Is prostitution legal in the UK?


Is prostitution legal in the UK

The short answer is yes. Prostitution is legal in the UK.

Here’s what we think.

Over-regulation can result in unnecessary control, restriction and interference.  There are already laws in place to protect true victims of trafficking, coercion and sexual exploitation.

Why not leave the women (and men) alone to choose this work?  Those who choose to be a sex worker manage just fine on their own without others seeking to ‘regulate’ a market where independence, freedom, and discretion are vital to the individuals in it.

Prostitution is full of women who choose their lives, for whatever reason.

Modern feminists try to whitewash politicians and gullible people into believing that all prostitutes are victims. They are not.

We should target trafficking and victimisation while leaving women to make their own choices.

Author: XXX Sex Contacts


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