Mila, 33 from Oxfordshire | XXX Sex Contacts
Username: mila
Age: 33
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Region: South East
County: Oxfordshire
Town / City: Oxford


I am a lifestyle Mistress heavily into D/s. I'm the D and you're the little 's' if you're lucky.

Are you worthy of my time and attention? We will see.

Men have two emotions, horny and hungry. If you haven't
got an erection on right now looking at my profile picture, you can always ask to eat me out.

While we know (or think we know) the kind of person we would like to play with, sometimes those we put at the top of our list are not necessarily deserving of that position.

There's only one way to find out if we will click, and that's to exchange messages.

I expect you aren't going to want to miss out on what could be, are you?

If you are real, genuine and serious about wanting to be one of MY worshipers I invite you to contact me. If you are not genuine, then don't bother contacting me.

Strictly mature men/women ONLY.

Never keep ME waiting.

Mistress Mila

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