How to Have the Best Quickie Sex Ever


Quickie sex with a partner can be so much fun.

It’s normal, and it’s super exciting. Quickies are much better than your typical hook-up because you’re basically having more passionate sex in a shorter amount of time.

Although getting your leg over is pretty easy. There’s more to quickie sex than just pulling your partner into the nearest doorway and going at it full steam ahead. You need to consider the mood, the place and of course, what you’re both wearing. Even the smallest blunder, like picking the wrong location or wearing something that’s really hard to get off, can make any quickie session go from steamy and passionate to be really awkward and embarrassing.

Below is my quick guide to help ensure your quickie sex sessions are all you hope them to be.

  1. Wear clothes that are fit for the occasion.
    Clothes that are difficult to get into or get off are a big no. Fiddling with buttons and zips will take away from the time you could be having hot sex. Time is of the essence, so make sure you’re wearing something that can easily be pulled open, up, down or off in seconds.

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  1. Miss out the lengthy foreplay.
    The point of having quickie sex is that it’s quick. Engaging in drawn-out foreplay just doesn’t work in this context. As an alternative to the usual foreplay, settle for kissing them and getting all touchy-feely. Let the passion will build from there.
  2. Arouse your partner with some filthy chat.
    Because there isn’t a great deal of time for foreplay, get into talking dirty. Try whispering the things you want to do to them in their ear, and be really graphic with the details. This will definitely make them feel wanted and get them wanting to rip your clothes off.
  3. Steer clear of positions that are difficult.
    When you’ve got just five minutes available, the aim is to move quickly and have fun. This isn’t the time to try out some new sex position you’ve just read about.

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  1. Don’t get totally naked.
    You may want to rip off all your clothes for a quickie, but that’s not the best idea. Keeping most of your clothes on really will save a lot of time, so think about wearing a dress or skirt that’s easy to lift. You really shouldn’t be thinking about having to strip down because that would be wasting valuable time when you could be busy bonking.

Author: Emma Valasco

About the author: Emma Valasco is a UK based sex and intimacy coach who has worked in the sexual relationship field for over 10 years.