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Overall Rating: 4.6

Mike (Nuneaton) | [8192]

"I was completely wowed by Rachel in her black stockings and suspenders. She is a 'skilled practitioner of the sexual arts' highly recommended."
Mike, Nuneaton

Paul (London) | [8191]

"Busty Charlotte is amazing, her tits bursting out of her dress were ready to be sucked. I love the teasing, foreplay, flirting and tension. You can't replicate this in real life."
Paul, London

Andrew (Liverpool) | [8190]

"Shauna is a really super 40+ lady, with a very nice figure, wonderful personality, and lots of fun. Petite, Pure and Playful."
Andrew, Liverpool

Ahmad (Sheffield) | [8189]

"Gracie. Disappointing. Sorry but I've had far better here. Can't quite put my finger on it but we just didn't click for some reason. Probably as much my fault as hers as I perhaps rushed things a tad."
Ahmad, Liverpool

Adrian (Nottingham) | [8188]

"Gabriella. Very pleasant Lady in her mid 40's, exactly as described in her profile. She gave a wonderful and very sexy performance."
Adria, Nottingham

Geoff (London) | [8187]

"Mistress Juana. A teasing temptress and CRUEL BITCH. Just like her page says. A dominatrix beyond her declared age of 26. Highly Recommended."
Geoff, London

Ron (Hampshire) | [8186]

"Monica is in her late twenties, soft, warm and just as described. I'm a total novice at using this sex contact site. She put me at my ease very quickly. Loved every minute and looking forward to another session."
Rob, Aldershot, Hampshire

Phil (Kent) | [8185]

"Charlize is a fantastic looking young lady with a wonderful body and lovely boobs. In heels and stockings and nothing else, she is a picture of loveliness. Wowee and then some. She is just fantastic and I recommend her to anyone."
Phil, Gravesend, Kent

Joe (Farnborough) | [8184]

"Olivia is mid to late 30s, quite small, beautiful with small tits and slim with gorgeous strawberry blonde hair. Show the same level of discretion and you won't be disappointed!"
Joe, Farnborough, Hampshire

Roy (Loughborough) | [8183]

"Freya provided exactly what I needed. She is a very perceptive woman. Also extremely affectionate and skilled in the sexual arts. Older than I would normally go for hence three stars. Will I contact Freya again? Probably."
Roy, Loughborough, Leicestershire

Dave (Bracknell) | [8182]

"Hazel (57) is physically fit and superbly proportioned, in all that belies her admitted age. She is an absolute delight. This lady [and I mean 'lady' in the best possible sense] is accommodating, sensitive, sensuous and in all I asked for brilliant. She is genuinely sympathetic to my out of the ordinary requests and dealt with me as firmly as I wished. Superb."
Dave, Bracknell, Berkshire

Pete (Livingston) | [8181]

"I would estimate Jenny to be 5ft 6in tall, hazel eyes, with dark shoulder length hair. Tanned complexion, very soft skin, 34 - 36 C breasts, with a 20-inch waist, lovely toned legs a very fit lady who looks younger than her 32 years of age. Had another great session this evening. Highly recommended."
Pete, Livingston, West Lothian

Andy (Newcastle) | [8180]

"Lenora is in her early forties and she's a proper classy British MILF! Lenora has fantastic natural breasts and a fantastic ASS which is just marvellous to get hold of and grope."
Andy, Newcastle

Dominic (Maidenhead) | [8179]

"This is a review of Nanci. As previously described "housewife next door" type, but most importantly clean shaved and big tits. Four stars because she is close to perfect. But on reflection, I've probably been a bit mean not giving Nanci the full five stars, to be honest."
Dominic, Maidenhead

Terry (Mansfield) | [8178]

"What to say about Eliza that hasn`t been said before, gorgeous and sexy as hell. There is nothing better than getting a mature woman into the sack, except getting two mature women into the sack."
Terry, Mansfield

Tim (Bedford) | [8177]

"This is a review on Lucy (34), Warwick. Hot Milf as described on her page. Warm, friendly and she did not waste time. We exchanged texts and the chemistry was certainly there, we're into similar things and once she felt I could be trusted she opened up and things moved on from sex chat to what we wanted to do to each other."
Tim, Bedford

Anwar (Leicester) | [8176]

"Margo is a mature woman around 50. Very sexually experienced. She is more dominant than submissive which is what I wanted. It ended with total satisfaction."
Anwar, Leicester

Barry (Luton) | [8175]

"Monica is a total knockout. Tall, perfect body, large beautiful breasts, legs that go on forever and a hairy pussy which is my thing."
Barry, Luton

Faris (Coventry) | [8174]

