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Whether you're seeking a one off or something more regular, XXX Sex Contacts can help. You can contact women here in a similar situation to yours, either in your area or further afield. More reading.

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If your fantasy is sex with a Mature Woman, MILF or GILF, someone older than yourself who has curves and nice large breasts, then Ruth, 57, could be the one for you.
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"The highest compliment I can pay MILF Fiona is to say I really enjoyed dropping my load over her tits and face last night."

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If you don't get what you want here, then something's wrong! It's a very bold statement to make, but it's true. Just be sensible and realistic in your expectations and your experience here will be all (if not more) than you could wish for!

BTW. Did you know, that on other sex contact sites up to 90 per cent of men get ignored?

"Kay's into doggie-style and oral sex, likes her hair being pulled, being finger-fucked, spanked and riding on top. I've just found my perfect match."

XXX Sex Contacts is the UK's largest, most trusted and longest running Adult sexting Introduction Service. Since 2004 we've been bringing like-minded people together with one thing in common - they want some adult fun on the side with a 'secret' sex-partner. More reading.

"Nice and nasty Natalie, uncut and uncensored, what could be better as she opens her ports for an old plugger like me, and her huge natural tits are simply brain-freezing."

Some basic service rules and guidance

For your safety and the safety of others

  1. Use the service responsibly and as intended, and do not spend more than you can reasonably afford.
  2. Do not include any personal identifying details in messages.
  3. Don't pressure girls to meet. It makes them feel uneasy and may lead to your number being blocked. This is an Adult sexting Introduction Service, not a love-match dating site.
  4. Do not ask girls to contact you via alternative means. The way this works is for their protection and yours.
  5. Time-wasters aren't welcome. It only leads to frustration.
  6. This is a UK Adult Over 18s Service Only. Do not attempt to use the service if you are outside the UK or in the UK and under 18 years of age.
  7. We operate a zero tolerance to abuse of any kind. Please respect other people's boundaries and remember that no means NO.

"I would describe Emma as a 'genetic wonder'. They never designed a top to fit such a big-chested girl. Emma's quivering, needy expression always heightens my expectation and she inspires and tests me to the limit every session we have."

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Behind the anonymity of our secure sex contacts system, you can conceal your appearance, marital status and location and use this anonymity to experiment with other sex contacts in secret, and begin to explore various sexual scenarios from the privacy of your home, office or on-the-go using your mobile phone, in the knowledge that everything is private and confidential. Whatever you're fantasy, adult contacts London, milfs, granny sex, mature British women, sex in Birmingham or sex in Manchester, just browse our adult personals... it's free to contact!

"If there's anyone who would be the perfect nurse for me, hot, horny and as kinky as hell, it would be you Sarah. So glad I found you babe. Our 'connection' looks very promising!"

The way XXX Sex Contacts works means there's no higher level of protection. We use SSL technology to establish an encrypted link between your browser and our servers. This link ensures that all data passed between your web browser and our web servers remains private. Our private 'closed-network' messaging means nothing gets out from our end, so secret affairs remain secret!

Here at XXX Sex Contacts you don't need to tell us anything about yourself to get what you want, because it's not necessary. All contact is via secure mobile messaging. This means nothing is on the Net!

For NSA fun, you need a service you can trust. Our message interface satisfies the highest security standards, and there's no registration and no sign up required.

"It doesn't get any better than granny sex with busty Vera. She can't seem to get enough cock. Lots of hand-work before the inevitable happens with plenty of licking and sucking-off before she swallows the lot."

Looking for mature women, Milfs or granny sex? We offer a trusted gateway with the capability to deliver SMS messages securely, reliably and instantly. Totally independent: Message delivery undergoes sophisticated load balancing and intelligent routing technology delivers messages at lightening speed. No other sex contacts site works faster.

When it comes to attention-seeking sexual interplay with British women, you can rely on us protecting your privacy and identity at all times.

"When the big cock genie penetrates your royal snatch Karen, with his long staff and begins fucking you, the screaming is sure to start! I can't wait babe."

Everything that happens here is a PRIVATE MATTER between consenting adults.

