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Username: megan28
Age: 28
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Region: Yorkshire & North East
County: Tyne and Wear
Town / City: Sunderland


Do you know what makes something really tasty? The dressing!

Sceptical? I was too, but doing nothing gets nothing, so I jumped at the chance to be here. And guess what? You found me, yay!

I hope you have the time to send me a message :-)

If you're perfectly satisfied with your lot that's fine. But if like me you are wanting to inject a little fun and excitement into your life I'm up for that.

My name is Magan, 28, from Sunderland. I am 5'5"/168cm, and a brunette with brown eyes. My breasts are firm and natural, which means they have not been surgically messed with. I am a perky c-cup.

It's lonely being lonely!

Megan xxx

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