I'm naturally a quiet person but not unsociable you really see my true colours when I'm in a comfortable environment, I don't think I'll ever be accused of being too loud though, which is fine with me.

I do go out drinking but I'm not mad keen, I'm sarcastic (in a good way-I hope!), happy in my own company or with other people, music has always been very important to me, I have quite eclectic music tastes I think it's easier to say that I'm very sure of what I don't like than to list the reams of what I do like! I enjoy many aspects of life but my friends, though lovely, don't like doing new things-I believe life is for new experiences, but it's so much better when there's someone else to share it with.

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Jas, 24 from Cumbria | XXX Sex Contacts
Username: jas
Age: 24
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Region: North West
County: Cumbria
Town / City: Kendal