What is it, precisely, about women's lingerie that so turns men on? Which items of underwear turn men on most... panties, bras, stockings, suspenders, corsets?


Before we get into why guys drool over lacy panties and nylon stockings, it might be worth looking at why women enjoy wearing sexy lingerie to begin with.

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Is it the colours, fabrics or designs? Is it part of acting out some sexual fantasy? Is it how she looks when wearing it - classy, slutty, dirty, trashy or does it fulfil some porn fantasy?

Women in every town and city in the UK are out right now shopping for sexy lingerie to seduce their men, or to achieve a sexier feel. Lingerie has been used as a sexual mechanism for years now and there's no indication of it slowing down anytime soon.

Why do women wear sexy lingerie?


Believe it or not, some women wear sexy lingerie under their everyday clothes to give themselves a boost of sexual confidence. When you see a woman with an unusual skip in her step, it might be what's under her attire that's got her in a good mood!


Wearing sexy lingerie for an evening of lovemaking makes women feel sensual and good about themselves. The very idea of their man undressing them slowly or better still, seeing her strut her stuff while wearing eye-popping, jaw-dropping sexy underwear is guaranteed to have both of you anticipating what's going to happen once the lace and satin comes off.

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Some guys don't see the point in shelling-out for something that's going to come off in approximately 20 seconds, but others appreciate every thread on a woman's body.

Everyone loves to feel special and when a woman buys that sexy item - especially for you - you'll feel as horny as hell because you know that she wants to impress you, seduce you and fuck you. What you get is a private showing, and only you're invited to the unveiling.

It's tough for (most) women to keep up that hot sexy look on a daily basis, so lingerie separates those ordinary days from the extraordinary days. When you see her donning lacy and satin, she definitely wants you to take notice. And of course, you can do better than just look at her with your mouth wide open.

Lingerie can help her (and you) break away from the otherwise daily monotony of an everyday semi-detached suburban life. When a woman puts on a kinky outfit, she can step straight into being a classy bitch or a slutty housewife, or whoever else you would like her to be for that matter.

What are the top 5 lingerie items that men love, according to you guys?

So what do you guys love seeing your women in? Well, here are the top 5 items that XXX Sex Contacts guys sent in without hesitation. And in case there was any doubt, all of these include a pair of very high heels that stay on even after the clothes come off!

5 - The Chemise
Watching her walk around in a plain silky mini-dress-like piece with nothing underneath made many of you feel like bending her over and shagging her senseless.

4 - The Babydoll
This little number perks up her breasts and has a slit down the middle starting underneath her tits, and works its way down to her thighs. Oh yes, and it comes with a pair of panties which reveal all (we haven't quite worked out the point of the panties yet!).

3 - The Teddy
Because it looks like a swimming costume, only a lot sexier, the slit up the back to reveal her bum and the fact that it unbuttons from the crotch had lots of you salivating hungrily to get it off.

2 - The Camisole and Thong
Sometimes simplicity works best, and you guys like seeing your women dressed up with a hint of innocence in a tank top and sexy underwear.

1 - Push-up Bra, G-string and Stockings (with or without suspenders)
Was there ever any doubt?
Stockings have been used to seduce men for years and things aren't about to change anytime soon. If your woman hasn't seduced you with them yet, why not?

Is it all in your head?

Is this obsession with lingerie simply a ploy thought up by retailers to lure men and women into the notion that sexy undergarments are a necessary part of having great sex? Or is lingerie admired because men are visual creatures who get excited when they see a woman wearing sexy French lingerie?

Truth is, it's possibly a little bit of both. There's no doubt that lingerie does have its positive effects on both men and women. Men love the element of surprise when their women get undressed, and there's this whole other private outfit worn with them in mind and for which they were the motivation.

And women love lingerie because it makes them feel sexy and feminine. So the next time she removes her clothes and she's wearing sexy lingerie, take a moment to appreciate her body and what's wrapped around it, before you take control and show her what kind of effect she's had on you and your manhood!

