Very much enjoy anal sex! ;) As well as having a selection of vaginal and anal sex toys, I also have a couple of strap-ons. How are you with that?

I'll be honest, I'm 46 and looking for a man who is open and not afraid to let his needs be known. I'm a very sensual and sexual female who likes to come home strip off my clothes and relax.

Yes I am a nudist and am not afraid to walk around the house all day with no layers. I'm a woman who does not like men who are under 30 or men that are built like a pencil!

Not into a serious relationship at the mo. Would love to contact a man with a high sex drive.

Message me for pics and more x

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Paula5, 46 from Cheshire | XXX Sex Contacts
Username: paula5
Age: 46
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Region: North West
County: Cheshire
Town / City: Widnes