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Age: 34
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Region: North West
County: Greater Manchester
Town / City: Manchester


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Sexually adventurous and utterly perverted. I've always been very sexually adventurous, even when I was young at school, I enjoyed flirting and teasing older men, I could tell they lusted for my naked body and I imagined what their dicks would look like.

I'd be at home on my bed and dream of going down on them and giving them the ultimate bj followed by them fucking me hard in my tight teen pussy! MMMmmmm, God, I've always liked dick. At school I had to make do with imagination, the boys at school, well I had a few but they were inexperienced and invariably couldn't satisfy me with their small dicks.

Since my teens I've had my fair share of guys and still I sit on my bed massaging my sweet shaven pussy. Using my index finger to stimulate my clit, dripping with pleasurable excitement, I imagine the erotic touch of a sex crazed guy as I wait for his hard dick to penetrate me. I can feel him pushing and punishing my clam! I know he's dying to taste and I'm dripping with cum eager for him lick my juice!

So you see, I really am addicted to sex, If you want to hear more, you're willing to see me naked, you're willing to share your filthiest sexual desires and past experiences I think we're going to get on really well.

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