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We never moderate or censor what happens here so don't be a prick. Everything is easier that way.

  • SMS v Instant Messaging

    With 2 options to contact members, SMS or Instant Messaging, which one's for me?


    • Messages exchanged via UK Mobile Phone.
    • No registration required.
    • Billed to your mobile phone account.

    Instant Messaging

    • Any device - PC, Tablet or Mobile Phone.
    • Available virtually anywhere on the planet with internet access.
    • Uses credits, purchased discreetly using debit/credit card.
    • Cheaper than SMS.
    • Not subjected to Mobile Network adult locks/blocks and caps.
  • How do I start to text Women?

    For your ideal sex text experience: Check out the profiles, decide which best fits what you're looking for and make a note of the Username. You should then text 'XXX' followed by the Woman's Username followed by your message. So for example, if you want to sex text with Abbi , you would text the following substituting 'YOUR MESSAGE' with your message:


    to shortcode:


    Once you've sent her a text, you'll receive a text back asking for your Date of Birth (DOB), simply reply with your DOB, for example text:


    to shortcode:


    To continue to text, send your message like so:

    I love your profile, are you up for some sexy fun?

    to shortcode::


  • How do I text a different woman?

    For security reasons, you can only text one woman at a time. To text another Woman you have 2 options:

    1. If you know her Username you would text 'XXX' followed by the Woman's Username followed by your message. So for example, if you want to switch to Abbi , you would text the following substituting 'YOUR MESSAGE' with your message:


      to shortcode::


      To continue to text send your message like so:

      Wow! you're hot, can you send me some pics?

      to shortcode:


    2. Alternatively, to text another woman our system can match one for you, just text:


      to shortcode::


      To continue to text your new Sex Partner, send your message like so:

      I love your tits. Are they real?

      to shortcode:


  • Why aren't I receiving messages? / I've received: 'Network msg limit reached' Message

    It could be that you have reached your daily or monthly spend limit.

    Payment Services Regulation (PSD2)


    On 13 January 2018, an updated piece of banking legislation came in to force called the Payment Services Regulation 2. This legislation is primarily focused on banking payment services, and to increase competition in the banking sector.

    However, telecom companies that charge third-party services to their customers' bills are also covered by this new legislation. This means your mobile network operator must, for the first time, limit these payment services (called premium mobile billing) to £30 a day or £240 a month.

    The mobile networks are obliged to ensure their customers' stay within these limits. Therefore, your network will apply a daily and monthly spend limit to remain compliant with the Phone-paid Services Authority (the "PSA") who are the UK regulator (appointed by Ofcom) of premium rate (phone) services.

    What's happened?

    Since 13 January 2018, your mobile network provider has been monitoring your usage and spending for any services that are covered by this legislation. Some customers will be artificially capped at a spend of £30/day and £240/month (Inc. VAT) on their current expenditure even though they have always paid their mobile phone bill on time.

    Which services are affected?

    The following services will contribute to your £30 a day and £240 a month spend limit:

    • Calls to numbers starting 0871 (72 or 73), 09 and 118
    • Calls to short codes (like voting on TV shows such as Strictly Come Dancing)
    • Premium text messages (such as TV and radio competitions or virtual chat services using text messaging
    • Charge to Bill transactions (such as video purchases, charity donations or Spotify subscriptions)

    Bars/Restrictions imposed by your mobile network operator

    If you reach a (credit) spend of £30/day or £240/month (Inc. VAT), then your mobile network is required to limit your expenditure for these services by applying the Premium Rate bar and Charge to Bill bar. These restrictions won't affect or limit any other usage.

    Text notifications

    When you reach the daily or monthly spend limit - due to any combination of services from the list above- you should receive a text message from your network provider to let you know that a (credit) restriction has been applied to your handset/your mobile account for the rest of the day or month whichever is the case.

    This new legislation has been enacted by the UK government in response to the revised EU Payment Services Directive ("PSD2") and applies to ALL UK mobile network operators.


    Currently, the only way around this is for you to switch to using chat credits. Please contact us if you are interested in knowing more about chat credits.

    Should you wish to contact us regarding this legislation and its implications on you using this service, then please use the form on our contact page.


    • Your mobile network operator does not support short code messaging - change to a network which does
    • You are out of credit (PAYG) - top up
    • Your mobile is off or not in a good signal area
    • Your handset is 'content locked' - contact your network operator and ask for your handset to be 'unlocked' (account holder only)

    See section 'Mobile Phone Adult Bar' below for more information.

  • What stops me ending up with a bigger phone bill due to a 'text-happy' girl?

    Good question. But it's not going to happen!

