Let's just throw this out there for starters so there's no misunderstanding, and we're both on the same page here.

No woman I know or have ever come across in my life would ever be willing to meet a complete stranger for sex. Please don't be fooled into thinking otherwise by the numerous bogus sites out there. It's simply not true unless she is a prostitute or blind drunk!

Should you think differently, then I invite you to walk a mile in a woman's shoes so that you can appreciate the dangers.

So please don't come on here and immediately expect me to agree to meet you for sex.

My safety and your privacy are the most important things to me. This service is about us getting to know one another, building trust and exploring mutual roleplay scenarios through private one-on-one sessions.

Now that we have that out of the way, I'll kick things off by telling you about me.

My name is Nanette, I'm a 27-years-old and from Manchester. I'm a sultry brunette with green eyes, 5'8" in height, take a c-cup bra and I'm a straight talker! lol

Nanette xxx

PS I'm a bit like Marmite, you will like me or hate me, but one thing's for sure, you will always know where you stand! lol

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Nanette, 27 from Greater Manchester | XXX Sex Contacts
Username: nanette
Age: 27
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Region: North West
County: Greater Manchester
Town / City: Manchester