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Unlike many Adult dating sites, we don't claim you can access millions of people who want to fuck your brains out from Birmingham to Bratislava. Not only would it be a lie, we wouldn't dream of insulting your intelligence! So, if you're here looking for a date in Bratislava, you're definitely in the wrong place.

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If you’re registered with a dating site, hackers WILL be trying to grab your personal details and private messages so they can use them against you! Why? Because it’s potentially very lucrative for them. This has already happened to tens of thousands of dating site users - and it’s still happening now! Don’t believe us? Check out what's happened over at AdultFriendFinder.com - arguably one of the biggest dating sites on the planet. Here at XXX Sex Contacts you don’t need to tell us anything about yourself because it’s not necessary, as all contact is via secure mobile messaging. This means nothing gets on the Net!

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There's no substitute for acting with caution when communicating with a stranger.

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THREESOMES! A bloke's ultimate fantasy?
Contibution from KELLY, XXX Sex Contacts, London

Some of my favourite sexual adventures here at XXX Sex Contacts have been getting down and dirty in a threesome, because I enjoy playing with women just as much as I enjoy men! :) Most men have a threesome fantasy and a lot of times that fantasy involves their wife or girlfriend. I love to bring that fantasy to life.

Being willing to play out that fantasy makes it very special (and me ultra-desirable lol) as most men ask me again and again to indulge them! Some men want their wife or girlfriend to be the third-part of a threesome with me - and yes, this tends to get him very, VERY aroused on the day.

Some of the hottest and most exciting Sex Contacts I've been part of have involved threesome fantasies. I think threesomes are a great way to keep the spark alive in relationships. They can also be a great way to explore a sensual side you never knew existed. I encourage everyone to try it out for themselves to see just how much fun it can be! ;)

* * * * *

So, are you a licker or a sucker? Or do you do both?

Contribution from ELAINE, XXX Sex Contacts, North West

I don’t look at people as men and women anymore. I just look at them as potential partners. How much fun can I have with each individual person is more important than what sex they are. There is so much out there for us to explore, that anything is possible. Women can be tender and sweet, or very wild! The same goes for men, and to me there is nothing hotter than a man or women that leaves you options. The toys and anticipation of it all adds to same sex relationships. Learning all that you can about the other person is so very sexy. It also helps us all to learn a little more about our own bodies, our likes, and our dislikes. I guess you could say I am heteroflexible! lol :-)

When I find a particular individual at XXX Sex Contacts who intrigues me, or who fits my emotional or physical needs as a sex partner, it doesn’t matter which sex they are. I have had a few people ask me in the past 'how could you be sexually fulfilled by being with JUST a woman?' If the sexual chemistry is mutual, there's always plenty of ways to explore each other in the bedroom, and find out how to meet each other's sexual needs, regardless of the gender!

I think that a lot a men think we girls here judge them for being bi but we don’t. We like that we get to play with someone who isn’t judgmental off the bat. When they are honest with us we get to be honest with them. We like that they aren’t stuck inside 'the box', but I find that some people are often afraid to step out of it. I will do my best to drag you kicking and screaming out of the straight box because the real guy, with his real fantasies, is WAY hotter than the guy that won’t tell you about his fantasies.

An open minded guy is such a turn on. If a man is willing to explore the bisexual (or bi-curious) side of himself, I find it very hot. A confession of my own; when I was with my ex-boyfriend I used to fantasise about him being with another guy!

* * * * *

XXX Sex Contacts: The UK's Premier Adults Sex Text Contacts' site
Contribution from CHLOE, XXX Sex Contacts, South East

XXX Sex Contacts is a space where virtual communication surpasses the real and transcends the fake. When it comes to Sex Contacts, XXX Sex Contacts gives you the fishing rod, not just fish!

Now, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll be aware of the film 50 Shades of Grey. You may not feel comfortable being stuck in a cinema with strangers, watching the carefully thought out bondage and BDSM scenes, but the point here is that 50 Shades is about being adventurous with sex. We’re not talking about whips and chains, rather starting out by ‘sexting’.

The success of 50 shades is making people re-evaluate and actually think about what they want from their sex life, which may be to venture into sending a message to one of the women that uses XXX Sex Contacts. This isn’t new, but obviously the advancements in technology have created a new form of social interaction and made the whole ‘tech-sex’ thing work.

