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Username: caron4
Age: 36
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Region: South East
County: Kent
Town / City: Rochester


no offence to anyone but im getting more and more disappointed with the male species. i give a younger guy a chance and he can only last 5 minutes, i give an older guy a chance and he gets out of breath and starts sweating and panting all over me, i know youre gona think im just picking the wrong men, but actions speak louder than words, you'll have to prove that you're different. and to be honest i would LOVE to be proven wrong, id love to have some great sex that i'll want to tell my best friend about, instead of something i regret or would rather forget!

like i said no offence, im just telling you my story and i would love to hear from you if you think you'd be good for me. until then, bye and good luck.

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