Hi, I'm Marcie or 'horny marcie' a tall girl with good proportions and long blonde hair. 25 years old from Wigan (I know, but read on!)

I've soft smooth skin, a large smile and pretty looks.

OK, here we go...
Imagine for a moment. I open the door, wearing heels and a skimpy mini dress over some ultra-sexy Victoria Secret's lingerie.

Before long it's off with your kit, nob in hand as you watch me strip off. There's no disappointment as I unleash my previously hidden tits.

You get on sucking my nipples as you sit on the bed in front of me gently squeezing my tits, which I love.

Then round the back with your fingers to feel for my pussy and pert arse cheeks.

You place your hand between my legs as I open up my thighs so you can finger my c**t. I lift my leg up, onto the bed and in you go with a couple of fingers and wiggle them round inside me. You can feel that my c**t is very wet and tight.

I lay on my back, legs open as you begin to lick my pussy, as I move around enjoying your tongue's attention, you grab my tits. It's obvious to you that I'm enjoying the treatment I'm receiving and you sense me reaching climax.

Time for a shag, so in you go. My c**t is nice and tight and you can feel me tensing my c**t muscles repeatedly, which brings you close to an explosive eruption!

You hold me down, my arms above my head and start banging the hell out of me.

I open my mouth and we kiss, you pull up to see your cock sliding in and out of my c**t.

You continue to play with my tits, as my c**t muscles grip your hard cock, you bang and bang me as hard as you can until the juices rise and you empty your aching balls which are full of spunk. WOW!

Message me and everything will be 100% as you like it, I promise you ;)


PS When you're ready to see some revealing shots, just let me know! They'll be yours to keep ;)

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Marcie, 25 from Greater Manchester | XXX Sex Contacts
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Age: 25
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Region: North West
County: Greater Manchester
Town / City: Wigan