The (nearly) naked truth: What you guys REALLY think when you see women strip down to their knickers

Men are simple creatures really. And women often ask: 'What underwear do you like to see me in?' and the usual answer is: 'Anything.' Unless your relationship has been going so long that you have sex only on special occasions, such as the installation of a new big screen TV, then most men are just pathetically grateful to see women partially unclothed.

I can't remember the first time I saw a girlfriend's underwear, probably because I was a hormone-crazed teenage boy whose nervousness at getting a girl into bed made the moment about as erotic as a G8 summit. Frank, London

While men like nothing better than seeing women stripped bare and completely naked, some underwear is infinitely preferable to others.

It's easy to see where some women go wrong. Underwear buying is fraught with difficulties. Wander around the lingerie section of any major store and you'll be confronted by a stack of over-complicated undergarments.

The classic image of stockings and suspenders with a push-up bra is what most women imagine gets their man going. But as you'll see from the results of our recent survey, nothing could be further from the truth. Whether it's a straightforward white set-up with a sexy bow, or some pretty polka dot panties, the items that score big with you guys are those that advocate virtue and fun.

The Ann Summers-style wannabe stripper look doesn't hit the spot any more, if, indeed, it ever really did. So why are the stores still groaning with so many frilly, fancy sets?

If women find them uncomfortable and maddening, and men see them as tacky (and in some cases, threatening), who is keeping these offending items on the shelves? It's time to strike a blow against saucy, seaside-postcard pants and bras as we reveal what men really like and what they think is... well, pants.

Tight, short skirts with black stockings remind me of an eighties Robert Palmer video styled by Ann Summers! You can almost hear the static electricity pop and crackle on such a trashy get-up. But if that's your thing, fair enough. Women sometimes make the mistake of thinking that they know what men want. And they can be wrong. Some lingerie gives off a vulgar feel, the kind of underwear a man would imagine his mistress to be wearing during an illicit encounter in a hotel room session. This is the substance of our clichéd, but somewhat harmless lingerie daydreams. Just don't ever confuse black satin and lace with marriage material. My golden rule of lingerie is simple: less is more. Way more. Alex, Glasow

Big Knickers and support panties? No thank you! So you've had some sort of invasive surgery and you want to turn heads on the hospital ward, whack on a pair of giant pants and ta-daa! You'll look like someone wearing their granny's WWII corset.

Seriously, though, if you've got the sort of belly that requires you to wear big 'pull me in' pants, then go jogging occasionally and stop eating cake. Or get used to blokes running, screaming, from the bedroom whenever you disrobe. Support pants fall into the category a man would associate with women over the age of 70.

Usually these grim, elastoplast-toned, damage-limitation devices are sold via ads in the back of doddery old Sunday supplements, next to the sheepskin-lined winter booties and side-entry baths. Dave, London

Stockings are utterly fabulous on a woman with great legs and give off a kind of Christian Dior classy look (and feel). Stockings just work with fantastic efficiency particularly with a killer figure; they simply give true-bloodied males a massive rush. What's more, the woman wearing them looks as though they have been professionally gift-wrapped. I hereby pledge my undying support to the stocking look. Gerry, Chelsea, London

I read somewhere that men are genetically programmed to love women in red underwear, so anything red is a hit from the start. Add in cute polka dots, frilly detail and sexy hipster shorts and you've got a winning combination. It's feminine and pretty, rather than stripper-style, try-too-hard erotic. Like Kelly Le Brock in Weird Science, she is simply perfect. Kate Moss likes to work this look. Or so I've heard, anyway. Adrian, Salford

Let's face it — on the whole guys like sexy, lacy, frilly, skin-baring lingerie and whether it's comfy or not is way past the point as far as men are concerned. The more it looks like something they might see a Victoria's Secret. model wearing, the more they're going to want girls to wear it. Karee, click to visit my personal page

The skimpier, the better. My girlfriend has a great body so I like her to show if off for me. Matt, Sutton Colfield


Instead of having an underwear disagreement each time you hit the bedroom or undress in front of your guy, we advise finding a healthy balance between what he likes — and what you like. Yes, it actually is possible. We swear! Go lingerie shopping with your partner and just] try some things on. We know that takes out the element of surprise, but at least that way you'll know that what you're buying (or what he's buying for you) is comfortable and fits well, but also turns him on too.

