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Username: talia
Age: 23
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Region: South West & Wales
County: Bristol
Town / City: Bristol


Blonde, 23, Bristol.

Hi, thanks for dropping in to see me!

This site was recommended by a friend so here I am (at last).

Don't you just hate having to fill in personals, I know I do. What to say that will attract you to my honey trap. hmmm.

Well, as this bit is public I guess it's up to you to message me so that we can get into chat and discover more about each other to see how well we get on.

You don't know much about me at the moment and I know even less about you. So first thing's first. When you are ready for some adult fun message me (if you like what you see that is) and I'll get straight back to you.

It's really cool how this works as it keeps everyone safe. The only issue I have with this service is that it is up to guys to instigate the messaging and most men aren't too good at that. Don't know if it's a confidence think or what, but unless you message me I can't message you!!!!

It's private, anonymous and we can contact each other secretly at anytime from virtually anywhere, even when we are with someone else and they will not know what we are doing. That is a massive rush to me because it is the ultimate in naughtiness.

I'm blonde, real and as sexy as hell and you can 100% trust me to be discreet - now what more do you need to know! hehe

Details of how you can contact me are on my page, and once you send me a message I'll be able to message you back, and the fun and games can really begin.

T xxx

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