How to give a sexy trombone and what it truly means

sexy trombone

How to give a sexy trombone and what it truly means. This is just like rubbing your belly button and sucking your thumb at the same time.

A trombone is an act of doing simultaneous analingus (aka rimming) with a handjob. It gets its name because the movements required are vaguely related to playing trombone! Below are ways to do it like a professional.


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1. Keep it clean. Make sure you are really clean. Make sure you wash with an unscented soap or for a more intensive clean use an anal douche, which will ensure you’re clean for any anal play that may happen afterward. Douches should only be used in little quantity though because they are very harsh on the body’s natural anal lining.

2. Safety matters. Rimming can be deeply pleasurable, as there are a whole bunch of nerve endings which surround your anus and many people find gentle stimulation with the tongue a real thing. However, if you or your partner aren’t comfortable with such private licking, you could try a dental dam.


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3. Know about the basics. The man needs to be erect and stand with their legs slightly apart while their partner licks the anus while simultaneously reaching around to the penis to perform a handjob which is the trombone. Now you know! 🙂

Adult blog: How to give a sexy trombone and what it truly means by Emma Valasco.

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