3 ways to deal with premature ejaculation

premature ejaculation

3 ways to deal with premature ejaculation. When it comes to making your fella last, you want to make it clear that you’re as much a part of this as him.

When it comes to premature ejaculation, it’s the second least thing any guy wants to talk about after erectile dysfunction. Blokes may not like talking about it, but it does happen. And we’re not blaming them, either. If we had the same organs as him, we would probably be spilling our loads early a lot of the time, too.

We totally get that premature ejaculation happens, but one thing that we and men can agree on is that we would like them to last as long as possible. So when it comes to making your partner last, it’s as important to discuss things in the right way as it is to master the right technique. Here’s how to deal with premature ejaculation without making things super weird between you and your fella.


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1. Cut him some slack. You might have the idea that sex is supposed to last for hours at a time thanks to movies. Not so. Even on good days, it’s still in the minute category. Plus, remember that the people who last longer often have more experience. Your man is probably still new to this and discovering what works for his body and what doesn’t.

2. Don’t compare him to other blokes. The last thing that any guy wants to hear when we’re giving sex points is how much better another guy is. It isn’t going to help or motivate him, it’s just going to make him feel down about himself.


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3. Don’t make it into a problem. If this is the first time this has happened, don’t sweat it. If it’s a reoccurring thing, yeah, it’s a bit of a problem, but it’s something that you can overcome. Just be mindful when you’re taking to him that you don’t refer to it as a ‘problem’.

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