Do men RERALLY prefer a 'bald pussy', the natural look or somewhere in between? It's a topic which keeps cropping up, so we thought we'd do a little research of our own to try and find out what men really think.


Lots of research in recent years seems to suggest that most men prefer a woman with no pubic hair, compared to any other option. Yet there are people who think if a guy prefers a shaved pussy, it makes him some kind of paedophile or someone with underage sex fantasies.

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All the women behind our profiles ARE REAL and have been verified as being 18 or older and living in the UK.


It's interesting (or maybe not) that it's a widely held view that the vast majority of women prefer men to shave their faces – arguably men do not naturally have smooth faces; shaving makes them look much younger and more like a boy. So are most women really paedophies? Just thought we'd throw that in as a little food for thought up-front.

No man who loves eating pussy wants to end up with pubic hair in his mouth. It's a total downer where oral sex is concerned. And when you're muff driving a bald-pussy, pubic lice aren't ever going to be an issue. John, London

OK, moving swiftly on. Consider if women preferred men to shave 'down there' (in reality the majority of women do seem to prefer this) and if the average male penis were significantly shorter and the pubic hair substantially longer, to what extent would a man's privates look just like a big ball of pubes?

Women might prefer to look at a man's skin and flesh and his cock and not just a mound of pubic hair. If we continue with this 'what if' of short penises and long pubic hair, how interested might a woman be in giving a man blowjob if she's likely to get some smelly pubes in her mouth every time she goes down on him, because his prick is hidden underneath a mass of pubic hair?

Then consider that while long flowing hair is feminine, short curly hair tends to be somewhat masculinising. To many, it appears that coarse dark pubic hair is both repulsive and unquestionably masculine, like a hairy chest or back. Many women don't want a man to be that rugged, wild and woolly.

Many man actually quite like the look of light blonde and some shades or red or ginger pussy hair. However, even this group still insist that the vulva should be smooth. The general view among the bald-pussy lovers seems to be that dark pubic hair is not nice to look at and that shaving some, but not all, of the pubic hair somehow makes a woman look less feminine. Well according to the bald-pussy lovers it does anyway.

Another argument for having a clean shaven fanny is that, according to the bald-pussy loving folks, the area is cleaner, less sweaty and less smelly than a vagina that's hiding away in a jungle of pubic hair.

Many women prefer to shave their pubic zone and sport a bald pussy; does this make them lesbian paedophiles that are into themselves? Of course not.

I'm a middle aged man who worships oral intercourse. It is not normal to look at shaved adult labia and make the connection to a child. Those who do make this connection likely are the ones who have issues in this area, repressing their own tenancies. Colin, Cambridge

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"A woman has hair between her legs for a number of reasons. First and foremost it signifies sexual maturity, that curly crop of hair to me is so sexually stimulating to see, and provided the collars and cuffs match, it brings a certain symmetry to the picture of her in my mind.

Pubic hairs hold a most mysterious scent, assuming she is careful about health and hygiene, and it is the smell of her sex that drives me crazy.

Woman are, most of all, mysterious creatures and nothing pleases me more in a sexual encounter than for my tongue to move through the sweetest pussy hair to find that hidden treasure that she hopes it will find.

I'm convinced that a man asking a woman to shave that special place is a sign that regular sex has lost its thrill and now some men want a 'little girl' sex experience. It's so sad.

I've watched pornography change from the early 1960's Playboy shots, of just a hint of pubic hair where the female shape and form was idolised, to the current decline in our culture demanding - in your face - shaven and gross meat shots that to me, are totally asexual and nasty. Anonymous, Surrey

Girls. I'm a female with a full natural bush. Let me ask you this, what guy do you know that isn't going to have sex with you because you have a hairy pussy? Really. I mean, come on and let's get serious. No guy will turn you down for that reason and that reason alone, right? Angie, Aberdeen

I'm fairly certain that the views expressed are completely based on tastes. So some guys will like a bald pussy and others will prefer a hairy pussy, but it's pretty much unanimous that cunnilingus is more comfortable shaved for the giver. But for me, it simply takes too long to shave regularly, like almost twice the time it takes to shave your legs. For all the guys who like it better shaved, I think you should respect a girl who doesn't feel like taking a razor blade to the most sensitive skin on her body on a regular basis. That's just my personal opinion. Davina, Manchester

I love a naturally hairy pussy! Although I've never had a girl with a massive of overgrown pubic hair (I think they're hard to find these days due to the shaving it all off fad), but a woman with a nice amount of hair 'down there' lying on top of her pubic mound, telling you there's something extremely desirable lurking underneath is so appealing that words fail me.