Unfortunately, sexting has received a lot of negative press in the last few years by focusing on the prevalence of it amongst teens. However, at XXX Sex Contacts it's a positive thing, because of the many benefits that adult relationships can gain from it.

Many people see sexting as very provocative, and something rather risqué because of the technology aspect of it, but here at XXX Sex Contacts it's anonymous and secure, so you don’t need to worry.

Now, if you still need convincing as to why you should try XXX Sex Contacts out, then let us explain; we women add another dimension which lets you act out with a willing partner your deepest darkest sexual fantasies. Sexual fantasies you would not discuss with anyone who knows you!

If you’re nervous about joining in the fun here at XXX Sex COntacts, then just start with a few racy texts, teasing your sex partner about what you would like to do to them, and slowly build up from there. Your partner will help you relax and lead you so that you receive the maximum benefit and end up 100% fully satisfied.

* * * * *

SEX DATING SITES: A Cautionary Note - Hackers Want Your Dirty Secrets
Contribution from EMMA V, Mistress XXX Sex Contacts

While those registering with a sex-dating site may feel that their personal details, messages and photos are safe and secure, there’s no guarantee personal data won’t be shared, passed on, hacked or posted online. Such content is potentially searchable on the web.

Registering with a conventional adult dating site can also lead to unwanted sexual contact from sexual predators. This can involve enticing, coercing, or tricking you into parting with money, or transmitting nude and sexual images of yourself as part of a grooming process leading to exploitation by sexual predators.

The Big Dating Con...

So boys, what’s the reality of sex dating sites in the UK, if you want to actually meet a woman for a shag that is? Well, we’ve had a good look round the Net and the rumblings aren’t good. Numerous user reviews slag off and discredit such sites with members' claiming they were duped into parting with money on a promise of meeting women for sex, which simply never happened. Some sites, allegedly, even abuse their users’ personal details in the process.

The UK sex dating industry has been described as an industrial-scale deception which dupes thousands of innocent men into parting with money. When registering your details, you have little or no control over where that information may end up!

Some reviews claim such sites are born of deception and use deceptive practices, are bogus and unreliable and that sites aftificially boost membership numbers with fake profiles.

Here at XXX Sex Contacts we don't make false claims about you being able to meet Women for sex IRL - we do, however, boast Sex profiles of glamour models, porn stars and some of the hottest women in the UK.

In some ways sexting at XXX Sex Contacts is considered a new form of flirting or a new rung on the ladder of sexual experience for people, and can be understood in the context of having intimate sexual adventures.

If you think it will lead to a shag, forget it. You might as well buy a dog a custom-made, historically accurate civil war costume. The outcome will be the same. You and the dog won't get it.

* * * * *

Who are the Top 10 most searched for Adult Porn Stars?
Contribution from EMMA V. Mistress XXX Sex Contacts

Let’s cut to the chase boys, we’ve all probably had a browse at porn sites this year. However, have you got any idea who the top 10 most searched for adult porn stars of 2015 are? No, I didn’t think so. Scroll down for an education...

(10) Alexis Texas; (9) Sashs Gray; (8) Sunny Leone ; (7) August Ames; (6) Brandi Love; (5) Kim Kardashian (still going strong); (4) Asia Akira; (3) Madison Ivy; (2) Lisa Ann and the number one slot goes to sexy stunner... Mia Khalifa!

* * * * *

Contribution from LISA, XXX Sex Contacts, Scotland

There’s nothing like a good fantasy to make sexting at XXX Sex Contacts sizzling hot, even if you think your fantasy is weird or might freak out your sex partner. Chances are, your fantasy is not all that unusual. And I'm speaking from personal experience here! ;)

I enjoy hearing a lot of different fantasies from men that use XXX Sex Contacts. Some are more open than others about their needs, desires and wants, but I feel that in general it's a great way to playfully live out those fantasies without any risk of harming real-life relationships. To me, chatting about fantasies is also a great way to relieve tension and push sexual boundaries in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Everyone has their kinks, and I also really enjoy sharing dirty little secrets about what turns me on. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and tell me what makes you hot? Chances are it will make me wet too!

Some of my conversations at XXX Sex Contacts about fantasies start with 'it’s a little weird but...' Honestly, I have yet to find one that is actually weird. I'm a very open minded person who likes learning about new things. There is so much about sex to be explored! Feel free to text me and share your fantasy with me. PLEASE!

