The Female Orgasm: How to rub her the right way

female or orgasm

Female orgasm… how to rub her the right way. Are you using all the sexual techniques available to you?

Amazingly, the clit contains erectile tissue that enables it to increase and extend during stimulation. Some women will notice exciting changes, while others will have more complex clitoral erections.

However, women look at your hands and how well you care for them, and how well you use your hands on a woman’s body shows how much you pay attention to details. Your hands are sexual tools so use them wisely.

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Below are some tips that may turn your partner upside down.


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1. Check out her moves. Urge her to rub herself, watch what she does and steal her moves. When a woman touches herself, she is interacting with you. She may also communicate verbally, by talking with you or making sounds. So fuck her with your ears. She will also talk with her body, so watch for subtle movements, hips rising, toes pointing, breath being held or becoming deeper, so pay attention.

2. Complete frontal connection. Kindle more hope by holding the palm of your hand over her whole vulva, pressing against it while covering her completely with the warmth of your hand. Hold it there longer than you think you should until she starts to wiggle and ask for more.

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3. Take her there. If you intend to tease her, then experiment. You might feel her thighs, ass or pelvic muscles pumping with your actions. If not, tell her you want to feel her muscles pump with you. This will inspire a bigger orgasm. When you find the motion and the spot that has her going over the edge, stay there – don’t stop. The worst thing you can do is find something she really likes and then move on.

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