Climax: Here’s what to do if you can’t have an orgasm

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Climax: Here’s what to do if you can’t have an orgasm. One of the most frustrating things about sex is not being able to orgasm.

It’s really frustrating and pretty discouraging when everybody talks about how great having an orgasm is, but you can’t have one. However, this is really common and not anything to stress about. Obviously, you’re the only one who really knows your body well enough to figure out what’s going on, but here are some tips that might help you have an orgasm next time you and your partner are fooling around.

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1. Enjoy other parts of sex. You can enjoy sex without orgasming also. It makes you feel close to the other person and connects you emotionally if that is something you want. Sex isn’t only about orgasming! It’s about getting comfortable with your body and enjoying yourself. Try to enjoy the other aspects of sex, like spending time with your lover.

2. Try it on your own. You have to explore to find on your own what feels best, and what makes you reach orgasm, and then you have to tell him when you’re together what to do. We’re all different, and you can’t leave it up to him to guess. You need to spend some time totally private and relaxed. Being with a partner can be nerve-wracking and scary. If you masturbate on your own first and try to orgasm that way, you can learn how to tell your partner exactly what you want.

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3. Take it slow. Don’t be in a hurry, you’re too concentrated on orgasm. Just relax and enjoy that physical pleasure the way it is. If you don’t feel any pain, it’s just a matter of time. Be attentive to your body, touch it and find your pleasure zones. You shouldn’t rush these things. It will happen when it happens.


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4. Don’t worry. It’s pretty normal for girls not to reach an orgasm through vaginal stimulation alone. You just need to find ways to stimulate your clitoris more. It really is normal to not be able to orgasm, and there is nothing wrong with you if you can’t. You just need to find time to work on it.

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