Plus the idea of hair growing down there is kind of animalistic. No matter how much make-up she puts on, no matter how well groomed, she's got that little piece of nature there to tell us she's an animal just like you. :) And having pubes is also just so natural.

I love to run my hand through a woman's silky pubes, I love to part those beautiful hairs, and I love to feel my pubes against hers. It's just so sexy. Steve, Sheffield

OK, am I the only red blooded male here? Seriously, I prefer to be safe knowing that the person I'm having sex with is a mature adult. So please, no shaving ladies. Trimming is fine, but don't just shave off all your fanny hair. Markus, Swansea

It's got to be shaved for me, every time. Because a smooth shaved and clean vaginal area is sexy. Trying to find your pussy lips and fanny crack through a thick mound of pussy hair is bad news, guys know where it is but they can't see it or easily get to it. Plus if a guy wants to go down on you, its better there's no hair getting in the guys mouth.

Disagree with me girls? Well you try sucking a cock with a mouth full of coarse pubil hair and tell us what it feels like will you! Callum, Glasgow

A shaved pussy is much sexier. It stops it from smelling so much and, for me; it's just good hygiene and good manners to shave the area around your cunt. If the roles were reversed, I'm damn sure that women would demand the man shaved smooth. And don't try denying it! Dave, Wiltshire

Contrary to what feminists and hippies would lead women to think, men prefer women shaved down there not because men are paedophiles, far from it. It is that women look sexy and feminine with bare skin. I mean, women take lots of care to keep their skin soft and smooth. The reason they spend so much time in front of a mirror is to attract a guy and invite him to look, touch, feel and get intimate. I would also like to take this opportunity to say that women shave their legs for the above reasons too. People would tell you that women shave their legs not to please men. That is bullshit! Bottom line is, shaving legs involves a lot of time and work and women want to make a big deal of going to the trouble of shaving their legs for men, and they want men to appreciate it. Let me ask you, have you ever heard a women complain about how men created the idea of women wearing makeup? NO, I didn't think so. Women do all this shit because THEY want to attract men. Every woman is a big honey trap. Jim, North London

Why is it sexy to see a woman shaved? Look at it this way. Undress totally and then put on a thick, really thick fur coat on neck to toe. And then stand in front of a man and see how aroused he becomes. The sight of the woman's body is what's arousing (amongst other things) and rather than see a huge matt of hair, which some people find beautiful anyway, the actual body underneath is beautiful too in its shape and contoured form. Brendan, Bristol

Guys, there's nothing disappointing about a woman who shaves her pussy region (for you!). And GIRLS, regarding pleasing others sexually and then being criticised for it is disgusting when you should be commended for your sensitive considerations. I'm a shaver in case you're wondering. Virginia, 42, Islington (London UK)

Soft smooth skin against the mouth is better than having to pull pubic hairs from between the teeth later. :o) I prefer the pink. Barrie, Aberdeen

It's no big deal girls. Don't make an issue of it. Your body is gorgeous and if you shaved it for others pleasures this amounts to giving before taking and that's a great attitude to have. You get my vote. Andy, Salford

To all the girls here who shave. The question is, why do you choose to shave your fanny? Just because you thought all guys prefer this? I would suggest that you only do what makes YOU feel comfortable and sexy. That will make you sexy to any guy. I dont'know how many times I've been disappointed that a girl shaved but that's just my preference.

But back to it. Some guys like to pretend they're taking someone's innocence, it's like a barely legal thing. I think that's border line sick personally. Let's face it; men are really really visual sexual creatures. When we see a vagina we go nuts and some guys just want an unobstructed view. I personally like a very close shaved neatly trimmed pussy so you also get the added fun of pubic hair. Whoopee. Also, shaving all your pubes is itchy. Malcolm, Edinburgh

Men like there women to be clean and smooth around their pubic area because the female body is beautiful. It's that simple. When the pussy area is clean and smooth (shaved) it allows oral sex lovers easier access and more desirable access too. Also, until the shaved look has been around for quite some time, guys will think it to be the modern and desirable status for women to achieve. Hair just covers up too much of what you have that we want: to see, to touch, to taste, to... well, you get the idea (at least I hope you do!). Eric, London

I'm a female shaved 'down there'. And I prefer my men to be trimmed too. I've just never liked the feeling of coarse pubic hair, even when I'm single I shave. I just do not like it at all, I like the clean (meaning open and smooth) feeling. Besides, being shaven makes me feel sexier and more comfortable in sexual situations etc. Fleur, 22, Reading, Berkshire (UK)

Do men (and women) prefer pussy with hair or without - and if without why – that's the question we're asking you here today?

