Phoebe28, West Yorkshire

I have a glamour model/pornstar body and would love to hear from mature men, 40 plus, for roleplay fun and excitement.

Your looks and marital status should not stop you from getting in touch with me - I'm not here to find an Adonis or a husband! It's just a bit of fun between two consenting adults and anything [within reason] goes! :-)

If I look like your kind of dream girl, there's no reason for you not to drop me a quick message and say hi. It would be amazing to hear from you. Please don't be shy, after all, what's the worst thing that could happen?

To help you make your mind up about sending me a message, this IS me:

- My name is Phoebe (yes it's true that's my name)
- 28-years-old and from Leeds in West Yorkshire
- I have brown eyes and long blonde hair
- My bra size is DD and I've had a boob job!
- 5'7" tall
- Large nipples that are sensitive to the touch
- My mouth is warm and my lips full and kissable
- I keep my pubic area shaved and my pussy is smooth

I've been toying with the idea of placing an ad on this site for a while now. Having looked at other UK sites, this is the only one that ticks all my boxes, so here I am and I'm waiting to hear from you!

I really like the unique way this service works and I guess you do too or you wouldn't be here... we are half way there to wherever this service may take us. Just needs you to introduce yourself so that I can get back to you...

Whether you decide to contact me is up to you but I can't think of any reason why you wouldn't at least make yourself known to me! ;-)

I know it can be daunting to approach a good looking girl, especially if you feel self-conscious about yourself, but let me tell you honestly that good looks don't always do it for me. Good looks do not guarantee a good time.

Here's my wishlist of the kind of man I hope you are:

- an interesting person
- you treat women with respect
- you're discreet
- you have a great sense of humour
- you're good fun to be around
- you are worldly wise
- you're thoughtful, creative and imaginative in the sack
- mature
- you can hold a decent conversation
- the idea of roleplay appeals to you
- you want to get to know me better
- you're genuinely interested in who I am

You will notice that your looks and personal situation do not figure at all on my wishlist.

Hugs and kisses from your dream girl,
Phoebe xxx

Phoebe28, 28 from West Yorkshire | XXX Sex Contacts
Username: phoebe28
Age: 28
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Region: Yorkshire & North East
County: West Yorkshire
Town / City: Leeds

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