    We received the following message from David:
    'Hi I am very keen to use your service for the first time, but one thing slightly bothers me, I have no problems with the cost of texts received if they are kept to a sensible amount, but wouldn't want to end up with a massive bill at the expense of a "text happy" girl. Do you encourage the ladies to have a common sense approach on this point? Thanks David' (Edited)

    Answer: Our system controls the amount of messages your chosen sex contact can send to you. When you send a message through our service, your sex contact is restricted by our system, to sending you a maximum of three replies (texts) per message she receives from you. This prevents a runaway scenario of the kind David raises.

    There are rules to using the service, and we expect all parties to abide by them. You can opt-out by sending 'STOP' to 69500. Once a stop message is received, girls are automatically 'locked-out' by our system, which prevents them from texting you until you text in again. When you text in after a stop message, the 'block' is lifted and your chosen sex contact will be able to contact you again.

    Should you feel a girl texts you inappropriately, you should speak up. First by texting the girl concerned. Then to us. With your informed consent, we can investigate service interactions. But the service is private and confidential and messages are a personal matter between consenting adults.

    We do not (and can not) control who says what to whom. That said, we would not expect a scenario of the kind David raises to ever happen. If you feel a girl is abusing the service, you should contact us immediately. A 'text happy' girl scenario would fall into the category of (service) abuse and will not be tolerated.

    Unlike others, this sex contact service is genuine and not about making money from you. It is about providing a quality service - the charge to you for receiving personal messages from your chosen sex contacts is a contribution towards the costs associated with running such a secure servcice via mobile technology - including network charges and VAT etc. If there was a lower cost way of providing such a service taking account of ease of access, safety, security and which would deliver the results you demand, then we would use it.

    Thank you to David for raising this.

  • Where do the Women live?

    Sex Text: All the Women live right here in the UK, are genuine about wanting to hear from men, are broad-minded and have diverse Sexual preferences which are 'Tagged' on each profile page.

    YOU get to choose and manage all your contacts.

    1. You can start and stop whenever you want.
    2. You can contact as many women as you want.
    3. You remain in control at all times.
    4. You decide the best times to send and receive messages.
    5. Safe. Secure. Confidential. Fast.

    Are some or all of the women prostitutes or escorts?
    No. We do not allow prostitutes, escorts, massage parlours, or anyone involved in the 'Pay for sex' trade to use the service.

    Is this an automated service?
    No. We guarantee that all your replies will come from real women. You can ask them whatever you like.

  • Can I text and receive explicit pics?

    Yes. However, we're advocates of responsible Adult conduct. To help protect minors from seeing Sexually explicit images, we don't show x-rated photos in publically accessible areas of our Web site. But Sex Contacts are free to share explicit images with you in PRIVATE.

  • Why don't I receive explicit texts (pics)?

    Most Woman have explicit photos to share, if you find that you only seem to receive soft images, you may have to remove a 'content lock' on your mobile by contacting your network provider.

  • What is a text shortcode?

    Our systems use what is called a 'shortcode'. This is 69500 used to enable you to send to our servers for delivery to the Sex Text contact you want to exchange messages with. It also ensures safety for both parties. It's advisable to store the number in your phone's memory for ease of use when sending.

    Protect Your Number - stay safe, smart and secure
    Girls: Your profile will show our 5 digit 'shortcode' number instead of your mobile number. When our system receives a message for you, it will be automatically directed to you without you ever having to reveal your personal mobile number to a stranger.

    Guys: Whether you choose to send a message using either our free-to-send WEBMO (web-to-mobile) feature or your mobile phone, our system will automatically forward your message and hide your mobile number so that the recipient will never see your personal mobile number. This gives you added security and protection from unwanted messages and helps to ensure you stay in control at all times.

    Using a shortcode allows us to block anyone that abuses the service. This means you can spend more time talking with genuine sex contacts.

    FOR GUYS: Why do I have to text to a shortcode and not to a woman's personal mobile number?
    Because not surprisingly women aren't keen to give out their mobile numbers for all to see on the Internet. So we provide a safe way for them to make contact with you.

  • What does it cost to sex text?

    It's only £1.50 to receive a PRIVATE text from your secret text contact. Normal network charges apply to messages you send to her from your mobile phone. However, messages you send from our site's 'WEBMO' feature (web-to-mobile) are completely free to send.

    How is payment made?
    We just bill you via your mobile phone, which means you don't need to worry about giving any credit card or bank details to us.

    NB. Please use the service responsibly and always check the charges and our terms of service prior to using the service.