Being part of XXX Sex Contacts has been very exciting and interesting. I really do enjoy hearing the fantasies that are labelled 'weird'. It is awesome to be able to talk about the topics you can’t discuss with your partner or friends due to fear of being judged. But honestly, I think we all have those thoughts and ideas, just afraid to talk about them. Which makes XXX Sex Contacts such a great site. I'm learning a lot, and finding that these topics really do turn me on.

I always assumed that my own sexual fantasies and fetishes were something that I should be ashamed of. People will assume many things about someone from what they will admit turns them on, but honestly I have become so much more open since being part of XXX Sex Contacts. I have had the pleasure of chatting with many men who share in my ‘strange’ fantasies and have felt an acceptance I haven’t felt in a long time. What I find the most wonderful is the connections I have made with so many who also believed they would be turned away because of their desires, only to find I am very open- minded and enjoy many of the same fantasies as them! I love being here and I love having the freedom to express my sexuality. And I hope to enjoy many more exciting adventures with STRANGERS in the future! ;)

Talking about your fantasies here at XXX Sex Contacts is a perfectly safe way of enjoying those fantasies. We are real live people with whom you don’t have direct contact, do not know your identity, and will not negatively judge you. Plus, you won’t run the risk of upsetting a partner or turning off a prospective partner.

What do you think? Do you feel ashamed of your inner sexual life because you think you're not normal? Feel free to comment and share!

* * * * *

3 blonde stunners with ( . )( . ) mega-boobs (updated)

55 * * * * * Sex Contact DONNA (46) - WAITING ( . )( . )

Now, we’re no stranger to boobs at XXX Sex Contacts HQ: perky boobs, big boobs and those awesomely large, surgically-enhanced, mega-structures. What's more, we know a man's love of ample breasts is 'hard-wired into his make-up' - so we reckon you’ll definately want a slice of this mouth- watering, eye-popping, gravity-defying blonde stunner. DONNA (46) can only by described as a 'raving sex maniac with super, king-sized, boobs'. All you have to do is reach out, grab hold and enjoy the ride... "I will let you see mine if I will get to see yours."

56 * * * * * Sex Contact WENDY (54) - WAITING

Fur coat, no knickers (literally): Super-cougar WENDY (54) scorches retinas with naked exposé. We’ve all heard the phrase 'fur coat, no knickers', but we didn't realise some folk adopted it as a dress code! WENDY'S latest snaps cement her status as one of XXX Sex Contacts' hottest women with a saucy pic showing her provocatively licking a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale!!! - Geordie or not - we conclude her super-racy pics should demand mandatory eye protection before viewing... "The thought of your bulge is driving me mad."

57 * * * * * Sex Contact NINA (25) - WAITING ( . )( . )

Smuggling bowling balls: NINA (25) boggles the mind with record-breaking cleavage. The 25-year-old dresses her insane curves in a slinky black dress with plunging neckline. She'll make you turn blind if you're not careful... "My hands are a bit restless today!"

Seems like the horniest women in Britain simply can't wait to get in on the action here at XXX Sex Contacts

YOU SAID YOU WANTED BIG TITS?... Well guess what?
Why not see our Porn Stars, Top Shelf Models and Page 3 Girls?

Super-sized Naturals and Surgically-enhanced Mega-mellons!

45 * * * * * Sex Contact BRIANNA (28) - WAITING ( . )( . )

Smoothed-out 'Barbie' Brianna with all her bits exposed - we haven't quite recovered yet...
"Come on and suck me dry with that mouth of yours."

46 * * * * * Sex Contact JODIE (24) - WAITING ( . )( . )

Jodie does the business with boobs the size of footballs, you'd better shield your eyes from this one...
"Act like you're single again."

47 * * * * * Sex Contact KAREN (38) - WAITING ( . )( . )

When you've got a body like a blow-up sex doll, even the most mundane outfits look a little X-rated. Karen is one super-hot women...
"Married woman wanting casual fun!"

48 * * * * * Sex Contact EMMA (25) - WAITING ( . )( . )

Siren Emma is a surgically-enhanced blonde bombshell with a set of hardcore photos that could have been snapped on the set of a porn film...
"What turns me on? Men who want to play with my huge tits of course!"

