5 ways every penis is different

penis differences

Penises: 5 ways every penis is different. We are all unique individuals with unique personalities, goals, ideas, and bodies. If you are with a new guy and are wondering if something is “wrong” down there because he seems so different compared to your last boyfriend, it’s likely that nothing is wrong.

That’s because he has a unique body. To help you understand more, take a look at ways all penises are different.

1. The colour. Just like there are thousands and thousands of different skin tones. There are thousands and thousands of different penis colours. And for each penis there are differences between the head, shaft, the balls, like the rest of the body.

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2. The angle it sits at. Some penises go to the left, others go to the right, while others hang a bit closer to centre.

3. The look of his balls. They’re not something that we give much thought to. Men hardly focus on them compared to other parts of their anatomy down there. However, if you take note of a guy’s balls you would realise they are all a bit different from the shape, to the size, to even how they hang.

4. The smell down there. There are so many things that can impact the smell “down” there from body washes to the kind of underwear a man wears to his diet. That is why all c*cks have a slightly different smell. And a guy’s *signature* scent can change depending on altering lifestyle changes. And yes, some definitely do smell better than others!

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5. The pubic hair colour. You will realise that there are many different shades of pubic hair down there. And some men even have different colour hair on different parts of their dicks. You might think that pubes are simply one color, but there are countless shades, even when we’re just looking at dark brown hair.

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