5 things that a penis can’t actually do


5 things that a penis (c***) can’t actually do.

Penises cannot change the size of a woman’s vagina.

There are so many misrepresentations out there about penises and their rumoured capabilities. Penises really don’t have that much power, despite what some of their owners might think. Below are some things that a penis can’t actually do.

1. They can’t judge the worth of a sexual partner. What your penis or somebody else’s penis does in a vagina does not determine that person’s self-worth. Whether it’s one penis or twenty penises, consensual or otherwise, one’s value doesn’t begin and end with intercourse.


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2. It cannot change the size of a woman’s vagina. How the hell is a penis going to dramatically alter the elasticity of a vagina? When newborn babies come out of a woman’s vagina, it doesn’t turn her vag into a loose, bottomless pit? A single penis, or even multiple penises, are not going to change the vagina’s ability to snap back into place.

3. Penises cannot lack self-control. We all joke about penises having a mind of their own, but an inappropriate hard-on doesn’t mean men have no control over their sexual urges. A guy doesn’t sexually assault somebody because their penis made them do it. They sexually assault somebody because they wanted to do it. Men don’t cheat on their partners because their penises couldn’t control themselves. Cheating happens because he or she want to cheat.

4. It does not depend on size to guarantee good or bad sex. There isn’t really a connection. You can have terrible sex with somebody with an eight-inch penis, and great sex with somebody who is packing a four-inch penis. Sex is about more than just the whole in and out process.


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5. It cannot be too big for a condom. People come up with all kinds of excuses not to wear a condom, but using the “my penis is too big for a condom” excuse has to be the most pathetic. And if someone is seriously having trouble finding condoms that fit their massive penis, maybe just go online and find larger sizes elsewhere.


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