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Mike (Nuneaton) | [8192]

"I was completely wowed by Rachel in her black stockings and suspenders. She is a 'skilled practitioner of the sexual arts' highly recommended."
Mike, Nuneaton

Paul (London) | [8191]

"Busty Charlotte is amazing, her tits bursting out of her dress were ready to be sucked. I love the teasing, foreplay, flirting and tension. You can't replicate this in real life."
Paul, London

Andrew (Liverpool) | [8190]

"Shauna is a really super 40+ lady, with a very nice figure, wonderful personality, and lots of fun. Petite, Pure and Playful."
Andrew, Liverpool

Ahmad (Sheffield) | [8189]

"Gracie. Disappointing. Sorry but I've had far better here. Can't quite put my finger on it but we just didn't click for some reason. Probably as much my fault as hers as I perhaps rushed things a tad."
Ahmad, Liverpool

Adrian (Nottingham) | [8188]

"Gabriella. Very pleasant Lady in her mid 40's, exactly as described in her profile. She gave a wonderful and very sexy performance."
Adria, Nottingham

Geoff (London) | [8187]

"Mistress Juana. A teasing temptress and CRUEL BITCH. Just like her page says. A dominatrix beyond her declared age of 26. Highly Recommended."
Geoff, London

Ron (Hampshire) | [8186]

"Monica is in her late twenties, soft, warm and just as described. I'm a total novice at using this sex contact site. She put me at my ease very quickly. Loved every minute and looking forward to another session."
Rob, Aldershot, Hampshire

Phil (Kent) | [8185]

"Charlize is a fantastic looking young lady with a wonderful body and lovely boobs. In heels and stockings and nothing else, she is a picture of loveliness. Wowee and then some. She is just fantastic and I recommend her to anyone."
Phil, Gravesend, Kent

Joe (Farnborough) | [8184]

"Olivia is mid to late 30s, quite small, beautiful with small tits and slim with gorgeous strawberry blonde hair. Show the same level of discretion and you won't be disappointed!"
Joe, Farnborough, Hampshire

Roy (Loughborough) | [8183]

"Freya provided exactly what I needed. She is a very perceptive woman. Also extremely affectionate and skilled in the sexual arts. Older than I would normally go for hence three stars. Will I contact Freya again? Probably."
Roy, Loughborough, Leicestershire


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