Real Sex Contacts
Private and Confidential
Consenting Adults Only

Match available British women to your physical and sexual preferences - mature women, milfs and gilfs

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  1. No registration
  2. No signup or e-mail required
  3. We ask you nothing
  4. No profile to write or forms to fill-in
  5. No commitments that come with dating
  6. No logging-in or signing-in, just straight in
  7. No credit card needed
  8. No bullshit
  9. Browse, match and send FREE messages
  10. Jump in and out whenever you like - 24/7 x 365 days
  11. As anonymous as you want it to be
  12. Welcoming and judgement free
  13. Lightning-fast messaging
  14. Secure behind SSL encryption
  15. Everything that happens is a PRIVATE MATTER between consenting Adults
  16. You can find and contact your ideal sex-partner right now

"Before being fucked, I like to give head and get fingered first. I'm cool with a finger up my ass too. I'm really into masturbation, I did try something different once: playing with myself while I sat on a washing machine on its spin circle! The vibrations were incredible."
Mucky Megan

When it comes to making Adult Contacts here, you can't fail!


  1. Receive private messages from admirers/sex contacts
  2. The highest level of safety and security of any sex contacts site
  3. The way this works cuts out the time wasters, weirdo's and stalkers normally associated with adult dating sites
  4. Private messages are exchanged via a SECURE 'closed-network'
  5. Whatever happens here remains here and stays confidential
  6. No abuse of women is permitted
  7. Nothing gets out and onto the Internet from our end
  8. Everything that happens is a PRIVATE MATTER between consenting Adults
  9. You remain in control at all times
  10. You can block unwanted advances
  11. Sexual boundaries respected - no means no
  12. No pressure on you to meet - more reading

Is your mobile 'Age Restricted'?

If you do not receive messages, it could be that your mobile is 'content locked'. Many mobiles today are '18+ Age Restricted' as the default setting. This is to prevent minors accessing content intended for adults only. To remove the Age Restriction from your mobile, simply contact your provider and ask them to 'unlock' your phone. NB. You must be the bill-payer to do this.


  • 1
    Mature milf sex contact, horny and stylish.  Whatever scenario we choose, whether it be a girlfriend on the side, a secret lover, sexy boss or a nurse/patient role play, it will be fun I promise you.

    Jessica - MILF dreams?!... If you wish to change something in your routine I am the perfect girl to start...

  • 2
    It absolutely turns me on to touch my pussy and cum in a public place. It turns me on when I know someone is next to me while I am playing with my wet pussy.

    Haley - I'm horny and ready! Thank you for looking at my profile, I hope you like what you see. Hi, my...

  • 3
    granny sex contacts essex. I keep coming back to the thought of my bukkake covered body. I am lying in the bath, covered in layers of spunk before being pissed on all over by men with a huge cock.

    Heather - FILTHY FANTASIES? Hope mine aren't too filthy for you?! Now get your cock out. I keep coming...

  • 4
    Horny blonde wanting sex text, nsa adult fun and fantasy role play. Likes her tits played with, kissed, licked, sucked and fucked!

    Karee - EXTREMELY OPEN-MINDED AND UP FOR MOST THINGS! Sex Contact Northeast. Very seductive. Into fantasy...

  • 5

    Rachel - DREAM GIRL I know it's like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack, trying to find your...

  • 6
    Hot blonde seductive temptress wanting sex text, fantasy roleplay and nsa adult fun

    Katie - If you don't live for something you will die for nothing! I live for sex. You? I'm easy going,...

  • 7
    I am Mistress Juana a teasing temptress and cruel bitch. There are levels of submission and adversity that you wish to endure through a fantasy role play session with ME.

    Mistress Juana - DOMINATRIX. I am Mistress Juana a teasing temptress and cruel bitch. My smile is My logo, My...

  • 8

    Tammy - Hi there, well I'm Tammy (Tammy2 lol) 5ft 4 brunette long hair and bright sexy brown eyes from...

  • 9
    Mature MILF London looking for sex text, fantasy role play and nsa adult fun.

    Anne - Mature, confident, sexy lady, London. I'm here for nsa adult fun. No strings, no commitment and...

  • 10
    I'd climb on you and insert your bulging hard cock into my moist tight pussy. As I sit on your shaft it splits my cunt wide open.

    Renee - Granny Sex. Mature Sex Contacts. My favorite way to start your love engine would be to first...

  • 11
    Gorgeous women wanting sex text, nsa adult fun and fantasy role play Port Talbot, West Glamorgan, Wales

    Emily - TEASE-to-PLEASE. I'm up for it, how about you?... HELLO GUYS!!!! My name is Emily and I'm...

  • 12
    Granny with watersports fetish, East Sussex. Vivacious and bouncy blonde granny who refuses to grow old.

