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Think about what happens with dating sites.

  • First, you have to register
  • Then you have to disclose lots of personal details
  • You have to write a personal profile
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Other sites keep personal information about their members, including their sexual preferences and financial details. We don't!


As long as you're at least 18, in the UK and have the bill-payers permission you're in. But there are rules. If someone tries to abuse the girls, misuse the service or puts pressure on girls to meet... they are likely to find themselves blocked.


Only British women. Unlike dating sites and hookup sites, we do not attract stalkers, weirdoes, psychos or time-wasters nor do we use bots or automated messages.

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This is not an adult dating site claiming you can hook-up with local women for free sex tonight.

Although adult dating sites claim they have real women looking to meet men for sex, there is much anecdotal evidence that many of the adult sex sites are unable to deliver when it comes down to sex dates, meeting local women for sex or providing genuine hookups.


Do you have a question about the service? Go to our frequently asked questions or visit the How page.

If you still have a question you can message us anytime via the Contact page.


It is said that adult dating review sites are less than honest because they have a vested interest in the sites they review!

If true, this is likely to mean that any adult dating sites they're connected with will get great reviews.

This is echoed online on (truly) independent adult forums in that positive sex dating reviews are in the main, false!

We have no first-hand experience so we can't confirm what the
truth behind this is.

Can you really meet local women for no strings sex on these sites?

We don't know the reality behind this claim. Do you? Tell us your sexperience.


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