Online dating sites reviews

Online dating sites reviews

ONLINE DATING SIES REVIEWS: If you’ve landed here by mistake (this is a sex contacts site) because you’re looking for love, romance or even marriage and children, then this blog is for you.

We’ve specially selected the finest online dating sites for you and as you will see there really is something for everybody.

With half of all single people now using some of the best online dating sites to find love (or at least quick, no strings sex – hello, Tinder), long vanished are the days when Internet dating was seen as awkward or embarrassing. Nowadays it’s about as usual (but way more fun) as Internet banking.

There are literally hundreds of dating sites out there. So, to make it a little less overpowering, we’ve trawled the Internet for you and sought the recommendations of online dating connoisseur Emma Valasco to find the 10 best online dating sites on the net. You can thank us later.

Online dating sites reviews

Best online dating sites (in no particular order):

eHarmony: one of the best online dating sites for the over 40s.

How does eHarmony work?

If you’re serious regarding finding love and romance, then eHarmony could be the perfect site for you. eHarmony takes this match-making stuff very seriously, making them one of the best online dating sites around. They’ve even patented the eHarmony Compatibility Matching System. So it’s a serious business. Those lovely people behind the eHarmony internet dating site claim to have condensed over 30 years of research to come up with a Relationship Questionnaire, which they say can match people who are well-suited to each other. Good to know.

How much does eHarmony cost? £9.95 per month.

Online dating sites reviews: Verdict: This could be a great site for those who are looking for matching. eHarmony takes the hard work out of trolling through 100s of photos and delivers compatible dates directly to your inbox. eHarmony aims to provide quality over quantity and is potentially worth checking out if you are looking for a long-term relationship. one of the best online dating sites for the over 50s.

How does match UK work? ‘Match’ is arguably one of the most widely-used online dating sites in the world and claims to have some 1.8 million subscribers. Match seems to work in a very established way: Simply craft a profile, check-out your possible matches, send them a few messages and then try to set up a meeting. In addition to the main match site, there are also some niche sites for gay and lesbian dating and Asian dating etc. And if you happen to be single, the love-gods at organise a host of singles events… they also provide online dating advice should you need a little help.  It is easy to see what makes one of the best online dating sites there is.

How much does cost? £12.99 per month for a 6-month membership.

Online dating sites reviews: Verdict: For those apprehensive about dating, places control at your fingertips by allowing you access to thousands of profiles and the opportunity to chat to possible dates at the rate which works for you. It is well established and, therefore, benefits from a wide demographic, so you can extend your dating pool (or you can limit it) with its highly-developed matching features.

Lovestruck: best online dating sites for busy people.

How does Lovestruck UK work? Lovestruck allows you target prospective partners according to locality and it covers numerous major cities across the world. It’s focussed primarily at time-starved professionals, who due to busy work schedules and very active social lives just don’t have the time to date. Lovestruck helps put you in touch with people who are near you – be it where you work or live – to save you valuable time or hours of travelling to and from dates. The site also hosts regular events which are a fun, relaxed way to meet people.

How much does Lovestruck cost? A minimum of £16 per month.

Online dating sites reviews: Verdict: Ideal if you are looking for romance in the city and your approach to hooking-up is to have a casual first meet in your neck of the woods over lunch or after work. It takes the trek out of dating, with its tube station search facility.

DatingDirect: one of the best internet dating sites for beginners.

How does DatingDirect work? There are no gimmicks or USPs with DatingDirect. In fact, it’s fairly similar to Match, mentioned above. You can start looking at prospective dates for free, then when you like the look of someone and fancy striking up a conversation, you need to subscribe. Similar to a lot of the top internet dating sites, it also has a useful instant messenger service which makes communication with your matches uncomplicated.

How much does DatingDirect cost? £12.99 per month for a 6-month membership.

Online dating sites reviews: Verdict:  DatingDirect amalgamated with in 2009 and claims to give members access to 20 million members across Europe. There’s a daily email sent to your inbox suggesting six members you may be interested in, which is a nice touch – the idea is to provide you with an ample daily choice of well-matched people you might like to meet up with. one of the best online dating sites for finding long-term relationships.

How does Parsnip UK dating work? This is sold as a serious online dating site for ‘discerning singles.’ A bit like eHarmony, PARSHIP uses a patented test, this time called The PARSHIP principle®, which analyses 32 personality traits and is based on an algorithm of 136 rules. It sounds complicated, but that’s not for you to worry about. Just sign up, do the test and get chatting to all those love-compatible people out there.

How much does it cost? Minimum of £14.90 per month.