Lingerie: What we like. Women aren't averse to being sexy. In fact women like to feel sexy, but not always at the expense of comfort! The finest pieces of lingerie not only look good and improve the way a woman looks it makes her feel good and increases her self-confidence. But there's nothing worse than slipping into some sexy lingerie that your partner bought you (or indeed that you bought for yourself) hoping to feel like a sex goddess, only to feel like you've been squeezed into a weird, overly-tight, costume which itches like hell.

My husband got me this stunning, very costly, bra and underwear set a few years ago for our anniversary. I tried it on and of course it was too small, and the lace made me so itchy that I couldn't wait to get it off. I haven't worn it since that night! Angie, Hull

I like to be comfortable so my underwear reflects that. I know my boyfriend would rather I bought some sexier stuff, but to be truthful, I just don't like wearing it. Madge, Doncaster

I'm no supermodel but I put a lot of effort into looking nice. I'm more than ready to cater to a guy or girl's preference, providing I find it comfortable. However, if a guy is going to suggest point-blank that my lingerie isn't sexy enough to turn him on... he'd better be a lingerie designer himself. If he's going to suggest my lingerie WITH ME IN IT isn't sexy enough to turn him on... well, I hope the door doesn't hit him on the way out. Donna, Norfolk

Underwear can say a lot about a woman. It's something that men are obsessed with, to the point that, a mere peek of a thong waistband can cause a man to go into pre-orgasmic-shock which swhn his penis takes over all his logical thought processes. On the surface lingerie is ultra-sexy and highly revealing.

What underwear a woman chooses to wear under her clthes can convey a great deal about how she's feeling. Does her underwear say she's feeling sexy, tired, safe, or risky? It's almost as if no matter what happens during the day, good or bad, it's okay because no one has a clue how she's really feeling. So go wild, we say.

Women should explore their adventurous and kinky sides and slip into underwear which suites their mood.

As long as there are women wearing underwear, there will be men wondering just what kind lies beneath the clothes.

Here are our favourites:

So why do men love them? Isn't it obvious? The thong has the perfect shape for enticing guys, leaving a little to the imagination but a lot to the visual. Incredibly seductive, playful and sexy. Girls love wearing thongs and guys love seeing them!

If thongs are jaw droppers then G-strings will cause most men to faint. With the one piece of lace covering the 'Promised Land', men's eyes and privates tend to go wild with fantasy. The thong leaves a little to the imagination, but the g-string shows you what you're getting... with a little bit of work involved.

Commando - No Panties
No teasing necessary, she's a no-nonsense girl. Or has she simply not done a wash yet and has no clean clothes?! Either way it's okay for men. Anyway, by the time a woman has noticed a man noticing he's already taken a pretty good mental snapshot. The appeal of the no-panty look is in the friskiness behind it. Men think if they see a girl wearing nothing beneath her jeans, it should lead to a good time later on. Now, whether or not this is true might depend on the situation!

Decades of experiences (both personal and via the media) has conditioned men to associate lingerie with sex. So seeing lingerie (or even thinking about it) evokes sex in a man's mind. Which is possibly why some straight men feel somewhat uncomfortable seeing a man wearing lingerie.

If men grew up seeing naked women put pork-chops on their heads, men would probably get turned on at the butcher's shop - more than they already do that is. Who doesn't enjoy a meat market?

Underwear of past eras seems comical now, but presumably 17th-Century gents, having undergone different conditioning from the modern day man, enjoyed the sight of a sexy bum roll.

Men are attracted to female bodies, which means that the more of such bodies they are able to see, the happier they are. If you could make a little 'happy-meter' and attach it to a man, you'd see it point near zero at the sight of a woman covered from head to toe in a bin bag. Maybe at 20% when in the presence of a babe in baggy pants; 60% when near a girl in short-shorts and a halter top; and 90% when around lingerie.

And, if you were a trained statistician, you'd notice a general trend of more-skin = more-happy!

Men tend to have a sort of female form in mind. It's not the same form for all men, but each man tends to have one. This is a mixture of abstractions from real female biology and fantasies based on how women augment themselves and are augmented in the media.

