Hi, I'm Faith from Liverpool. Nice to meet you! :)

Scousers are some of the nicest people you will ever come across and I'm no exception. hehe

What I think: Merseyside girls love designer and fashion wear, from the Cavern Walks to the exclusive Cheshire stores it's all right here... Liverpool is a girls' paradise with tons of independent stores, famous markets and Liverpool One, the best shopping centre ever. I so love Liverpool don't you?

Oh yes, and we have a couple of pretty decent football teams too - one red the other blue, just take your pick? I won't tell you which I support in case you've picked the wrong team. hehe

About me: I'm Faith, a 24-years-old blonde Merseyside girl with brown eyes and natural boobies (C-cup). I'm a cute 5'5" with a gorgeous smile and the sort of humour Liverpool is so famous for! :)

I hope my ad stirs your curiosity enough for you to want to contact me so that we might ratchet things up a little into the raunchy stakes. ;) What do you say?

I'm Faith and this is who I am. xxx

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