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Username: ava
Age: 29
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Region: South West & Wales
County: Bristol
Town / City: Bristol


Searching for a braveheart as well as a kind one. I don't know what you'll look like I just know I'll be attracted to you. You may be younger than me but if not you'll look younger than you are. You're educated and enjoy doing lots of different things as well as the usual 'stuff'. Age is of no significance and what we do for a living doesn't define who we are as people. We try to be kind and tolerant but we're not perfect - no-one is so we don't always achieve it. Inside we are still in our 20's and can be spontaneous & energetic but experience has taught us how to enjoy being calm and peaceful. We appreciate balance. We love music, the arts and creativity generally. We love to live and live to love and hope, one day, to find each other.

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