49 * * * * * Sex Contact PAULA (32) - WAITING ( . )( . )

Paula shows off her ample figure in a teeny bikini that struggles to contain her mammoth melons as she strikes one sexy pose after another...
"Attached female seeking males for fun."

50 * * * * * Sex Contact RACHEL (44) - WAITING ( . )( . )

When Rachel heads out with her inflated assets on full display you can imagine the saucy sight it provides...
"I'm very, very good at tit wanks and blow jobs and I love driving guys crazy with my big tits."

51 * * * * * Sex Contact JENNY (48) - WAITING ( . )( . )

Jenny goes topless leaving her assets hanging loose and proves that the struggle of large-breasted women is just too real...
"You name it, I've mastered it. You'll just have to come and find out for yourself."

52 * * * * * Sex Contact SUE (27) - WAITING ( . )( . )

Sue reveals her to-die-for curvy bombshell figure in extremely racy snaps. Hot, hot, hot...
"I would love to play with my tits while you fuck my pussy, talk dirty, lick and suck my enormous tits."

53 * * * * * Sex Contact PAM (50) - WAITING ( . )( . )

Pam shamelessly exposes her groin in hip-high split as she goes commando...
"I'm not ungrateful for being blessed with large breasts, but damn they do get in the way of life sometimes"...

54 * * * * * Sex Contact CLARE (24) - WAITING ( . )( . )

Clare is never shy about getting her kit off. This bi-sexual hotty strips starkers and puts her nipples - and everything else on show - as she spills from low-cut top and flaunts torpedo sideboobs, baring enough to silence the whole of Old Trafford...
"My biggest turn on is having the power to make a man cum! Such an amazing feeling!"

* * * * *

Ready to join in the fun?

We're constantly beavering away on new ideas and profile updates so that you can quickly and easily match yourself to your ideal sex partner. XXX Sex Contacts is where you can make contact now-and- again just to have sex with someone who doesn't know you. This kind of sex connection is not uncommon and is known as ‘friends with benefits’ in polite society. In this modern age, a purely non- emotional relationship is a sophisticated answer to servicing your basic sexual desires... and what's wrong with that?.

SELECT AN AREA and I'll see you on the other side for a deep-dive into some exciting commitment- free adult fun... if you like? You can catch me, AMY COX at XXX Sex Contacts, London
Why not txt me now!
Love, AMY x

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26 June, 2015

XXXSexContacts.com. Described by many as the best sexually-focussed UK adult sex contact site, it's filled to the brim with UK women wanting to hear from men for no-strings-attached adult fun.

Emma, mistress at XXX Sex Contacts says: “It’s a space where you can quickly and easily find an ideal sex partner." Adding: “Because people don’t know each other it’s an ideal place for men and women to explore their deepest darkest sexual fantasies without fear of being judged.”

This kind of sex connection is not uncommon and is known as ‘friends with benefits’ in polite society. In this modern age XXX Sex Contacts offers a sophisticated answer to servicing sexual needs in a safe and secure place.

XXXSexContacts.com certainly doesn’t sugarcoat its intent. And just in case it’s name didn’t give it away, XXX Sex Contacts is for adults 18+ only as the service is highly sexual and explicit in nature.

Charlotte R., a single 25 year old who lives in London is one of 1000 plus women with a sex profile at XXX Sex Contacts. Charlotte said: “To get the sexual satisfaction I crave I need to make contact with guys that want the same kind of sex as me, without misconceptions and extra baggage. XXX Sex Contacts puts me in touch with men who want the same kind of sex I want.”

Being on a site that prioritises matching contacts based on sexual preferences is the first step to more easily getting the sex you want. With quality over quantity, XXX Sex Contacts offers sex matching capabilities. It’s bold and daring and doesn’t tiptoe around the concept of putting men in touch with women so they can get-it-on together in secret.

There's no sign up or registration required which makes the whole contact process pretty immediate. This, together with XXX Sex Contacts safety and security first policy means there's no shortage of people wanting to use the service.

Although XXX Sex Contacts is not a dating site, a recent independent poll found that a staggering 70% of people who engage in sexting went on to have sex in real life with a sexting partner.


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Recently divorced. 42-year-old NICOLETTE from Sheffield is celebrating! The name Nicole is sexy on its own, but add that French -ette and it's out of control. This top heavy, busty minx ( . )( . ) is looking tight in white and in need of some sexy fun - as she shows off her sexy tan in nothing more than a pair of sunglasses ;) She is sure to send temperatures soaring with her 'come and get me eyes' and ‘I want you in my mouth’ lips...

