Domina38, 38 from Bristol | XXX Sex Contacts
Username: domina38
Age: 38
Pic Swaps:
Region: South West & Wales
County: Bristol
Town / City: Bristol


Congratulations on recognising Perfection when you see it.

Expert in the Art of Female Supremacy and into S&M activities and disciplines. You're about to take the first step to give your life a purpose by serving Me.

I am Domina and I've been a lifestyle Mistress for over 10 years, training and owning slaves, while also being involved with the BDSM community.

Some come and go, but I can't stay away from this life!

If you have a question for Me, or if you would like to have a session where you will completely surrender to ME, then send a message and beg for a reply.

If you are VERY lucky, I may even send you some pictures to drool over.

Femdom Goddess Mistress,


Q. How should I address You?

A. Mistress, Goddess, or Domina - all are fitting and acceptable.

Q. Can I get unblocked by you if I was blocked for time wasting or being rude?

A. Short answer: No. Anyone who wastes my time or is disrespectful I'm not interested in.

Q: I want to get to know you better, what can you tell me about yourself?

A. My name is Domina, I'm 38-years-old and have been a lifestyle Mistress for over 10 years now. I am from Bristol, I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I am 5'5" (165cm) and my star sign is Pisces. My vital statistics are 34-26-35, bra cup size is C and my breasts are natural. I have both tattoos and piercings.

Q. What are your favorite fetishes?

A. I enjoy many fetishes, but My favourites would have to be femdom, sissification, and male humiliation.

Q. What is it that makes you different from other Mistresses?

A: My style, for one. There aren't honestly too many Mistresses quite like me out there. Also, the fact that I tease with My body, but rarely ever fully put it on display. I'm selective. Not all My slaves will be truly worthy to see much of My flesh. They will long for what they cannot have or even see. They will beg and plead and love it when I tell them that they are not and never will be worthy. Slaves must first prove themselves worthy of the gift of seeing My intimate pictures.

Q. Do you get physically turned on by your fetishes?

A. Of course! Otherwise, they wouldn't be fetishes.

Q. Are you currently seeking slaves?

A. Yes. Always.

Q. How do I know you're really who you say you are?

A. First off, I've been doing this since 2007, and 99% of the slaves who've asked Me this were just time wasters. For the 1% of you who have been duped by someone claiming to be a Mistress in the past who was either a guy playing games or someone pretending to be something they are not, I want to sincerely apologise. The scene has been swamped with fakes in both the Domme and sub world. Trust is key at the end of the day. All I would say to you is this, if you are unsure about Me, that's fine, don't contact Me, I understand that a leap of faith on your part may be required. Contact Me or don't, it is 100% your decision.

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