3 best tips you need to avoid queefing during sex

tips to avoid queefing during sex

Vaginal Farting: 3 best tips you need to avoid queefing during sex. Queefing is just another word for vaginal fart.

If you’ve ever experienced what feels like a fart out of your vagina, that is queefing. It sounds silly and gross, but it’s really just excess air being pushed out of your vagina, which results in a funny noise that sounds like a fart. However, there are ways to avoid queefing when having sex with your partner, here are 3 ways to avoid queefing during sex.


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1. Avoid deep penetration. Another way to reduce air getting stuck in your vagina is by avoiding fast and deep penetration. The kind of sex that’s super aggressive and intense will definitely cause you to queef nonstop. By switching up the positions, your partner won’t have the ability to thrust fast and deep if you’re in control.

2. Try going on top. When you’re on top during sex, you can easily control the motion you and bae are doing. Try rocking your hips back and forth so air doesn’t have the ability to make its way into your vagina, the way thrusting does.


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3. Don’t bend over during sex. Certain sex positions could definitely cause excess air to get trapped inside your vagina, leading to a queef. To narrow your chances of queefing, dodge positions that need you to bend over, such as doggie style. When your pelvis is lifted in the air during sex, it literally creates a passageway for air to get into your vagina.

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