Lack of sex: 3 signs you are not having enough sex

Lack of sex

Lack of sex: 3 signs you are not having enough sex. How much sex should you have? To find out, read on.

Do you feel like you are not having enough sex? There are possibilities that you might not be having sex as much as you should. However, masturbating can only fix your sexual urge for that moment, but it’s not the same as having sex.

Check out 3 signs you are not getting enough.

1. Your sex life feels boring. There’s a huge problem if you get bored while having sex. Sex should be fun and if you are not enjoying it, you might probably not be getting enough sex.

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2. Fantasising about sex increases. You will definitely be thinking about sex more than usual, and the people you want to do it with. This is definitely a lack of sex sign, so you need to have more sex and get your groove on instead of fantasising about sex always.

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3. You don’t feel the need to have a clean shave. If you don’t care about getting a clean shave down there, this means there’s no match anytime soon or later. This definitely means you’re getting less sex, otherwise, you will always want to keep it clean all the time.

Lack of sex: 3 signs you are not having enough sex by Emma Valasco.

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