) | [8067]

"Definitely adding Rachel to my must-have list. Extramarital affair? Yes please." Jimmy, Aberdeen

Gerry (South London) | [8066]

"Nothing is more enjoyable than fucking a pierced pussy....the little rings clink together during sex. M'mmmm Hannah." Gerry, South London

Don (Chesterfield) | [8065]

"Oh Maralyn, you are such a hot beautiful woman with that wonderful sweet wet sloppy pussy and those big magnificent suckable breast that I want to fuck you and deposit my boiling hot sweet cum load in you and then watch it ooze out. Last Tuesday was great!" Don, Chesterfield

Tony (London) | [8064]

"Wow, great boobs and awesome pussy! Had the best night ever last Saturday babe. Can't wait till next time." Tony, London

Dave (Manchester) | [8063]

"Happy to be the stranger's cock in Dee's arse! One night stand." Dave, Manchester

Vic (Wales) | [8062]

"A big fan of Kelly whatever happened to her? Please bring her back!" Vic, Wales

Geoff (Midlands) | [8061]

"Very happy to enter Lynn from behind and dump a week's load deep in her fanny." Geoff, Midlands

Gordon (Nottingham) | [8060]

"Slid my cock between Nicole's magnificent tits to warm it up and get it hard and erect before pounding it deep inside her tight arsehole." Gordon, Nottingham

Adrian (Southport) | [8059]

"Natalie is easily the loveliest MILF on the site that I've had! Absolutely gorgeous and knows what to do!" Adrian, Southport

Dave (West Midlands) | [8058]

"Ava is a gorgeous mature woman. Her arse and cunt from behind a dream made in heaven - with or without fingers or dildo inside. Seeing her tits dangling down is an added bonus." Dave, West Midlands

Noel (Brighton) | [8057]

"Oh my god, Mia is heaven on earth beautiful! Her lips are the most gorgeous I have ever seen and her legs are to die for! I love her smooth pussy and her goddess gorgeous arse! I love her smooth mussy and her goddess pussy lips, she is a gorgeous woman. Can't wait to do it again with her." Noel, Brighton

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