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Hey there,

My name is Emma Valasco and I'm a self-confessed NSA fun junky.

Back in 2004, I set out to make the UK a better place for horny people like you. A place where anyone you contacted would have been verified as being 18 or over and living in the UK. Where you could be as anonymous as you wanted to be and where everything that happened was guaranteed to be 100% secure and completely private.

Most importantly, I wanted to create a place where everyone was genuine about wanting to share their kinks, fetishes and sexual desires. Good idea?

A place where like-minded people could quickly, easily and securely get in touch with each other commitment free. Good idea?

Oh, and we would not be one of those naff sex sites that made false promises about meeting women in real life for sex. Our site would be where you could make genuine connections with REAL PEOPLE. As you would expect from a reputable site, you would be free to come and go whenever you wanted. There would be no tie-ins and no hidden nasties in the long grass. It really would be that good. Well, better than good.

Play safe,

Founder xxxsexcontacts.com

PS We would become the site that if you didn't get what you wanted you must be doing something wrong.

PPS Fast forward to toady. There's some more interesting stuff about us below that you might just find is worth the read.

We Make Sex Connections Happen

Since launching in 2004, xxxsexcontacts.com has put thousands of men and women in touch with each other for NSA fun.


Because everyone here is genuine you will never be left disappointed.


Whoever you choose to contact here is a real person - doesn't that sound better than flirting with an automated bot?

Over 10 years delivering sexual satisfaction...

We've been putting like-minded men and women in touch with each other for more than ten years now.

Our philosophy...

We think it's important (or at least interesting) to know where we're coming from here.

We're different......

We do not simply do what others do. We lead the way while others try to catch up. We push boundaries, ignore traditional thinking and leave conventional wisdom behind. Wow!

A service that delivers what it says...

We're into innovating and cool stuff like that which is good, right? We'd describe ourselves as edgy and cool.

Your gateway to the sex you want...

What we offer is a gateway to intricate and contemporary sexually explosive experiences.

Risks and frustrations taken out...

Each private message exchanged provides an important dimension to sexual fulfilment and falls into some third dimension of communication, not actually real-life, but definitely not fake.

We're a bit like a sex dating site, only without the risks and with all the boring and fake bits taken out.

Better than the big hook up websites...

The big sites are where we used to hang out. Now they're our rivals. And we've learned a few things about them over the years.

For example, the big "so-called" adult sex-only dating sites don't just charge monthly subscriptions because they want to make lots of money. Or at least that's not the only reason.


They want you to join so they can harvest your data. They do this on the back of making false claims you can actually meet women for sex through their websites. But it's not very long before you'll twig you've been conned. It's just a numbers game to them.

You can 100% trust US...
Our mobile friendly adult introduction service is Registered with and Regulated by PSA part of Ofcom the UK's Communications Regulator.

We're doing something very different here at XXX Sex Contacts... we think you'll love it

For starters, we don't make false promises, and there's no commitment or pressure to do anything you don't want to do.

We wanted to provide an authentic service, no bots and no automated messages, just one-on-one contact between you and your chosen partner.

100% Verified...

All the women behind our profiles are REAL, they've all been independently verified adult 18 plus and are right here in the UK. And that's good to know.

This is one-on-one contact between consenting adults. With the right partner, who knows where things might lead?

What we do

Basically, we facilitate private and confidential message exchanges between like-minded people utilising mobile technology. And that means contact is almost instant.

No questions asked...

We don't ask any questions, and you can be as anonymous as you want to be. That's good for you.

Big sex contact sites have been exposed for having major security leaks, we don't have any.

And why is this?
Because you don't have to tell us anything - not who you are, where you are, or what your sex preferences are.

Another massive plus here, is that you can use the service with any device, anytime and from literally anywhere.

So you can hop on and off whenever you want, and as many times as you like.

Single and Married Women seeking Adult Fun...

Unlike those "so-called" sex-only adult dating and hook up sites our profiles are 100% single and married women looking for adult fun in the UK. That makes our site a really cool place, if you're a man looking to contact real women in the UK.

Our service can work for everyone that's adult 18 plus and in the UK.

No being ignored, no disappointments, no rejection and no messing around.

You're straight into the action... free to get-it-on with women you'd love to be having sex with today.

Your dream girl will always be just a text away - any time, day or night.

  • We're talking no strings attached adult fun
  • Full-on fantasy role play
  • One-on-one sexy sessions with real women
  • And super-fast contact

Do you have a Milf, granny or hot babe fantasy?

Domination, submission and every conceivable kink is catered for. The choice is yours.

Our service has worked for thousands of men. And it can work for you, too.

Simply find who you fancy, send her a message. And boom bang-a-bang you're in.

Almost instant responses...

We'll deliver your message straight to your chosen sex contact's mobile phone, wherever she is and whatever she's doing.

Contacting a woman just doesn't get any faster or better than this.

We like to keep things simple. But you probably already know that!

Thanks again for stopping by.

Emma and all the crew at XXX HQ

Which brings us to you?

Try it or don't, it's up to you. But remember, there's no commitment or pressure, ever. Just come and go as you like.

You know where we are when you're ready!