How to have an amazing make-out session

How to have an amazing make-out session
You don’t always have to take your clothes off to have an amazing happy hour.

Make-out sessions can really be just as sweet as sex. Dry humping and other stuff that doesn’t involve penetration are a really fun way to enjoy a partner.
Below are some pretty cool ideas on how to make your make-out session the best ever, without actually having sex.

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1. Teasing your partner
Genital stimulation through the clothes is important, but so is teasing, anticipation, and the eroticism of doing something you’re not used to.

2. Deep breath
Alternate cool and hot breaths over your partner’s underwear. For hot breath, open your mouth and exhale with your mouth close to the fabric; for cool breath, purse your lips as if you were blowing out a birthday candle and do so from farther away.

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3. Feel your way about
This is great if you don’t want to have full sex, for whatever reason. Plus, it’s fun to feel your way before properly committing. It’s also healthy to shake up same-old bedroom rituals if you’re stuck in a bit of a sex rut with a long-term partner.