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  1. Search profiles of British women [there's no commitment on you to take things further].
  2. Pick who you fancy the sound of and just go with the flow.
  3. Don't worry about trying to get everything perfect.
  4. Use flattery, it really works.

Discreet Casual Sex

XXX Sex Contacts is the original adult British contact site for those looking for sex for fun that's free from any commitment.

Sex contacts from all over the UK use this site every day to hookup with fuck buddies they can meet here whenever they fancy a sex session to remember.

Who uses XXX Sex Contacts?

  • Over-sexed cougars looking for Toyboys
  • Sex deprived housewives wanting adult fun on the side
  • Horny milfs who want to spice up their sex lives
  • Doggers into outdoor sex and dogging
  • British sluts 18 to 24 who just love to sh*g men
  • Sexually active grannies who refuse to grow old
  • Those who like to chat, flirt and swap pics

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People who like being part of our social sex community...

  • Dominant women and lifestyle Mistresses
  • Submissive women
  • Swingers
  • Exhibitionists and voyeurs
  • BBW's
  • Posh tarts looking for a bit of rough
  • Cheating partners

How do I get started?

All you need to do is search through our site’s personal sex ads and pick the woman (or women) you fancy. Then simply send her a quick message to introduce yourself.

It’s free to search and it’s free to contact as many different women as you feel you can handle. Just use the secure web-to-mobile form. You will find each woman's contact details on her personal page.

Keep Everything Casual & Discreet

At XXX Sex Contacts you are free to come and go whenever you like. And you can be as anonymous as you want to be.

Looking for sex contacts?

You can search, find, review and compare hundreds of female sex profiles to choose your best matches from the following:

  • Bossy bitches
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Adult Introductions via Mobile

Women have "buttons" you can push that will get them thinking about Sex with you. And there's no quicker or better way to grab a woman's attention than sending a message straight to her mobile. Because, let's face it, we are all constantly on our phones and checking for messages!

Satisfying Sex Fantasies and
Kinky Role Play Scenarios

XXX Sex Contacts offers sexually-exciting [fun] opportunities to men and women in the UK who want to experience the freedom to sexually express themselves with others in a safe environment.

So whether you want to test the water, or you are looking for discreet Adult Sex partners, we take you there.

Our lady Contacts are sexual empowerment artists, refined, stylish, and discreet. The world is forever changing and Adults are adapting to find creative new ways to enjoy each other. Scientists are busily working away developing Adult Sex robots, virtual reality, and interactive porn.

Virtual Adult dating experiences are becoming ever more popular and will continue to be so in the future. For some, the lack of real emotions is preferable. Virtual Sex partners can be so satisfying they're capable of 'replacing human intimacy'. We are about enhancing experiences for our service users.

Why Choose XXX Sex Contacts?

  • It's easy to find like-minded adults that meet your individual wants and needs.
  • The only all-female Adult Contacts site hosted in the UK.
  • We specialise in putting UK men in touch with British women.
  • This focus has allowed us to create a reliable hookup and virtual dating service that works at lightn-ing fast speed.
  • We have developed a reputation as a leader and expert in the Adult Contact's market.
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  • Our offering and the way this works is unique.

A Service that is Safe,
Secure and Trusted

Because XXX Sex Contacts is a specialist [virtual] Adult hook up and dating website, we have been able to focus on the quality and reliability of the Adult Contacts... there is no better alternative available in the UK. Our offering is unique.

Service users have different needs. XXX Sex Contacts can hook people up regardless of their circumstances or sexual preferences. From a first-timer who wants to explore their options to seasoned players, we are the perfect choice.

Whatever fun scenario you have in mind - the party-goer wanting to heat things up when the sun goes down to a swinger and role play specialist, all are catered for. Whatever you are wanting you will find it here.

Play with Confidence. We are a Google Adult Safe website with SSL certification. 10+ years with many service users returning on a regular basis to get the fun they want.

Live out your ultimate Adult Sex fantasies, and quench your immediate desires. Have the Adult Sex you want with a virtual Sex partner of your choice. To many people, porn is a gateway to enjoying the Sex fantasies they desire. From MFF Sex, Sex with beautiful women or taboo fetishes and kinks for instance.

What do women think about casual Sex?

We live in a society where women have to apologise for liking Sex. That is a really weird way to look at something that is literally the reason we are all here. It's like saying a man and women have [penetrative] Sex and that’s how we all got here, but don’t talk about it because Sex is wrong’.

What a strange world we live in!