"Madge is a granny who likes younger men. She in her 60's and me in my 30's. Texts leading to sex chat and then moving on from there. A 30 year age gap is not what everyone is looking for but if an older lady is what you're after you won't find better than Madge."
Faris, Coventry

Nathan (Birmingham) | [8173]

"Rachel is a redhead just like her pictures! Curvy, tall and with the best tits ever. This was my first time, so I was quite nervous but she put me at ease, and I felt relaxed throughout. Will definitely follow up with Rachel if she's still around. She suggested that she may be taking a break :( Got to get in quick haha."
Nathan, Birmingham

Colin (Yorkshire) | [8172]

"Victoria is an extremely attractive lady. I'm new here but she put me at ease right from the off. Imagine if you will being stripped whilst she slowly undresses. She cups my balls, licking and sucking them and then sliding the head of my cock in her mouth. Overall extremely pleased."
Colin, Yorkshire

Jimmy (Northampton) | [8171]

"Pam is mid-forties, long black hair, a nice curvy figure with everything in the right place. Terrific boobs and legs. Had a great session on Tuesday night. Definitely contacting her again very soon. 5 star all the way."
Jimmy, Northampton

Jon (London) | [8170]

"Brilliant. Contacting women is a million times better when you don't have to register for an account."
Jon, London

Dave (Birmingham) | [8169]

"Kim is I think a size 8 with big tits and a peach of an arse. I came across her details by chance and am so glad that I did. Wow what an encounter it was. Kim is sex on legs, she doesn't hold back and we did everything I wanted and more. Imagine being in the company of a woman who pushes you over and sticks her tongue up your arse then demands that you return the compliment. Well, you would wouldn't you? Kim has so much energy I was struggling to keep up with her. We explored so many positions that I lost count. Pissing in my mouth and me returning it to her for her to swallow was a first for me but was so fucking horny! I managed to come twice during our session which actually went on for ages. She doesn't seem to worry as she only wants you to have a great time and boy did I have a great time. This lady just loves sex and seems to have no limits. I will definitely contact her again, as I want to find my limits this could be the start of a long process lol."
Dave, Birmingham

Paul (Sheffield) | [8168]

"Take a look at Mandy's profile page. She is a lovely sexy lady. She has a great figure, really good tits with lovely sensitive nipples. A fantastic ass and great legs. Perfect really. She is a great package. What a fun time we had - we did everything. Starting with simple snogging through to anal and everything in between. And when I say everything there is nothing we didn't try. Mandy clearly loves sex and it comes through. If you want a fun time guys no need to look any further. But be patient and give the chemistry a chance to kick in. Thanks, Mandy."
Paul, Sheffield

Andy (Oldham) | [8167]

"Demi is exactly as she appears on her profile page. 5'5", size 8 D-cup boobs. Her tits are full and natural and in perfect proportion to her stunning body. Oh, she is also very pretty. That's enough detail (the rest is private). Would I recommend her? Yes, you bet I would."
Andy, Oldham

Dan (Loughborough) | [8166]

"Caitlin's profile will tell you everything you need to know about her. She has large boobs that look enhanced but it's hard to tell. She is extremely sexy and attractive physically but, in some ways, it's her personality that really shines and a positive attitude counts for a lot with me. The service was amazing. Can you imagine anything better than exquisite tender oral followed by mutual rimming, anal sex and a copious finish by hand over her lovely breasts? I know I'm making this sound like a hardcore PSE experience but it wasn't like that. It felt like a GFE to me but with hot sex thrown in, if that makes sense. Will definitely be contacting her again very soon."
Dan, Loughborough

James (Edinburgh) | [8165]

"Eloise is a gorgeous blonde babe, slim fit body with amazing boobs, shapely legs and a cute arse. I've had a few sessions with Eloise now and it just gets better every time. She has a bubbly personality and a wicked sense of humour that puts you at ease immediately. Being naked on the bed, the sight of her just wearing stockings and heels in front of a large mirror is an image that will melt any man. I asked her for a PSE because she certainly has the body for porn. She made it something special to remember. I agreed to tell her all my fantasies and she provided an erotic experience for me that I will never forget. An exceptional woman who is irresistible. A five-star quality service."
James, Edinburgh

Steve (Woking) | [8164]

"My review of Edee, 43. I give a lusty endorsement to the skills and service of this, particularly special lady. Her boobs are enhanced rather wonderfully (if you prefer natural tits she might just change your mind). Her PSE is utterly fantastic and today had me spurting like I'd not cum for 10 years! Edee's warm, friendly, wise and down-to-earth approach, both to me and sex has me returning time after time. I just hope I can conjure more frequent session opportunities and hope that my energy will survive enough to be able to keep things up with this superb woman for years to come without dropping my clogs on the job!"
Steve, Woking

Gill (Northampton) | [8163]