Perfectly shaved thank you! I love how my tongue feels on a shaved vagina. It's so much easier to work with too. A landing strip is fine, as long as my tongue has a smooth surface to work with. Haggis, Dundee

I've never understood the comparison of shaved being like a little girl... I mean we shave our armpits/legs etc... that doesn't make us prepubescent. I have boobs (large ones) and I'm fully grown, no man would ever mistake me for a child. Leah, 38, London

I'll take it either way, but love to see some hair on a woman's pussy. Not a bush so big you can't see her pussy lips though. Neatly trimmed pubic hair and two long legs, spread-wide-open on a mature MILF is ideal. I like to see fanny hair down both sides of her vulva and still be able to see the lips and the opening of her cunt. That to me is so sexy! Josh, Brighton

I prefer without and when it's freshly shaven, especially if I get the chance to be the one doing the shaving. It's such a fantastic type of foreplay. Beyond that, the feeling of smooth feeling as the mouth and tongue trace over the skin, oh yes. And the fact its shaven make it all so much more sensitive, it's incredible. That said, a vagina with hair that is neatly trimmed is wonderful too, and for very similar reasons. It shows that the woman is taking care of herself and wants to be seen as taking the time to make sure every part of her is important. Women who shave or trim their pubic hair want to be as sexy as possible for their partners. Carl, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire

I love shaved pussies for a few reasons. First off, hair becomes a barrier to the sensation of touch. If I lightly brush my finger tips across your shaven labia you feel the exquisite sensations. Pubic hair becomes a barrier to this intimacy.
Secondly, hair hides the beauty of the female or male form. It's like wearing panties that cannot be removed. I love the look of every curve of this centre of femininity.

Finally, shaven labia make giving oral pleasure so much easier. Again the hair becomes a barrier to touch. With shaved labia I can kiss every inch of you and you will feel each peck. Pubic hair tends to get in the mouth when I try this with a full bush and you simply cannot feel the attention I want to give you with pubic hair in place. Ray, Hastings, East Sussex

A trimmed pad above the vulva makes for interesting creativity and variety. Below, hair obstructs the view and causes unwanted interruptions by getting caught in the action. From me, a mixed answer, women now accept and comfortably use the word 'shaved', this is a step forward in inter-gender relations. There is even a little more acceptance of the c-word these days. Danny, Midlands

The only females and males who are complaining about shaved pussies tend to be fat cows, feminists, land whales, and communists. All of whom have a severe pathology against doing any type of work. Whether it's getting an education or keeping their bodies in shape. Fuck off. Rant over. Kevin, London

Wow! So if people prefer to shave their genitalia and armpits, or wear nice-smelling chemicals, they're classed as being narrow minded and as having been completely brainwashed by a mass conspiracy. Good to know. Jeezus Crackers. Colin, London

Men are all different. We have different preferences. I personally don't like natural. Just because something is natural doesn't make it automatically great. That's called Naturalistic Fallacy by the way! I personally prefer women who are shaved and smell nice (whether that smell is natural or not), and to have that preference doesn't make me brainwashed by corporate media or a sexist or whatever label third-wave feminists try to cram down men's throats. Miles, Oxford

Some of these comments are hilarious! I'm heterosexual, married and come from the era where no one 'manscaped' or waxed or even talked about it. I've only trimmed occasionally (usually before my period) but I don't have it all over either, just a regular patch. I've seen some women where their bush is such that I've thought to myself 'is that your natural pussy hair or a toupee?' (No offense to super bushy women intended).

If I had a lot of pubic hairy, I'd probably consider waxing/shaving/trimming way more regularly than I do! Kimmi, 48, York, Noth Yorks

I don't have any expectations about pussy hair upkeep, neglect or an unkempt and untrimmable pubic region. I know each woman is unique, and I sense it's not my place to present demands. However, I was raised in the heart of a generation of pornography that seemed to almost abhor an au naturel appearance. I think that and the considerably reduced chance that I'll catch a free-floating hair in the recesses of my throat make me favour — but not insist on — trimmed or completely lacking downstairs hair. Ben, London

Using the term expectation can be extremely problematic. I would by no means anticipate anything from someone when it comes to hair maintenance 'down there'. I'm not an arsehole. Now, what style do I prefer? Different story completely. Personally something along the lines of a 'landing strip' or a manicured V-shape is most appealing. Shows the person you're going down on is, you know, an adult. Nevertheless, as long as things are maintained and neat, I'm fine with whatever comes my way and would count myself lucky to have my tongue firmly lodged inside an attractive woman's cunt. Oli, Stockport

