3 stress-free positions short girls need to try

short girls sex positions

3 stress-free positions every short girl needs to try. Just like we have sex positions for tall girls, we also have easy positions for small girls.

We obviously don’t live in a perfect world, so sex can be a bit of an issue if you’re vertically challenged. Your face might line up perfectly with your fella’s chest but that’s not really ideal, right?

Naturally, a lot of the common sex positions are only doable if you and your partner have just a tiny height difference between you. If that’s not the case you need to find some other ways to get it on without your partner having to do any weird bendy moves, or you having to stand on your tippy toes. The key is to level the playing field so that you and your petner are either the same height, or you are on top. So, if you’re a little bit shorter than your partner, try some of these easy sex positions that short girls will totally love.


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1. The tight clasp. If you have a stool or a high chair, sit on it and have your man stand in front of you. Wrap your legs around him and have him hold onto your hips so you don’t fall.

2. The fire master. This position will give your partner a lot of control, which isn’t a bad thing! Lay on your stomach on the edge of your bed while your partner stands behind you, holding on to your legs. Since your legs are shorter, it will give him easy access, plus he can adjust the angle.


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3. The kneel and sit. Have your guy kneel and you sit on top of him, while he holds you by the hips. You might have to do a little more work with this one, but you also get a lot of control.

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