"Sylvie is so beautiful. Lovely face, hair and a body to die for. This girl is amazing. I'm new to this site and admit I was a bit sceptical about the service and whether Sylvie would live up to my expectations. There was no need to worry, Sylvie is a dream come true. She very quickly made me feel at ease and her technique is second to none. Pick Sylvie and just rest assured you won't be disappointed. I give her 10/10."
Gill, Northampton

Kelvin (High Wycombe) | [8162]

"Francoise is slim with a well-toned figure and beautifully enhanced breasts that look very natural. I've had her in my sights for some time and finally decided to make my move… and what a wonderful time it was. Initially, we spend time getting to know each other and discussing what we'd like to do - I was immediately excited: she has a very sexy, fun-loving way about her which hints at the delights to come. She is open-minded and knows what gives her pleasure, for me this is quite a turn-on in itself. You will not be disappointed."
Kelvin, High Wycombe

Steve (Dartford) | [8161]

"Petite Madison has a well looked after body with great boobs, and so suck-able nipples. All in all perfection! Her profile picture and reviews are great so she is a must. Despite Madison's stated age of 22, she has a wealth of sexual experience and I felt I was only experiencing just the tip of the iceberg. I will need to follow up several times to learn all from her. Teasing and probing. Kissing and touching. Licking and sucking. Massaging and caressing me to a great finale. I'm thinking of her right now. Highly Recommended."
Steve, Dartford

Kevin (Norwich) | [8160]

"Erika has a body built for sin with the most wonderful breasts I have seen with 'bullet' nipples which are so responsive. Amazing! Her nipples are so sublime. My cock was soon in her lovely mouth while I stood and watched in the full-length mirror. What a site! She told me to get on all fours on the bed and then proceeded to rim me which as you can imagine was pure bliss, she stroked and teased my cock at the same time with her tongue deep in my arse and I was moaning with pleasure. Would I recommend Erika? Hell Yes!"
Kevin, Norwich

John (Bradford) | [8159]

"Carly is truly a goddess on legs! Petite, long blonde hair, fabulous blue eyes, pouting kissable lips and magnificent breasts with wondrous suckable nipples! Sex with Carly can only be compared with the finest of wines. Full bodied, intoxicating, smooth tasting, extremely desirable and when you pop her cork you experience the most shattering and unforgettable experience imaginable! Whether you are after a fabulous GFE experience or a full-on hard-core session Carly is, without doubt, the leading exponent in both areas. The lady is simply amazing and combines both external and inner beauty with an amazing personality to match. I cannot praise her skills enough! Wish I could keep for myself!"
John, Bradford

Gaz (Crewe) | [8158]

"Nerys has an attractive face with a good hint of the sexy time she wants to have with you. We took the time to become happily acquainted and things just escalated quite naturally from there. Did I have a fabulous time? Yep. You bet. Did she manage to put a smile on my face? Oh yes!"
Gaz, Crewe

Ted (Milton Keynes) | [8157]

"Lorna has great hair and body, and the boob surgeon has done a wonderful job. I suspect that she might be a smidge older than she lets on, but it doesn't matter. She is great fun. Happy to talk, and equally happy to play. I'm sure that I didn't get anywhere near trying out all of her talents. I have no doubt that everything she advertises is available. We played some mild tie-and-tease games. I think Lorna enjoyed herself. If she didn't then she's a great actress. Thoroughly recommended."
Ted, Milton Keynes

Dave (Midlands) | [8156]

"The highest compliment I can pay gorgeous Anneke is to say that I really enjoyed dropping my load over her tits and face last night."
Dave, Midlands

Dean (Kent) | [8155]

"Nice and nasty Natalie, uncut and uncensored, what could be better as she opens her ports for an old plugger like me, and her huge natural tits are simply brain-freezing."
Dean, Kent

Steve (Bristol) | [8154]

"If there's anyone who would be the perfect nurse for me, hot, horny and as kinky as hell it would be you, Sarah. So glad I found you, babe. Our 'connection' looks very promising!"
Steve, Bristol

Andy (Manchester) | [8153]

"It doesn't get any better than granny sex with busty Vera. She can't seem to get enough cock. Lots of hand-work before the inevitable happens with plenty of licking and sucking-off before she swallows the lot."
Andy, Manchester

Barry (Glasgow) | [8152]

"Kay's into doggie-style and oral sex, likes her hair being pulled, being finger-fucked, spanked and riding on top. Think I just found my perfect match!"
Barry, Glasgow

Jim (London) | [8151]

"When the big cock genie penetrates your royal snatch, Karen, with his long staff and begins fucking you, the screaming is sure to start! I can't wait babe."
Jim, London

John (London) | [8150]