  • Which networks does your text system work on?
    • Abica
    • Asda Mobile
    • Blyk
    • BT Mobile
    • EE
    • Family Mobile
    • Giffgaff
    • Lebara Mobile
    • LycaMobile
    • O2
    • Orange
    • Talkmobile
    • Tesco Mobile
    • T-Mobile
    • Vectone
    • Virgin Mobile
    • Vodafone
    • 3
  • Is this a conventional dating site?

    No. This is not a dating site for those seeking love, romance or marriage. It's purely Sex between consenting Adults. There's no guaranteed meetings here, but if you're sensible and realistic your experience will be ABSOLUTELY AWESOME and you will get everything you want!

  • I'm a Woman in the UK wanting to sex text. What should I do?

    Use our join page to contact us. Please give as much information about yourself as possible - once we receive your details, someone should get back to you within 7 days. If you don't hear anything within that time, then please feel free to contact us again. YOU MUST BE OVER 21, live in the UK and be genuine about wanting to hear from men who want no-strings-attached Adult Fun. You should be broad-minded, Sexually creative and comfortable with engaging in explicit Sexual scenarios with strangers. If you're easily offended, it's not for you.

  • How do I contact you?

    If you have any questions or feedback, or if you just want to say 'Hi', feel free to get in touch! My name's Emma V and you can drop me a line anytime. Just use our online form at: Contact Us. BTW. If you've got a story to tell about your Sexual exploits here, I'd love to hear it!

  • How do I quit the service and stop the text messages coming?

    You can stop anytime you want, simply text:


    to shortcode:


    NB. We do our best to make sure the stop command is instant. However the sms network can be slow and in rare cases there can be a short delay where messages could still be delivered to you.

  • What is our Responsible Service Use Policy?

    Our Commitment to Consumers

    At we are committed to creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences every day. That commitment extends to every facet of service interactions – right down to offering the best Service User support possible. We have created a Responsible Service Use Policy (“RSUP”) that not only assists an individual who may become addicted to our Premium Service but also makes consumers aware of things they may need to watch out for. also supports the various safety features and security safeguards established by the mobile networks, including the use of a secure PIN number to prevent unauthorised access by others to their mobile handset; the implementation of content locks to prevent inappropriate content access; placing spend restrictions on mobile accounts to avoid over-spend. For more information on what safety features and security safeguards may be applied to your mobile phone, please get in touch with your mobile network operator. is fully compliant with all applicable laws, rules, and guidelines relating to operating a UK PRS, and is recognised by many as an industry leader in the provision of Responsible PRS provision. This is based on a comprehensive set of responsible standards which are amongst the most rigorous in the world, designed to meet or exceed all existing PRS regulatory requirements.

    Signs of problems or Service User vulnerability

    Most experts agree that there currently is no reliable way to identify a Service User who may have a vulnerability/addiction to using a Premium service, just by looking at them. However, it is important to know some warning signs. These warning signs include, but are not limited to:

    • Interacting with a Premium service longer than planned;
    • Losing sleep over using a Premium service;
    • Continuing to use a Premium service beyond what is reasonably affordable;
    • Feeling depressed and/or anxious after using a Premium service.

    If you, or someone you know, experiences these or similar signs related to the use of PRS, please take proactive steps to seek confidential assistance and ensure that all safety and security actions which can be taken have been taken, including limiting account spend and/or blocking access to Premium services.

    Answer these two easy questions to determine whether you might have a problem.

    During the past 12 months, have you become restless, irritable or anxious when trying to stop/cut down on using a Premium service?

    During the past 12 months, have you found it difficult to pay your mobile bills because they contained a high level of charges relating to PRS access which you can not reasonably afford?

    If you answered 'yes' to either of these questions, you might have a PRS-related problem. For confidential assistance, please contact your mobile network to discuss placing a restriction(s) on your account.

    Social Safeguards

    If a Service User wishes to stop using the Service but has difficulty doing so, there are a number of actions which might be considered:

    • Self-exclusion/voluntary-exclusion. Send a STOP message to the service provider. This effectively is a Premium service opt-out (of the service concerned). Once received, the service provider should not contact you again;
    • Service-provider-exclusion. This is when a Service User requests the Service Provider to 'block' his or her number. This means that the service can no longer be accessed by that Service User's mobile;
    • Mobile-network-restrictions. The account holder can ask his or her mobile network to block access to Premium services or place a monthly spend limit on their mobile account.

    To encourage our Service Users to use the service responsibly, as intended and not spend more than he/she can reasonably afford, Service Users are advised to ensure the service is what they want prior to using it; to ask any questions about the service, as and when necessary, and to utilise free of charge spend restrictions available via their mobile network operator. Setting a voluntarily limit on your mobile account can be a good idea, as it will help you to plan and control Premium service expenditure beforehand.