Explicit FERN (24) a blonde stunner from Yardley, Birmingham, strips starkers to reveal the most amazing natural tits ever and yes, she's just as hot as you’d imagine her to be... we're sooooo envious! She could be your secret lover, dirty wish and sexy fantasy...

Porn NATALIA (34). Her name sounds like an extremely flexible gymnast who's up for anything. And she probably is. She looks innocent, but don't be fooled, she has a rebellious side and an unbelievable rack ( . )( . ) and it doesn’t take much imagination to guess what Natalia is doing with her hands either and it’s not knitting...

Mistress and Alpha Femme - You've never seen anyone like this before... 28-year-old ANGELIQUE from Enfield is girl with a vixenish twist. We had to stop and think about this one for quite a while! Is she different? Yes. Weird? Probably. Whacky? Definately. But she's great fun and we happen to think she’s cool. She describes herself as a real Mistress and Alpha Femme who plays with subs, sissies and masochists for Her amusement. She will expose and use your kink for Her pleasure. Degradation of cock sluts and tantalising foot play are Her specialties... hmmm, so we guess she's not here for vanilla sex then!

ANGELIQUE'S Kinks and Fetishes List. She's into Bondage, Erotic Chastity, Spankings, Cuckolding, Discipline, Domination, Roleplay, Foot Worship, Feminasation, Guided Masturbation, Sissy Slut play, Orgasm Denial, Tease and Denial. You could always politely ask her if you do not see your kink or fetish listed...

XXX Hot Introducing NATASHA (42) a woman with a sultry name that sounds like a Russian spy! She's a naturally amazing, well stacked ( . )( . ) tit-mountain goddess. You will fucking love her...

* * * * *

Who the hell are we anyway?

Emma, Charlie, Chloe, Ruth and Gemma that's who.
At XXX Sex Contacts we don’t simply do what others do - we lead the way while others try to catch up. We push boundaries, ignore traditional thinking and leave conventional wisdom behind. Instead, we’re into innovation and shit like that which is good, right? We’d describe ourselves as a bunch of edgy, cool, hip chicks who give men what they want.

How do we know this?
Because we know everything there is to know about pleasing a man. ;)

Need Assistance? Just ask | Subscribe me

Talk soon,
Emma x

PS Don't forget that great opportunities are never lost - they are just found by somebody else.

A whopping 70% of people who engage in sexting go on to have sex in real life with a sexting partner...


  • 1 Granny admits she's into wet-play, watersports and pissing fun fetishes

    Freda - I'm a hot and horny granny into wet play and kinky sex of all kinds. Just thinking about your...

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    Cristy - HAIRY PUSSY I'm a sexy Italian with gorgeous eyes. I'm 5'5" tall and have good legs, slim and...

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    natalie - Gezzzz this is tough. I'm looking for men, women, couples or even groups. Love oral, anal, sex toys,...

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    Sue - A QUESTION ABOUT ANAL SEX I love being rimmed and fingered, but have never had full anal sex and...

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    Emilia - I'm real enough. But what about you? Not all contact sites are about everlasting love! This site...

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    Alicia - I'm a naughty northern lass from Rochdale in Lancs. I might be young but I definitely know what...

  • 7 Liverpool Granny Sex, Bad Girl Mature Woman uses Sexting on Sex Contact Site

    Viv - A red-headed, Mature Granny double-breasted bed-thrasher! OMG! I never thought it, but guys like...

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    Pamela - EXTREME HAIRY-PUSSY Are you a hairy-pussy lover? Do you prefer the natural look? Looking to...

  • 9

    Piper - Hi there! I'm a blonde haired, blue eyed girl that's outgoing and loves meeting new people. ...

  • 10

    emily - Sexual Satisfaction Is A Must... Any Helpers Out There? DO YOU LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? im fun...

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Phew! We just wrapped up our second biggest profile update of the month!

