Here’s all you need to know about micropenises


Here’s all you need to know about micropenises, What was the most interesting thing you’ve learned about micropenises?

So you might be wondering what a micropenis is, not to worry we’ve got you covered. A micropenis is commonly applied to a penis that is about 1.2 inches long while flaccid and stretched. Remember that the average erect penis is 5.2 inches long? Well, the average penis size while flaccid is 3.6 inches long, so that’s significantly smaller than average.


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How does this happen? Micropenises are normally the effect of a hormone defect in utero. Basically, the development of androgen–which promotes the growth of “male” characteristics–in the womb gets screwed up. This can lead to a lack of testosterone, testicular deformations, and poor pituitary gland development. Also, high exposure to estrogen-based fertility drugs in the womb can lead to reduced penis size and, possibly, micropenises. All in all, micropenises just sort of… happen.

Are micropenises very common? They’re really rare and only occur in .06 percent of males.

How does someone have intercourse when they have a micropenis? If a micropenis is detected as a baby, testosterone treatments can help increase the penis size during childhood, puberty, and beyond. But this has to start early. Even with this treatment, the penis rarely reaches average size.

So, what if you find out that you have a micropenis when you’re, say, 16-years-old, or as an adult? Unfortunately, there’s not much that can be done unless you get a prosthetic (fake) penis surgically attached to your body.


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How can I learn more about people who actually deal with micropenises? Honestly, if a micropenis isn’t a deal breaker, then you need to discuss how to experience intimacy with your partner in ways that don’t necessarily focus entirely on intercourse. Luckily, foreplay exists, so it’s not impossible. However, creativity is key, so try not to rely on the in out and nothing else because that might lead to disappointment. Oral, toys, etc, learn them, love them, embrace them. Also, maybe you two should consider sex therapy for some other tips from medical professionals.

Whatever you do, don’t pressure them into having surgery or something. This is really insensitive and is probably the last thing they want to hear. So it’s either you accept their micropenis or you don’t.

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