I'm absolutely not a fan of the 'au naturel' unkempt look. To me, it comes across as someone who doesn't actually care about their appearance when a pussy isn't even remotely trimmed. I would never expect someone to take the time to shave or wax every single time (I credit any woman who takes hot wax to that area... the very idea of it makes my eyes water!) but it doesn't take that much time to take a trimmer and do some basic pubic hair maintenance. I do it myself. I walk the talk and my expectations of others are expectations of myself. Trevor, London

Possibly my opinion is unenlightened, but I view pubic hair much as I view roads. A minimally-maintained personal region on a woman (with little to no trimming) suggests that this particular route doesn't see much traffic, and that anyone who does show up there, almost certainly knows the region well. On the other hand, a meticulous, effort-demanding maintenance route would signify a significantly higher degree of use (i.e. a well prepped and waxed or regularly shaven pussy being the female genital equivalent of the M25 – very well used!) Petch, Walsall

Associations shouldn't be assumed; I'm certain a number of girls who don't get laid very much, wax consistently, and some who do get laid a lot don't bother to wax (or shave) at all. Same goes for women in committed relationships; I know some ladies who wax (or shave off their pubes entirely) just to keep their husbands or partners happy, and others because they favour the look. It means nothing on its own, but it's an interesting data point to plug into the equation. Craig, Hull

My first choice is a neatly-trimmed and maintained landing strip. Totally shaven makes a naked woman look somewhat too exposed and makes me feel like a predator. The reverse is also true — I'm not thrilled by the prospect of coming across the Sasquatch either. But it shouldn't actually matter, really. If a girl removes her panties in front of you and your first, or even second, thought is to analyse her topiary arrangement - instead of just thinking 'She's naked! She's with me! Wow!" then, well, you're probably an idiot. Stefan, London

Jesus Christ! Removing pubic hair DOES NOT MEAN a vagina looks prepubescent. How fucking insulting. Cameron, 23, Hackney, London UK

Trimmed but nothing too extreme girls, please don't shave it all off. Prepubescent girls should never ever give a man a hard on. And really, if your partner demands a bald downstairs look, know there are thousands of other men who want to see something there, and will love you for it. Seeing you've left some of your pubic hairy means you've not gone silly, and says you've got self-respect. It also says you're keeping yourself tidy down there and that you're happy to be in your own beautiful and amazing pubic world. But if you're into going hairless, that's your choice. Personally speaking, I do not want to run my hands through anything unless it's the hair on your head. Just as long as there's nothing preventing my face from doing the business, I'm good. Finley, Glasgow

FULL DISCLOSURE: I trim because I feel cleaner that way, but actually stepping-up to a full-on bald look would be a step too far for me. Nina, 23, Cardiff

BTW, shaving off pubic hair is not always in response to pressure from our porn-infatuated culture, some of us favour being practically bare. And if I happen to have a little grow-back stubble for a couple of days and that's an issue to you, well I guess you'll just have to wank yourself off in the shower since you won't be interested in licking me out will you? Yvonne, 49, Luton

What is this shit where people are tying pubic topiary choices to self respect or respect for how I look? How many people see your privates on a daily basis, and what does any of this have to do with respect for oneself or others please? Mistress Juana, London

People spout so much ludicrous rubbish onto everything to do with women's bodies. I'm tired of it. Everyone has their preferences, and that's fine, but there's no need to try and justify them with BS respect that implies that a pubic area that's devoid of grooming to your personal values indicates something is wrong with the person it's attached to on a mental, emotional and even a behavioural level. Mistress Sakura, Northamptonshire

It's bizarre how completely this is an age thing. I'm 33, and over the time I've been sexually active shaving and waxing have gone from this slightly porn-infused thing which a few people did, to a fairly routine piece of grooming. I mean, I haven't conducted a poll or anything, but anecdotally at least this seems to be the case. Colette, 44, Bletchley, Bucks UK

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Cunnilingus is much more pleasurable and the scent is much more pleasant when a woman is smooth down there. Simples! Otis, Liverpool

When I look at a woman's hairy crotch, it reminds me of a hairy beast or some other nasty thing. I like my women trimmed or bald because it looks clean and it looks like it's ready to be licked. BTW, have you ever seen a woman with a massive bush have a messy period before? It's gross. Mind you, not all guys like shaved or trimmed vaginas. Some actually do adore very hairy bushes. But I'm not one of them. Greg, East Sussex

Every pussy is delicious - bald, neatly trimmed or naturally hairy.

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