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Sex Contact SARA (31) London

Every woman in the world right now seems to be sexing-it-up with designer clothes, but SARA seemingly can’t wait to get hers off... "Guess what I’m wearing right now?"
X-rated, hot
Click to see SARA
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* * * * *

Sex Contact ALEXIS (28) London

Christ on a bike! ALEXIS strips naked for smoking-hot pics, and seductively opens her legs with a pose that wouldn’t look out of place on BabeStation or in a porn film... "I’m alone. Want to play?"
X-rated, super-hot, extreme
Click to see ALEXIS
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* * * * *

Sex Contact HAZEL (58) South East

Topless tease HAZEL shows off her enormous (stunning) tits! They’re so big it’s a wonder they don’t crush her lungs..."Text me, I’ve got a sexy surprise for you."
X-rated, very hot, mature ( . )( . )
Click to see HAZEL
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* * * * *

Sex Contact JESS (49) North West

Crikey! JESS shares her exposed chest - and the rest! This mature hotty is happy to perform anything for you as long as she reaches a climax too! She's a pleaser, but it has to be 50-50... "I am wearing all red today, even the stuff underneath my dress."
X-rated, mature, explicit
Click to see JESS
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* * * * *

Sex Contact CASSANDRA (27) London

Little Miss Provocative, CASS strips to kinky lingerie and flashes her crotch in racy micro-mini as she introduces her deep red knickers to the world. Intended flash? We think so... "What do you want me to wear?"
X-rated, hot
Click to see CASS
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* * * * *

Sex Contact FLEUR (22) South East

FLEUR shows off her boosted assets as they spill from skin-tight top - it’s a boob- popping reveal as her tits make a dramatic appearance... "Let’s tease."
X-rated, kinky, hot ( . )( . )
Click to see FLEUR
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* * * * *

Sex Contact KEEGAN (24) Yorkshire/North East

The holy trinity of cleavage. KEEGAN bursts out from skimpy bra and looks every inch a ‘Bond girl’... "Txt me to get everything throbbing and it’s not just my heart I’m talking about."
X-rated, super hot
Click to see KEEGAN
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* * * * *

Not picked out a Sex Partner yet?
Though XXX Sex Contacts' profile pictures are free to view 24 hours a day, the temperature only gets ratcheted up once you’re ‘on the inside’.

We whizzed through our waiting pile and are pleased to unveil our latest offerings...

See | Vote | Review

Sex Contact GAYLE (52) North West

Well, what can we say about sexy cougar GAYLE other than she’s very, VERY fuck- able... "Think my lips are really sensuous. I’m talking about the ones you can see, you still have to see my pussy lips."
X-rated, mature, very hot
Click to see GAYLE
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* * * * *

Sex Contact ROSA (39) Midlands

Latino ROSA. This ridiculously sexy woman is being tipped to hit the top slot in the Midlands Area very soon! Whether or not you agree, one thing can’t be denied, ROSA is kind of incredible... "Let me know where you want my hands to work the most."
X-rated, sexy, mature
Click to see hot Latino ROSA
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* * * * *

Sex Contact GISELLE (26) London

GISELLE is flirtatious and she’s hot as she poses in scorching micro mini and thigh- high stockings... "I want to take you to a place called orgasmland."
X-rated, hot, babe
Click to see GISELLE
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* * * * *

Sex Contact JOANNE (46) South West/Wales

You can see everything Southern Vixen JOANNE has to offer in her latest racy snaps. Simply put, this gorgeous brunette just loves to show off her well toned body in sexy lingerie... "I am feeling very restless. I will let you do whatever you want to do with me."
X-rated, mature, hot
Click to see JOANNE
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* * * * *

Sex Contact BROOKE (31) Midlands

BROOKE stands completely naked. This 31-year-old’s assets won’t disappoint - she’s really, REALLY hot... "I want to force a few things on you tonight. Permission to be rough?"
Click to see BROOKE
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* * * * *

Sex Contact AILEEN (53) Scotland

AILEEN reveals the hottest granny photoshoot we’ve ever seen. Ever. Nuff said... "I will be your prisoner tonight."
X-rated, extreme, explicit
Click to see AILEEN
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* * * * *

Sex Contact ARIA (33) Yorkshire/North East

Meet ARIA the super-hot northern lass voted #1 by XXXers - three months running...! "You can have your way with me."
X-rated, ex-glamour model, porn actress
Click to see ARIA
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* * * * *

Sex Contact ORLA (23) London

With ORLA there’s always a huge amount of flesh on display as she shows off her pert posterior and gorgeous tits in peek-a- boo showcase - she is fucking amazing... "What are your plans with me? Want to eat something delicious?"
X-rated, intimate, super sexy
Click to see ORLA
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* * * * *

Sex Contact SHYGIRL (38) South East

SHYGIRL flashes her ample breasts and knickers after a night of drinks overload! We’re treated with an entire asset-view being offered up. Lovely... "Let me be a part of your favorite fantasy?"
X-rated, fetish, sexy, kinky, exhibitionist
Click to see SHYGIRL
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* * * * *

Here's just a snapshot of what’s waiting for you on the other side...

