Big tits Sheffield, any good?!

My three biggest turn offs. Not saying who you are. Taking things too fast and being pushy.

What I Love:
Giving oral, Fetish Play, Latex/Rubber/PVC, Getting oral, Mutual masturbation, Voyeurism.

My Favourite Sexual Positions (in no particular order):
Missionary, 69, Cowgirl, Doggy style, Side by side, Standing up.

Which Sense Other Than Touch, Is Most Important During Sex:

What Hair Colour Is The Sexiest:

Does Penis Size Really Matter:
Not to me.

Have I Ever Had A One Night Stand:
Yes, who hasn't!

Have I Ever Faked An Orgasm:
That's a secret.

Do You Find Porno Movies Arousing:

How Old Was I When I Lost My Virginity:

On A Scale of 1 To 10 How Would I Rate Myself As A Lover:
10, definitely 10.

What Age Group Do I Find Most Attractive As Sexual Partners:
Older men, never younger men (sorry!).

What Do I Typically Do After Sex:
Have sex again.

How Many Sex Partners Have I Had:
That would be telling.

On Average How Many Times Do I Have Sex In A Week:
Hmm, let me see. It's not as many as I'd like ;)

On Average How Many Times A Week Do I Masturbate:
More than 15, less than 50!

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