    Frieda - Mature Granny with watersports fetish! Hi I'm Frieda, a vivacious and bouncy blonde granny who...

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"I prefer mature women, 45 plus, as they never disappointment and Viv is no exception. She is every inch my fantasy girl, yet very down-to-earth, friendly and sexually excitable. And to top it all she is definitely blessed by Mother Nature in the breast possible way."

  • Big Tits – War of the Boobs…

    SOUTH EAST REGION: Big Tits: The results are in, your votes have been counted – and you, our XXXers have spoken. And the result? EVIE overshadows GIOLLA’S voluptuous curves, just. If you preferred blondes before, you may just want to consider a brunette now!

    15th September 2015
  • Toyboy Wanted!…

    Sex Contact BELLA (56) search London We’ll come right out and say it, Bella wants you to put your hard rod into her wet pond… Click to see BELLA | Grab her details

    15th September 2015
  • Blonde BIG ( . )( . )’s…

    Sex Contact JENNY (37) search London Jenny is the FULL package if you’re into hot blondes with gigantic boobs – says she loves a spot of double penetration… cock, dildo or two cocks! Really? Ouch! Click to see JENNY | Grab her details

    15th September 2015


Established in 2004, we have been introducing like-minded people to each other for over 10 years. It doesn't matter if you're in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Coventry or Leicester or anywhere else in the UK, you will find milfs, mature women and grannies looking for sexy nsa fun.

Remember, there's no registration or having to sign up and it's FREE to contact. What if you're in Glasgow or Edinburgh or anywhere else in Scotland? No problem. We have plenty of adult personals of mature women, milfs and gilfs for you to choose from too!

"Ruby is a voluptuous hottie with tape busting measurements and a beautiful face that defies her age. I think tits that size should be left to hang freely and not cradled like her safety is at stake. Hallelujah, Ruby agrees."

Grab Her...
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CONTACT WOMEN anywhere in the UK... Do it right and you're in for a good time...

It might look too easy... but men are contacting women for role play sex in Birmingham and fantasy sex in Manchester right here, right now and getting EXACTLY the kind of sex they want... for adult contacts London and the rest of the UK, just search our adult personals, pick who you fancy and send her a FREE message. It's 100% FREE to contact and there's no registration and no sign up required. Why not join for FREE now. TRY IT...

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Sex Contacts in London and the rest of the UK...

XXX Sex Contacts
HHW Awards 2016

The links below will take you straight to HIGHLY RECOMMENED sex contacts who have been nominated for the XXX Sex Contacts HHW Awards 2016. You can see them all dressed in nothing more than their birthday suites... (Private Show only!)

1 | Nominations by category for
LONDON Sex Contacts:

Miss - Big Tits
Miss - Hot Babe
Miss - Mega-melons
Miss - MILF
Miss - BBW
Miss - Granny
Miss - Kinky
Miss - Exhibitionist
Miss - Girl-Next-Door
Miss - Hairy Pussy
Miss - Smooth Pussy

2 | Nominations by category for
MIDLANDS Sex Contacts:

Miss - Big Tits
Miss - Mega-melons
Miss - MILF
Miss - BBW
Miss - Exhibitionist
Miss - Hairy Pussy

3 | Nominations by category for
SCOTTISH Sex Contacts:

Miss - Big Tits
Miss - Hot Housewife
Miss - Best Tits
Miss - BBW
Miss - Granny
Miss - Fetish
Miss - Student
Miss - Domination
Miss - Exhibitionist
Miss - Smooth Pussy

4 | Nominations by category for
South East Sex Contacts:

Miss - Hot Babe
Miss - Best Tits
Miss - MILF
Miss - BBW
Miss - Granny
Miss - Domination
Miss - Exhibitionist

5 | Nominations by category for Yorkshire and NE Sex Contacts:

Miss - Big Tits
Miss - Best Tits
Miss - MILF
Miss - Girl-Next-Door
Miss - BBW
Miss - Granny
Miss - Exhibitionist

6 | Nominations by category for North West Sex Contacts:

Miss - Mature
Miss - Smooth Pussy
Miss - Hairy Pussy
Miss - Exhibitionist
Miss - BBW
Miss - Hot Granny
Miss - Hot Body
Miss - Girl-Next-Door
Miss - Housewife
Miss - Fetish

7 | Nominations by category for
South West Sex Contacts:

Miss - Big Tits
Miss - Mature
Miss - Domination

Sex Contacts | HHW Awards 2016
Categories include:

Big Tits, Babe, Fetish, Domination, Hot Body, Mature, Student, Housewife, BBW, Granny, Kinky, Watersports, Best Tits, Exhibitionist, Girl-Next-Door, Hairy Pussy, Smooth Pussy.

