Why You Should Masturbate Regularly

Why you should masturbate regularly

Why you should masturbate regularly: Ladies, stop settling for the short end of the stick… and kick on with the benefits of the long end of a vibrator.

Let’s start with the obvious: The grass is green, the sky is blue, and people masturbate happily and often. But men more so than women ‘do it’, according to every survey and poll I’ve ever read on the subject of male and female masturbation. Over 80% of men and close to 70% of women, between 23 and 30 copped-off solo last year, which goes to show that women ‘do it’ far less often than men.

Over 40% of guys say they masturbate two or more times a week, but only about 15% of women say the same, proving that too many women are waiting for a duet to bring the house down.

Thankfully, we’re in an age where the stigma surrounding masturbation has gone the way of the AOL chat room! Still, complacency abounds. There’s a lot of women who believe, ‘my prince will come, and so will I,’ but things seldom work out quite like that—you have to do the work on your own. Well. more like play. The big O releases feel-good endorphins that calm you the fuck down after a stressful day.

Solo-play can improve your pelvic-floor muscles and tone you up so you experience more orgasms (think Flywheel for your hoo-ha). And, it will even open-up the cervix to flush out all your ‘bad’ bacteria.

But possibly the sweetest advantage of masturbating: Exploring on your own puts you in touch with the things that turn you on, which makes for far better sex when it comes to sleeping with someone. Once you learn how to give yourself solo Os, you’ll be able to school your partner on what you like. In short? One is absolutely NOT the loneliest number when it comes to having a full-blown orgasm.


  1. Seduce yourself by lightly stroking your erogenous zones: your inner thighs, behind your knees and ears, and the nape of your neck.
  2. Burn a fragranced candle to sex yourself up—according to what I’ve read, a lavender aroma can increase your vaginal blood flow by, wait for it… 11%.
  3. Settle down to a porn video, see what’s what and what to do with him and what he should do to you and with you.

The 12 Best Things about Masturbating

  1. You don’t have to tell anyone “a little more to the left, no, to your left.” Because you know.
  2. You can pretty much ‘work the O-magic’ whenever, wherever you fancy – as in the film trains, planes, and automobiles. Frankly, the sky’s the limit and even that’s not strictly true because of the plane!
  3. If you start masturbating and you’re just not feelin’ it, no one will be let down. With the exception of you, that was hoping to climax before nodding off to sleep.
  4. If you weren’t that great at it the last time, for whatever reason. You know how great you can be when you really give it your all, but it’s 1 am and you’re barely awake anyway. No biggie.
  5. You never feel like half-arsing it because it’s YOUR orgasm at stake. It’s easy to be fooling around with someone you’re not that into and give them a kind of half-arsed handjob or something like that, but when it’s you with you, every night is your birthday and you are going for it.
  6. You can do some weird shit to yourself and not even have to ask if you can do it. You won’t ever feel awkward about asking for spanking again because you are not a stranger and you already know for a fact that you want to be spanked. It’s a win-win every time.
  7. When you masturbate in the shower you are 99% more likely to be successful than making love in the shower. Seriously, have you tried having intercourse in the shower? Fortunately, playing with yourself in the shower doesn’t require the ideal amount of height difference between two people to be workable and no one will be shivering in the corner like an orphan in the rain.
  8. You can get yourself off with your right hand or your left hand, you can use sex toys – a vibrator or a dildo or perhaps a vibrating dildo if you are lucky enough to have one, you can stand up, you can lie down, you can even hang out of your bedroom window if you happen to have an exhibitionist streak. This leads me nicely on to the next benefit…
  9. You never have to explain that sometimes too much direct pressure on your clit is way too much and please stop it right now. When will guys understand this?!
  10. Your fingernails are always just as short as you want. And you know for a fact you washed your hands before fingers enter your pussy.
  11. No one has to sleep in the wet spot. I have a queen-size bed for a reason.
  12. Even after being single for a long time, with zero hookups on the horizon, I’m never tired of having sex with myself, because me and me sex is always good and never disappoints.

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