Online dating sites reviews: Verdict: One of the best online dating sites for those looking for long-term relationships with professional people, users complete a personality test to measure compatibility with potential dates using psychometric analysis. Functionality is limited as the site is more geared up to help you find a long-term partner rather than flirting randomly with people you like the look of. Members have similar incomes and education. There is also a specific gay version of the site for those looking for a serious committed relationship with a same-sex partner.

PlentyofFish: one of the best online dating sites for fussy people.

How does PlentyofFish (POF) work?  When you sign-up you will be asked to complete a special POF Relationship Chemistry Predictor test, which will measure your self-confidence, family-orientation, self-control, social dependency and easygoingness. You’re then matched to those most compatible with you.

How much does POF cost? It claims to be free.

Online dating sites reviews: Verdict: Plenty of Fish is great if you want free access to a large database of single people. It has a compatibility matching system that includes areas such as self-confidence, openness, and family. A great starting point for people who have not tried online dating before and want to try it (for free). one of the best online dating sites for shy people.

How does Mysinglefriend work? The site is the creation of TV presenter Sarah Beeny and it works by each member on the site being put forward and described by a friend. The site aims to get rid of the ‘cringe factor’ linked with having too big yourself up through your online profile and makes it more of a fun community, where like-minded people can chat, meet and potentially fall in love.

How much does it cost? £13 per month.

Online dating sites reviews: Verdict: For those who are at a loss as to how to sell themselves in 500 words or less, this site offers the opportunity to be described by your friend. It works on the premise your friend can sell you better than you can but they can also embarrass you too. MSF has a more chatty style in the profile and gives you a greater insight into your potential date’s world. one of the best online dating sites for the looks-obsessed. The site’s strapline is: “The Worlds Most Exclusive Dating Site For Beautiful People Only”. So now you’ve been told… if you’re just average or below average looking keeping walking!

How does work? This online dating site ‘does exactly what it says on the tin’ and only people deemed good-looking enough will be approved to join. To become a member, applicants are required to be voted in by existing members of the opposite sex. Members rate new applicants over a 48-hour period based on whether or not they find the applicant ‘beautiful’. It sounds ruthless, but the site claims that by admitting people based on their looks they’re removing the first hurdle of dating, saying that because everyone on the site is considered ‘fit’, members can focus on getting to know people’s personality. Beautiful People also promise access to elite parties and top guest lists around the globe. Now for that brutal 48-hour wait…

How much does BeautifulPeople cost? If you buy a 6-month membership, you’ll get a reduced price of £7.50 per month. Seems somewhat cheap to us for such an exclusive hookup site!

Online dating sites reviews: Verdict: This notorious dating site claims to have no ugly members and is known for deleting members who gained weight. Hopeful members have to pass a 48-hour peer vote to be accepted as one of the ‘beautiful people’. They frequently host members’ events where purportedly you have to look as attractive as your profile photo otherwise entry to the venue is refused. This is the ideal site for those who want to bypass the usual filtering of profiles based on looks and focus on getting to know people they know they will be attracted to.  Almost seems too good to be true for all the shallow people who deem looks to be the most important thing in a relationship.

Doingsomething: one of the best online dating sites for people who hate first dates.

How does Doingsomething work? Let’s face it, meeting up with a complete stranger for a first date can be awkward and dreadfully cringe-worthy. But it’s less so when the date itself is a total riot. This is where comes in. The site is all about the actual dating experience and lets you pick a match based on the date idea they’ve suggested. And the more fun, and unique, the date the better. So, rather than apprehensively meeting someone for a lukewarm coffee in a crowded Costa, you could be trying out your culinary skills at a sushi-making masterclass or bonding over super-strong cocktails at a hip cocktail bar. It’s basically about finding someone who wants to do the same things as you at the end of the day. Sounds like a great idea to us.

How much does it cost? £10 per month.

Online dating sites reviews: Verdict: It’s a simple and unique approach to online dating which is great for those looking for fun and interesting ideas for first dates. Signing up is quick and easy without the usual numerous questions and sections to fill in, the hardest part is thinking what you would like to do on a date that might attract like-minded people. We like the uniqueness of the concept, whether it works in practice or not, will depend on how your idea of a first date matches that of other members. If you’re ‘way out there’ you could be left on the shelf!

Tastebuds: one of the best online dating sites for music-lovers.

How does Tastebuds work? A similar taste in music can be a great pointer as to whether you’re well-matched with someone, so those awfully nice people behind Tastebuds have struck gold with their music-based internet dating site. Getting started is really simple: pick three artists or bands that you’re interested in, the gender you’re looking to date and press ‘go’. It’s a fun and relaxed site, which can introduce you to new music, concert buddies and potentially even your own real-life music hero.