Lights on, lights off. Who cares?
You can relax here...

XXX Sex Contacts
Top 10 cities to get laid


Match to your ideal sex-partner and keep everything a secret, but it can only happen here!...

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Looking for some adult fun on the side?

XXX Sex Contacts is THE place where you can contact real women in the UK who are looking for no strings adult fun. Whatever kind of sex you're into, you are sure to find a secret sex-partner here.

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    Real sex contacts spill the beans on the kinds of fantasy role play scenarios they want to engage in from oral sex and anal sex through to BDSM and fetish play. The only real British sex contacts site that works as it should… Concerns raised over web dating ‘fake profiles’ | Mr Dobbie categorically denied … Read more…

    8th June 2016
  • Sex Text: Why you don’t need any other site

    Blonde babe into sexting

    If you’re not already an avid sex text XXXer, then where have you been? Sex Text Today: Try it, you’ll be pleased you did Ashley Maddison: website Credit Daily Mail: …three weeks to type up 1,000 ‘fake female profiles’ meant to lure in male customers Credit Product Review: online reviews: If you want to know … Read more…

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  • Hot Sexy Women Wanting Adult Fun

    Super gorgeous babe

    Women wanting NSA fun Hot sexy women Hot sexy women at Real Hot Women – No  Chat Bots. People associate sexting with sexy talk and risky business, but by using you can engage in sexting in the knowledge that the other person is a consenting adult over the age of 18. We help … Read more…

    31st March 2016


Whatever you're into, there's a women here who wants to hear from you!

XXX SEX CONTACTS: Unlike sex dating sites, we don't claim you can access millions of people here that all want to fuck your brains out from Birmingham to Bratislava. Not only would it be a lie, we wouldn't dream of insulting your intelligence. So, if you're here looking for a sex date in Bratislava, you're definitely in the wrong place.

Quite simply, we have the highest proportion of female Sex Contacts looking for NSA Adult fun in the UK. We work our magic to connect you quickly to the women you'd really like to get-off with. This is not a dating site for those seeking true love, romantic liaisons or marriage and babies. It's sex contacts only.

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- XXX Sex Contacts -
Will it work for you?

There's no contract that guarantees you'll get on like a house on fire and you've only got a small window of opportunity, as she's likely to want things to happen quickly if the chemistry is there. You should be eager to amplify attraction - you liked her profile so you're half way there already - but don't rush in and mess it up! We can't tell her to like you, the chemistry's either there or it's not, but you're in the driving seat and in a strong position to influence the outcome, but only if you play it right! If you sense there's a problem, swap to another woman.

For an easy win...
- Relax
- Speak the same language
- Don't raise the stakes too fast
- Leave no evidence...

If your other-half ever finds out you've been playing away, she's likely to kill you, chop your cock off and crush your nuts, not necessarily in that order!

XXX Sex Contacts
Who are we?'

Emma Valasco (Senior Editor)
Charlie Kross (IT)
Chloe Pena (Profile Validation)
Ruth Vidal (Help Desk)
Gemma Keys (everything else), that's who.

And yes we're all girls!
At XXX Sex Contacts we don't simply do what others do - we lead the way while others try to catch up. We push boundaries, ignore traditional thinking and leave conventional wisdom behind. Instead, we're into innovation and shit like that which is good, right? We'd describe ourselves as a bunch of edgy, cool, hip chicks who give men what they want. What we provide is an intricate and contemporary sexually explosive experience. Each of these exchanges provides an important dimension to sexual fulfilment, all of which fall into some third dimension of communication—not actually real, but definitely not fake. We're kinda like online dating, only without any risk and all the boring bits!

How do we know this?
Because we know everything there is to know about pleasing a man.
And because is a sort of Wikisexcontact thingy ;)

This site is about dirty everything, a right fistful of you know what!...
This is the place that leads to trying new sexual things with a private sexting partner - this is the place of kinky, sexual adventures that never go wrong. There's no morning breath issues... no messed up hair or smudged mascara and no soiled sheets to worry about due to a dodgy fake tan. The two of you are turned on by each other no matter what kind of state you're in... And, ultimately, the orgasms are perfect. A midweek 5 minutes with a sexting partner and you'll be sorted till Saturday!...