See | Vote | Review

Sex Contact ANNA (34) South West/Wales

ANNA is the ultimate Welsh Hottie as she poses in a teeny bikini and sparks a drool epidemic amongst XXXers. Her briefs are small enough to she her vajazzle... "It gives me goose bumps just by thinking what will I do to your body."
X-rated, super hot, extreme, intimate
Click to see ANNA
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* * * * *

Sex Contact AVERIL (42) Scotland

Bonjour, good morning or good afternoon to those that have only just rolled out of bed. AVERIL is one of our hottest crotch- flashing vixens. So if you’re suffering from a boozing, snoozing hangover and have a raging hard-on, then AVERIL is the cure... "Are you ready to go all night?"
X-rated, extreme, porn, wide open
Click to see AVERIL
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* * * * *

Sex Contact BLACK-BEAUTY, AMBER (27) London

Three things in life are certain - death, taxes and a weekly dose of AMBER stripping starkers, revealing her MEGA- TITS and show you exactly where the ‘promised land’ really is... "Would you be my prey and I will be your hunter?"
X-rated, massive breasts ( . )( . )
Click to see AMBER
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* * * * *

Sex Contact TERRI (33) London

TERRI smoulders in kinky lingerie as she embraces her sexy curves and flaunts her enviable physique. She has to be one of the sexiest Women in Britain... "My favorite food is whipped cream. Would you let me put it on you?"
X-rated, super hot, fully exposed
Click to see TERRI
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* * * * *

Sex Contact FAITH (27) London

FAITH - bouncy locks and a golden tan, she flaunts her ample cleavage and washboard abs in sexy black underwear... "I know what you want and I'm ready."
X-rated, super sexy, babe, very hot
Click to see FAITH
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* * * * *

Sex Contact SHAHDI (29) London

SHAHDI exposes her banging body. She’s been turning so many heads here at XXX she may be held liable for causing whiplash... "Just to let you know, I am a rider."
X-rated, intimate, extreme
Click to see SHAHDI
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* * * * *

Sex Contact CAROL (40) London

Would you Adam and Eve it. Married woman CAROL overflows from the neckline due to her hefty boobage. There’s no doubt that her massive breasts appear to be making a break for it... "I have heard that you should not fight it, if you like it."
X-rated, kinky, extreme ( . )( . )
Click to see CAROL
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And now we're getting ready to finalise the remaining profiles for your absolute pleasure. Here's a taster...

24 * * * * * Sex Contact HELEN (28) - WAITING

Helen shows her incredible curves in lingerie shoot as she poses up a storm in a bust-enhancing bra... "Let's hit it doggy style and let me give you a nice long BJ! I can cum for you multiple times with my G- spot dildo!"

25 * * * * * Sex Contact SALLY (26) - WAITING

This Northern babe's shameless photos will help catapult her straight into our top ten for sure... "I like deep throating, cum dripping down my face or sliding down my throat, having my hair pulled, DIRTY TALK, hearing a man cum, I definitely have an oral fixation!"

26 * * * * * Sex Contact CAROL (34) - WAITING ( . )( . )

Her baffling boobs in corset snaps look almost too big for her body, there's a real risk she'll topple over... "I like huge toys, stretching my pussy, heel fucking and panty stuffing. You?"

27 * * * * * Sex Contact MICHELLE (25) - WAITING ( . )( . )

Michelle squeezes her surgically-enhanced assets into a corset which has left her body looking like a Barbie that has stolen Dolly Parton's bra... "I can be anything you desire, your naughty angel, or your dirty cumslut, your choice?"

28 * * * * * Sex Contact FIONA (36) - WAITING

Hotter than nakedness itself, raven-haired beauty Fiona loves being a MILF as she strips completely starkers... "I want to be manhandled and have a bearded man eat my pussy. I want to dominate, smack and spank naughty boys."