    An important part of our Social Responsibility commitment recognises that:

    It is not our place to restrict service access, providing:

    • The Service is what you want;
    • You are aged 18 or over;
    • You are in the UK;
    • You have satisfied the double opt-in requirement;
    • You abide by our Terms of Service;
    • You use the Service responsibly, as intended and do not spend more than you can reasonably afford.

    We recognise that:

    • A Service User and the bill-payer (of the mobile phone used to access our Premium service) are not necessarily the same person;
    • The content of private messages should remain private;
    • There is a joint social responsibility placed upon mobile networks, bill-payers, and Service Users, as well as Premium service provides, to ensure each stakeholder plays its part to the full in order to maintain PRS standards and avoid consumer harm.
  • What if I have a sex text query?

    RESPONSIBLE ADULTS 18+ ONLY PLEASE. If you have a query, then you should seek clarification from us before continuing. You can contact us anytime 24/7 x 365 days using the form on our Contact Page

    What we will do
    We will aim to acknowledge your communication within 2 hours of receiving it. In most cases we'll be able to answer your query almost immediately. However, should we need to investigate something you've told us about, then it may take a little longer. If this is the case, we'll email you at the address you provided on the Contact Form to explain what steps we're taking, and when we should be in a position to respond fully. Please note that we may need to request further information.

    Protecting user anonymity is very important to us
    Due to the Sexual content of messages and for reasons of protecting User confidentiality, we will not disclose or enter into any discussion relating to specific User interactions, including the content of messages and images received or sent. All User interactions are a matter of strict confidentiality between two consenting Adults and must remain so.

    Here's the scoop on XXX Sex Contacts... sex text service

    We've reimagined a new kind of sex contacts site that allows you to quickly, securely and safely connect to women that makes similar sites obsolete. You can now use a secure network that gives hyper-fast access to sex text contacts... unlike other sites, where you spend hours on computers writing autobiographies and scrutinising photos, we provide a new way to bridge the gap between sex in real life and having sex text with a stranger.

    XXX Sex Contacts: Our sex text is superior to other sites because it is:

    • Faster and less formal
    • Safer and more secure
    • Easier and less awkward to start conversations

    Sex Text : Emma's HOT TIPS

    RADAR texts: Get on her radar! Be her (sexting) partner-in-crime and get her to share personal information with you - when you do it right, she can't not think about having sex with you.

    CRAFT your language so it stops her in her tracks... heat things up in your messages, be her first choice and get her chasing you!

    PRIMING the pump. Spark a positive emotion in her - make it easy to escalate your messages to the next level. Above all, don't rush her or send sub-par messages and expect to get the result you want.

    DON'T MESS UP. You need to kick-start her desire to have you. Sex Texts or Sexting can be so exciting - in fact polls show 70%+ of people who sext end up having sex in real life.

  • What are the Service Rules?


    Basic Service Rules and Guidance

    For your own safety and the safety of others

    Rule 1. Use the service responsibly and as intended, and do not spend more than you can reasonably afford.

    Rule 2. Do not include any personal identifying details in messages.

    Rule 3. Don't pressure girls to meet. It makes them feel uneasy and may lead to your number being blocked. This is an adult sexting introduction service and not a dating site.

    Rule 4. Do not ask girls to contact you via alternative means. The way this works is for their protection and yours.

    Rule 5. Time-wasters are not welcome. It only leads to frustration and it's pointless. If you aren't serious, then don't bother. This service is for genuine users only.

    Rule 6. This is a UK Adult Over 18s Service Only. Do not attempt to use the service if you are outside the UK or in the UK and under 18 years of age.

    Rule 7. We operate a zero tolerance to abuse of any kind. Please respect other people's boundaries and remember that no means NO.

  • What is this Service?

    SERVICE DESCRIPTION: Adult sexting Introduction Service
    Before you use the service:

    1. You should refer to our Terms of Service which can be easily accessed via the 'Terms of Service' link on every page.
    2. If you have a question or query about the service, or if you are unsure about what the service is, how it works or what you will be charged for using it, you MUST seek clarification from us PRIOR to using the service.
    3. It is your responsibility to satisfy yourself that the service is what you want BEFORE you use it. If in any doubt, contact us. Never guess or assume. You can contact us anytime via the contact page, the link for which is at the top of every page.

No problems or outstanding issues.
If you're experiencing a problem, please use our Contact Page to report it.

All content within this website is for adults 18 years of age or over. We are not responsible for any and all actions you may take based on anything you have seen or read on this website, please use common sense.

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