How much does Tastebuds cost? It’s free for existing members, but £8 per month for new members.

Online dating sites reviews: Verdict: This is one of the best online dating sites for those looking for love who also love music. It makes sense that if a potential partner shares your taste in music then you’re off to a good start and a favourite artist/band is a great icebreaker when approaching someone online for the first time.

How to stay safe when online dating

Be guarded with your personal information:

When dating online or in person, be cautious of anyone who seems to be asking for a lot of your personal informal early on. Don’t share any details such as your address, birth date or financial information. If a match is asking a lot of questions of this type, let them know that you’re not comfortable sharing that information and report them if you have any suspicions about their true motives.

Arrange to meet in a public place:

Even if they claim to make the best pasta in town, never meet someone for the first time at their home and don’t invite them to yours. Arrange to meet somewhere that’s busy and in public such as a restaurant or coffee shop that you’re comfortable in.

Tell a friend:

If you’re planning to meet an online date for the first time, be sure to tell a friend or family member who you’re meeting, when and where.  If you have an iPhone you could also share your location on the app Find My Friends. Check in with a friend during the date or ask them to call you at a specific time to check on you.

Don’t be afraid to leave:

If your date is making you feel uncomfortable, leave. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve just sat down or enjoyed a three-course dinner with them. If they do or say anything which makes you feel uneasy, walk away. This person is a stranger and you need to protect yourself, first and foremost.

Travel there and back by yourself:

If your date offers to pick you up at home, politely decline. Plan your own route to and from your date so that you remain completely in control at all times. This also means you’re not relying on someone else to dictate how long the date lasts if you need to make an early escape.

How to have a successful first date – dating tips

Avoid social media stalking:

It’s always tempting to ‘accidentally’ check out a date’s social media accounts before meeting up. In fact, our research shows that over a third (38%) of us admit to a pre-date Google. Try to avoid it, if possible. In-depth social media stalking will make you form judgments before you’ve even sat down together so prioritise getting to know the real person, rather than their online persona.’

Choose comfort:

A first date is your opportunity to get to know your date – and for them to get to know you. While we all want to present the best version of ourselves, dressing in a way that feels unnatural is guaranteed to make you feel uncomfortable and is likely to put a damper on your date. Wear something that you’re comfortable in and that reflects the real you.

Try a confidence exercise:

First date nerves are natural, but you can tackle them by employing a few confidence tricks. Visualise a great date – one where the conversation flows easily – and hold on to the positive feelings that the thought encourages. Affirmations are a useful tool too. Stand in front of the mirror, put your shoulders back, and say out loud ‘I can do this’. It may sound strange but it really works.

Have a laugh:

When we laugh we release endorphins, which can help us to relax. Sharing a laugh on a first date is a great way to break the ice as well as an effective bonding tool. You don’t need to start telling knock-knock jokes, but if you have a funny anecdote or two in your arsenal, don’t be afraid to share.

Use open body language:

Most of what we communicate is through our body language rather than words. Folded arms and legs create a physical barrier that implies you’re closed off. Try to adopt open body language instead. And don’t be afraid to make eye contact – it’s a great way to show your date that you’re interested.

Pay attention:

There are few things more attractive than someone who gives us their undivided attention. And there’s nothing worse than spending time with someone who’s constantly looking over our shoulder at something or someone else. Make an effort to be engaged and present on your date and save checking your phone until they go to the bathroom!

Ask questions:

Asking your date questions not only shows that you’re interested in what they have to say but it also allows you to get to know them, which is what a first date is all about! Don’t stick to small talk. More intimate questions about your date’s hopes, dreams and passions will help you forge a closer connection – and it’s a lot more interesting than talking about the weather.

Be positive:

Nothing is as reassuring as a genuine smile. If you go into your date with a positive attitude, you’re much more likely to have a good time – and make your date feel good too.

Split the bill:

Who should pay the bill is one the most hotly debated aspects of first date etiquette. Traditionally, whoever initiated the date would pick up the bill but, these days, it’s much more common to split the bill. But if your date does insist on paying, it’s more polite to graciously accept than argue about it!

Follow up:

If you’ve had a great date, let them know. Trying to act aloof by waiting three days after a date to get in touch doesn’t work in today’s age of instant communication. In fact, only 4% of people think you should purposely wait before replying to a message from a date. If you enjoyed the date, don’t be afraid to send them a quick message and let them know that you’d like to see them again.


You are invited to post your personal experiences of online dating in the comments section and don’t hold back!

Online Dating Sites Reviews

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