XXX Sex Contacts 'where women want men for NSA sex'

Yes, you read that right!...
XXX Sex Contacts is the place where you get to choose the woman you'd like to have NSA adult fun. No other sex contacts' site is safer, better or faster. If you disagree, you're wrong! ;)

Great Site, Excellently put together...

Need Assistance? Just ask | Subscribe me | Report abuse

Talk soon,
Emma xxx

Find sex contacts now...

PS Remember that great opportunities are never lost - they're just picked up by somebody else.

XXX Sex Contacts - 'The Scene'...

XXX | Culture Bulletins...
We shall be publishing a series of articles designed to cultivate responsible adult sexting in the UK and looking at the advantages of being part of the UK's Adult Sex Contacts' Scene. We shall explore the untapped sexual creativity that only comes when two people share their sexual fantasies and desires and discover how having sex encounters with strangers in a safe and secure place can lead to a more sexually satisfied life...

XXX Sex Contacts Press Release

XXX Sex Contacts | Described by many as the best sexually-focused UK adult sex contact site, it's filled to the brim with UK women wanting to hear from men for no-strings-attached adult fun.

Emma, mistress at XXX Sex Contacts says: "It's a space where you can quickly and easily find an ideal sex partner." Adding: "Because people don't know each other it's an ideal place for men and women to explore their deepest darkest sexual fantasies without fear of being judged."

This kind of sex connection is not uncommon and is known as 'friends with benefits' in polite society. In this modern age XXX Sex Contacts offers a sophisticated answer to servicing sexual needs in a safe and secure place. certainly doesn't sugarcoat its intent. And just in case its name didn't give it away, XXX Sex Contacts is for adults 18+ only as the service is highly sexual and explicit in nature.

Charlotte R., a single 25 year old who lives in London is one of 1000 plus women with a sex profile at XXX Sex Contacts. Charlotte said: "To get the sexual satisfaction I crave I need to make contact with guys that want the same kind of sex as me, without misconceptions and extra baggage. XXX Sex Contacts puts me in touch with men who want the same kind of sex I want."

Being on a site that prioritises matching contacts based on sexual preferences is the first step to more easily getting the sex you want. With quality over quantity, XXX Sex Contacts offers sex matching capabilities. It's bold and daring and doesn't tiptoe around the concept of putting men in touch with women so they can get-it-on together in secret.

There's no sign up or email required which makes the whole contact process pretty immediate. This, together with XXX Sex Contacts safety and security first policy means there's no shortage of people wanting to use the service.

Although XXX Sex Contacts is not a dating site, a recent independent poll found that a staggering 70% of people who engage in sexting went on to have sex in real life with a sexting partner.


We want your story!

It's Shaved-Cock month!

OK guys, it's so fucking hot we've named July 'Shaved-Cock' month. So whip out the ol' fella, give him a quick shave, snap a selfie and whack it to your sex contact...
She'll love it and you'll score points! ;)
Till 31 July!

- XXX Sex Contacts -
Rate-her-pussy Contest!

Neigh way! Yes it's true. Sex Contacts with intimate snaps of vaginas will be asking men to rate them with a mark out of ten - some stretched, others nipped-up and some with creative insertions to add appeal - and all in pursuit of trying to discover what men see as a beautiful vagina. Whether a budding porn star with a designer vagina, hot babe, or just a regular woman who thinks she has what it takes, they're all in the mix.
Contest ends 13 July!
This contest has ended

Results coming soon... please check back.
Don't you want to know who won?

Contact horny women in 2 minutes, or less. And expect things to happen quickly!

If what you're after is commitment-free sexy fun, there's no reason not to seek it out here.

WHY? Because it's free from ulterior motives and commitments, there's no power games involved, no one is trying to prove anything and there's no emotional attachment.

REMEMBER! XXX Sex Contacts are not supposed to be your Mr or Ms Right!


Will you die tomorrow?
Someone will... so live each day as if it were your last - one day it will be!


CONGRATULATIONS, you've made it to the bottom of the page...
Do cum again ;)

Read our Adult Dating - The Truth!


You can do all the things you do on your computer right from your smartphone or tablet. Browse Sex Contacts' profiles, send messages and chat with hot singles, bored housewives and horny mature Women from your mobile device. We put the Women you'd like to have sex with right in your pocket!

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