29 * * * * * Sex Contact CHARLIE (24) - WAITING

Charlie will get plenty of well-deserved attention, mainly due to the fact she can't keep her bloomin' clothes on... "Mad oral skills, tight hot holes, soft lips and smooth hands."

30 * * * * * Sex Contact SARAH (27) - WAITING

Sarah shows less sideboob, more whole boob as she exposes herself in deep plunging skimpy top... "I wanna share my experience with you! Come deep inside me, I wanna cum with you baby."

31 * * * * * Sex Contact ALICIA (25) - WAITING ( . )( . )

Alicia hitting the grand old age of 25, exposes her PLAYBOY curves in see- through lace... "Turning me off is quite a challenge as long as you are friendly, nothing can go wrong!"

32 * * * * * Sex Contact MANDY (30) - WAITING

Born-to-pose Mandy will be thanking her admirers by gifting them X-rated snaps... "I'm the hottest bitch here. My hairy pussy strives for cock every day. I'm hungry for you right new."

33 * * * * * Sex Contact GLORIA (42) - WAITING

Seriously sexy secretary Gloria strips starkers... "I'm your dream MILF and I'm ready to please you. I cannot resist fingering and fucking with my huge dildos. Sweet and wet pussy craves your attention."

34 * * * * * Sex Contact KIM (28) -
WAITING ( . )( . )

Kim shows off her MEGASTACK in plunging ultra low-cut dress and they’re literally popping out all over the place... "I love to be fucked so hard that I can feel my juices all over my legs, stretch my fuck holes hard baby."

35 * * * * * Sex Contact FREDA (64 )- WAITING

Freda peels back and strips bare leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination... "The thought of your hard cock drives me wild and I would love to make you cum! And if you have a fetish of your own, I would love to hear all about it! Especially if it involves stockings and sexy lingerie."

36 * * * * * Sex Contact ALISON (32) - WAITING ( . )( . )

Alison puts her ample breasts on show in risqué, ultra low-cut, bra... "I will help you cum only after you do what you are told then you can cum and if you get any one me you will have to lick it all up for me."

37 * * * * * Sex Contact ANNA (43) - WAITING

Raving and misbehaving Anna sizzles in racy black bra and stockings... "My expertise? Controlling orgasms and abusing cocks with my feet."

38 * * * * * Sex Contact SARA (26) - WAITING

Sara flashes her flesh in plunging black lace dress... "I aim to please. That’s why I’m here, to get you hot and to get you off. I’ll take you on a ride you’ll never forget."

39 * * * * * Sex Contact EMMA (24) - WAITING

Wild-child Emma displays her heavenly physique in skimpy bikini... "I have very sensitive nipples and love the feel of silky fabric against my skin. And other stuff."

40 * * * * * Sex Contact ABI (21) - WAITING

Lady of Leather Abi rocks in edgy black ensemble... in near-nude pics with skin- tight top... "I'm a very flexible, multi- orgasmic, slender babe with real breasts!"

41 * * * * * Sex Contact ALICIA (29) - WAITING

Super-hot Alicia puts on a leggy display, showing off her toned pins in towering heels... "What I'm into. Tied tits, tongue action, wanking men, porn, clit flicking, anal play, dripping juices, nipple pulling and open cunt viewing. Any good?"

42 * * * * * Sex Contact MAY (25) - WAITING

Glossy blonde May shows off some major cleavage... "Tell me what YOU are in the mood for? I love to tease with my DD's, and play with my toys, would love to cum just for you! Have lots of playthings. Just ask! I KNOW I can make your evening everything you want!"

43 * * * * * Sex Contact MANDY (32) - WAITING

Randy Mandy shows off her supermodel legs in micro-mini... "My dark secret? I'm a highly experienced professional and lifestyle Dominatrix. I am sophisticated, intelligent and seductive. I can also be quite cruel when I feel the need. I am the only Mistress you will ever need."

44 * * * * * Sex Contact DAWN (44) - WAITING

Dawn in topless titillation snaps peels off her racy gym-themed set... showing off oodles of sideboob and plenty of pelvis... "Anything you desire from clean fun to getting dirty and nasty. I love to do anything new. I enjoy men so it can be sexual or nonsexual."

* * * * *

REMEMBER! XXX Sex Contacts are not supposed to be your Mr or Ms Right!

XXX Sex Contacts
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