For instance, one man's ideal female form may include an hourglass shape, which many women naturally have and hairless legs, which women only have because they shave. Both form parts of the ideal W-O-M-A-N (and we'll say it again!) in the man's media exposed brain.

To the extent that men are chasing their ideals i.e. women in garments that show of their sex appeal — or even exaggerate it. So, for instance, if a man prefers clothes that cling to the natural hourglass (or create a false sense of an hourglass where none exists) to ones that hang loosely, obscuring it. And thanks to our sexualised society and other profound experiences, men are conditioned to think of women as being silky smooth, and wearing soft, smooth fabrics, like silks, because those become, in their minds, a sort of uber-female-skin.

The hottest lingerie tends to be richly coloured: bright reds, deep purple, etc. Although men will definitely enjoy gazing at woman in pastel tones, for the above reasons. Rich, strong colours, especially reds and purple add another flavour.

This is because their primate brain associates such colours with danger in nature: dark caverns, lava flows, blackest midnight, and blazes following a strike of lightening. When a woman wears bright red, although the man is not really in danger (unless the woman happens to be Glenn Close) that little hint of peril is like a dash of chilli pepper in some otherwise tame chicken stock.

For me personally, it's how the lingerie frames and accentuates the female form. How it teases my visual sense without revealing too much. It sends my imagination on an exciting journey of discovery. Ralph, North East

For me it's not really the look of the lingerie, but more the way it frames a woman's body and hides some of it; it's the suggestion of what is underneath which I find erotic, not the colour or style of the garment. Well made and nicely fitting lingerie are where it's at, skimpy doesn't do it for me. Kevin, Wales

Not so much what lingerie looks like (there's so much badly designed and made underwear these days) but how it feels under my hands. There were a couple of young ladies who got mad because I wouldn't remove their clothes, but that's another story. Josh, London

Good lingerie is like a good portrait: it reveals and accentuates the best parts without being obtrusive, minimises the unsightly without being unsightly in itself, and does so without being obvious. That has a 'hand' so close to what's under and adjacent as to make the transition subtle at worst. If it isn't doing that, its merely architecture,interesting, and probably uncomfortable, but that's a separate topic. Julian, Oxford

Maybe it's because it lets men see some parts of the female body without seeing everything, which lets their imagination do the rest... would you like me to give you a gift in a carrier bag or would you like it gift wrapped. The unwrapping is part of the excitement, surely ;) Anne, Dorset

Lingerie is clothing that we own, but do not share with most people. I have a whole chest of it in my very cramped apartment. Though it's a sin to dedicate that much space to things you wear only occasionally, it makes men feel special that you're wearing it for them. Not only that, but when women put on lingerie, they know they're being sexy. And confidence is boosted. When you feel sexy, you act sexier, and this, in turn, generates a much more excited response. Especially if you feel insecure naked, lingerie can help those who don't want to give it all away, but still be wanted and desired sexually. Also, it's a tease. Wearing something that exposes the nipples can be enticing. It's like slowly unwrapping a gift. There's also the more negative but still realistic answer that media and our society have brainwashed us into thinking someone wearing lingerie is someone who is about to put out and therefore, it's an 'I'm in' moment. Sarah, West Midlands

First start asking yourself the question, am I dressing for me or am I dressing for him? Is the lingerie going to keep the moment hot and is that my job? Lingerie only lasts about 6 seconds! Lingerie should be seen as a tool that will enhance the moment. It won't keep the moment and won't attract to make the moment - that heat already started before you got into the lingerie! So pick what you think makes you look hot. Make sure it's one of your very best colours of your colour chart and in the style that enhances all the right places, or if you are daring exposes all the special places you want him to see.

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What is it about women's lingerie that men find so alluring? Do you want it racy red and black; or lacy and beautiful; if she is wearing cotton underwear does it make a difference to the level of your desire?

Whatever you think about lingerie, when you see a woman in her underwear, you're pretty special, and you're probably going to get something for being so special. So it is a time to be excited!

There's no substitute for acting with caution when communicating with a stranger.

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