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Username: victoria59
Age: 59
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Region: South East
County: Buckinghamshire
Town / City: Aylesbury


Hello Perfect Stranger.

I'm Victoria, 59, from Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire. I have blue eyes, blonde hair and what I would describe as perky breasts (certainly perky for my age!). I'm a D-cup bra and stand 5'5" tall... perfect! lol

I am open to hearing from men over 35 that can be respectful and discreet. If you like my personal ad, I would love to hear from you... I'm here today, so please don't drag your feet! :)

Introduction: Reach into the vaults of your memories and recall the first blush of adoration you experienced for the fairer half of our species, the strength of your desire and longing for her touch. When was the last time a woman truly stoked the fires of your imagination, made your heart quicken and your blood rush? I want to take you back to the square root of electric hunger, of feral hope, and wild elation.

I want to inspire you.
To grant your wishes.
To be your escape from the monotony of routine.

That probably sounds pretty ambitious, but please think, when was the last time you truly played? I'm going to guess that lately, you've felt as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders.

It is vital to carve out time from the pressures and responsibilities of reality and to indulge and nourish yourself. You are driven; maybe your career disallows you the time for a traditional courtship or your domestic life while fulfilling in so many ways, is lacking in others?

Purposefully submitting to pleasure with me will be emotionally replenishing and improve your situation as a whole (ask science!) yet creating space in your busy, professional life and finding the time and energy to plan can be daunting.

Let me take the reins. As a practiced hedonist, it has been my great privilege to dedicate myself to curating experiences full of warmth, luxury, and the pure thrill of gorgeous self-indulgence for you, and I do a great job if I do say so myself. :)

The anticipation of our sessions and where they may lead will haunt you sweetly and while you may have a mental impression of what I look like, you don't yet know how any trace of nervousness that lingers in you will melt away as we engage in private one-on-one sessions full of mischief.

While I do very much enjoy something brief and hungry with a mysterious stranger, I find I connect even better with mature men who love to follow up with intimate unfulfilled sexual fantasies.

I'm the horny woman for you if you are looking for someone genuine who engages you holistically, whose passions, wit and endless facets stir something in you.

Whether you choose to believe me, I am really looking forward to seeing what happens between us... I don't hide behind a facade. This is who I truly am and I am so grateful to be here today and to have the opportunity to engage in something that creates more pleasure and joy in an often steely world.

I feel confident in my promise that you will feel our sessions will be sustaining and well spent. Ours will be a story that just runs and runs...

Anything else? Just ask me.

Hugs and kisses,

If you prefer an older lady with class and style with a wicked sense of humour and a naughty side to her, then let's see how things go ;)

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