"There's a lot to be said about how sexy a fuller figured MILF can be. Jenny has a beautiful face, great natural tits and a rear end to die for. Her curves are what really do it for me." John (London)

Frank (Hounslow) | [8149]

"I prefer 45 plus, as they never disappoint and Viv is no exception. She is hot and sexy. She is every inch my fantasy girl, yet she's very down-to-earth, friendly and excitable. And to top it all she is definitely blessed by Mother Nature in the breast possible way. I like the idea that you can view profiles without having to register and for gratis." Frank, Hounslow

Ben (Southampton) | [8148]

"I would describe Emma as a 'genetic wonder'. They never designed a top to fit such a big-chested girl. Emma's quivering, needy expression always heightens my expectation and she inspires and tests me to the limit every session we have." Ben, Southampton

Jack (Coventry) | [8147]

"Ruby is a voluptuous hottie with tape busting measurements and a pretty face that defies her age. I think tits that size should be left to hang freely and not cradled like her safety is at stake. Hallelujah, Ruby agrees. This service is complimentary to my primary relationship." Jack, Coventry

Nigel (Sussex) | [8146]

"I'm new here. This outdoes any other site I've been on. Contacted Cheryl, not a glamour model but then that's what I find so attractive about her, she's certainly sexy and her wanton lewdness is a real turn on. She knows how to display her cunt for sure. At 57 she's a granny that's had a nice long time to practice her arts!"
Nigel, Sussex

Alastair (Glasgow) | [8145]

"Nairne is a cute girl-next-door type MILF with a lovely figure, a super sexy tight arse and a nice natural furry pussy. Mmmmm, Nairne has to be on my top 3 to-do list!" Alastair, Glasgow

Robert (Leicester) | [8144]

"Contacting women here is exciting because you never know where things will lead. I'm new here hence my two-star rating."
Robert, Leicester

Geoff (Corby) | [8143]

"Full fur! I really like seeing Blair's pubes bursting out from her tiny panties. She's AMAZING! I find it so exciting and arousing to see a natural, real girl going at it; she's a real cock pleaser! Tomorrow?"
Geoff, Corby

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I am here to share (what I hope will be) mind-blowing and intimate fantasies; I am very flirtatious and love to tease and hope that I can help you to let your desires come to the boil! ;) Ashleigh, 27, Edinburgh [Dream girl]


Gavina, 40 (Hull) | [Ad 002]

Well, I have finally taken the plunge and posted my profile and some hot pics on this site, hope you enjoy the view! I would love to know what you think, but please be kind because I've hit the big four 0 now! Gavina, 40, Hull [Mature]


Lise, 36 (Cirencester) | [Ad 003]

Making my debut on this site and I'm relishing the prospect of hearing from you and seeing how far we can take things. I live alone with no ties and I'm up for giving this a go if you are? Lise, 36, Cirencester [Exposed]

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Kalina, 27 (Saffron Walden) | [Ad 004]

Strict DOMINATRIX Mistress. Are you seeking a submissive experience? You will desire ME and only ME for the most sensual, delicious and intoxicating medicinal experience. Find me here. Kalina, 27, Saffron Walden [Mistress]

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If you're looking for a mature lady who can be naughty, you just found me! ;) I'm friendly, open-minded and guaranteed to blow your mind. Catch me here at XXX Sex Contacts. Michelle, 41, Manchester [Hot MILF]

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Gwen, 62 (London) | [Ad 006]

Granny sex? I love getting lost in the absolute filth of a good fantasy. Cock sucking, anal, cum swallowing, face sitting, I love it all! Gwen, 62, London

Highly Recommended

Felicity, 53 (Cardiff) | [Ad 007]

The idea that you are considering contacting me I find exciting and the thought of us sharing secrets and cumming together gets my juices flowing. Felicity, 53, Cardiff [Kinky granny]

Highly Recommended

Anneke, 44 (Birmingham) | [Ad 008]

I always dress in sexy underwear. My favourite lingerie is by Agent Provocateur, La Perla or Jennifer Pierre. With my slender suspenders holding up sheer stockings my body is encased in the softest silk, satin and lace. Anneke, 44, Birmingham [MILF]

Highly Recommended

Alexis, 28 (London) | [Ad 009]

I'm here just looking for a good time and don't want a relationship, usually too busy working! Alexis, 28, London [Hot blonde]


Heather, 55 (Essex) | [Ad 010]

I'm a mature MILF and a granny too with a vast amount of experience who prefers younger men. Contact me today. Heather, 55, Essex [Filthy granny]

Highly Recommended

Karee, 26 (Leeds) | [Ad 011]

Love my tits played with, kissed, licked, sucked and fucked! Also, I love my silky smooth pussy being stroked, licked and filled with creamy hot spunk. Karee, 26, Leeds [Leggy blonde]


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