Should women be proud of their hairy pussies? According to some men the answer is a resounding yes. So why are so many women shaving their own pubic hair?


Put your razor down and step away: 10 reasons not to shave your pubic region. The case for preserving a natural hairy pubic region.

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The case for preserving a hairy pubic region

1. The health arguement: There's one particular study that claims 60% of women develop one or more health issues after removing their pubes. The same study also claims, that women who shave themselves down below often end up with a host of problem which, the study claims, are directly related to shaving. Such as razor burns, cuts, infections in pussy-hair roots, abscesses and bacterial skin infections (yuk).

Furthermore, some argue that pubic hair acts as a natural defence against sexually transmitted infections, and that removing this natural hairy-shield makes it easier to catch a whole bunch of most unpleasant things. We're not going to list them here though because it would probably make you feel sick!

As well as many women taking to the razor, there's also been a sharp rise in the number of men requesting the back, sack and crack wax.

Who the hell wants to lick hair? Whats wrong with you? I don't mind a little landing strip but if there's any hair below the top of where the pussy starts then I'm not going down there! I wouldn't ask or expect a girl to give me head if my dick was covered in hair either, that's disgusting! Eric, London

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2. Pussy hair can be viewed as being nature's natural biological signal that a female is 'open for business' and all set to be fucked.

For centuries, a naturally hairy pussy has served as a visible sign that the woman has reached her sexual adulthood and is ready to engage in vaginal intercourse. Basically, this means that a hairy cunt is a visual signpost that says to men 'I'm mature enough for you to fuck.'

3. Think of pussy hair as a flowery garland dipped in pheromones. Scientific opinion still can't agree why we humans even have pubic hair, but the most accepted theory is that a hairy cunt serves as a sort of pheromone-trap to draw in men. It's all a bit scientific, but those in the know believe we have glands which release pheromones, and that those pheromones stick to pussy hair and boost arousal in potential male mating partners.

It is really unfortunate that pussy hair is becoming a little bit of a fad lately. And I hope that is all it ever is. Pubic hair is nasty to look at on cocks or pussies. I love going down, I'll keep going down even while my jaw is tired and hurting, and then I'll go some more. But I will never do it if I have a damn pussy beard scratching my face and flossing my teeth. Justin, London

4. Pubes help avoid friction during sex. That's what they say! A woman's pussy hair acts as a cushion during energetic vaginal intercourse that helps prevent rubbing and skin irritation. And natural oils in pussy hair act as a lubricant during skin-on-skin contact. You could say that pube equals lube.

5. Some suggest there's an alarming hint of paedophilia in the bald-pussy-movement. Having a hairy pussy has served as a visual sign that the female has reached sexual maturity. It is argued, by some, that shaving off pussy hair may lead to a risk of sexualising underage girls. Some believe that complete removal of pussy hair amounts to removing a key marker of adult female sexuality. And the result can be a prepubescent-like body that is extremely sexualised. Therefore, it may be seen as a practice which contributes to the growing objectification and sexual awareness of young girls. We'll leave those thoughts with you and you can make your own mind up.

I love it when people use the hygiene card to justify their bald-pussy fetish, because the truth is, pubic hairs actually keep dirt and germs away from the vaginal opening. Similar to how eyelashes keep dust out of your eyes. With that out of the way, I really agree with point #5. I personally don't see these points as being over the top. I see them as being sensible. Hairy Girl, 25, Brighton

6. The average woman will spend thousands on pubic waxing over her lifetime. That's right, thousands. If you go 'full bush,' that might go some way to covering your student-loan debts. Or buy you a new car. Or pay for a world cruise. Maybe even a deposit for a new home. The question has to be this, is following a shave-your-pussy policy worth that kind of cost? It's your call.

7. The average woman spends nearly two full months during her lifetime shaving her pubes. Experts estimate that the average woman spends 58.4 days throughout her life merely removing her pubic hair. You could learn a new language in that time. Or have a torrid affair with a hot guy. But instead you spend it removing what nature gave you. Does that sound silly to you?

8. The great ancient civilizations were pubophobic. Many ancient civilisations thought that pubic hair was repulsive. But those same civilisations also agreed that slavery was a good thing. Hairy pussy lovers want you to stop following the ancient, old-fashioned thought processes of those on the wrong side of history, and put your razor away.

As a guy it is uncomfortable and nasty as hell to have pubic hair twisting around your dick, pulling as you change positions, getting sticky and hot. Vomit. I took that shit off 12 years ago and I've never looked back. Lenny, Chesterfield

9. There are nearly as many 'bushdos' as there are hairdos. We're all familiar with the 'Landing Strip,' the 'Hitler Moustache,' and the 'Brazilian.' But there is a cornucopia of ways you can shave your nether region to look stylish. What about the Rectangle Strip, Martini Glass, Furry Lips, Bikini Trim, The Flame, Short Stamp, Bermuda Triangle, Postage Stamp, Heart, V for Vendetta, Bonsai, Round Bottom, Spider, Short Bikini, Clit Cap, Full Bush, Long Strip, Eye of the Tiger, Muffy Bottom, Mohawk, Square, Wine Cup, Champagne Glass, Japanese, Dark Forest, Untrimmed Strip, Bikini Muff, and the Foxy. Take time and experiment with styles until you find one that makes you happy.

10. it's time for bushes to come back in fashion because they've been out of style for so long. Do you really want to be associated with a trend that was launched by 90s porn people? Because that's where the modern trend of pubic shaving is rooted—in disgusting, degrading, woman-hating pornography. Until then, pubic hair was considered perfectly natural and desirable. However, these days about 75 percent women and 60 percent of men defy nature by shearing their natural curly pubic locks. That is so 1990s! It's time to put down the razor, enter the new millennium, and honour your body the way that nature intended it! So hop off the Bald Train and celebrate with all the Hair Down There Lovers!

Hi I have never shaved my genital hair as all the men that have been with me liked to feel a bush. Cathy, 42, Sheffield

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I just like to go down on a hairy pussy and feel the hair all over my face as I penetrate with my tongue.
Gordon, Halifax

I love hairy women and view going natural as a celebration of sexuality and nature. Most of my girlfriends have been relieved to know they can let it grow and not offend me, and not just because they get to avoid shaving.
Bernie, Sutton Coldfield

I love to watch my cock disappearing into a lovely hairy bush!

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