Here’s how to send her to that g-spot paradise

hit her g-spot

Here’s how to send her to that g-spot paradise. These sex positions will hit the g-spot and help her achieve orgasm.

Unfortunately, women aren’t so lucky. Only 30% of women are able to achieve an orgasm from good sex. You can only imagine the kinds of results bad – or even average – sex might produce.

Hitting her g-spot paradise

So if you have a female partner and you’re really looking to please her, chances are you’ll have to put in some real effort between the sheets. Below are sex positions to help a woman achieve a better orgasm.

Phoebe Leeds hit my g-spot
Phoebe (28) Leeds West Yorkshire – hit my g-spot


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1. The revised doggy style. This is a revised variant of the doggy sex position. This position changes the angle of penetration and positions the penis to point down toward the G-spot. To increase your partner’s chances of achieving an orgasm, you can reach down and rub her clitoris with your fingers or have her gently grind her clitoral area against the bed.

Leah West Yorkshire g-spot heaven
Leah (37) West Yorkshire take me to g-spot heaven

2. The reverse cowgirl. Having the woman on top means she gets to control the intensity, edge, force, and speed of insertion. Depending on the natural angle of your penis, use the cowgirl or the reverse cowgirl position to hit her G-spot. The goal is to have the tip of your penis rub firmly against her front vaginal wall.


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3. Seated scissors. This position is similar to the cowgirl position but allows for an insignificantly modified angle of penetration. So for a better show, the bottom partner [the man] can prop himself up on his elbows. She may grab her partner’s leg for support, or even rub her clitoris against it as she rides.

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