Hi, my name is Deanna and I've been waiting for you!

~ I'm Deanna (yes really), I'm 32-years-old and from Banbury in Oxfordshire.

~ I have brown eyes, long silky blonde hair and I stand a leggy 5'9"... that's a cool six foot in heels.

~ My pubic area is neatly trimmed, my boobs are firm and are an impressive double D, for those that like stats!

~ I am up for almost all roleplay scenarios, including those of the kinky and fetish sort. Only our imaginations will be the limiting factor. Nothing will hold us back if we hit it off! :-)

There's more...

This is MY SECRET: I love to be kissed! I like to be kissed deeply, slowly and passionately because I need to feel that you want me. I love it when a guy nibbles my lips during a heated kissing session, it makes me feel that he's REALLY into me.

I simply adore a good kisser. I love it when a guy kisses my lips, the inside of my thighs and my neck. It makes me go goose-pimply all over, and instantly! :-)

Being kissed just as my pussy is being entered is the ultimate weak-at-the-knees moment for me. Kissing is an incredibly intimate thing to do. It is a very special kind of closeness that is personal and passionate, and it says a variety of things about a relationship from the very first kiss onwards.

For me at least, a kiss is often a good gauge of how a relationship will go.

That's enough about me and my secret for now! lol

You know how this works. You now need to contact me or I won't be able to contact you... :(

Deanna xxx

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