My name is Alessia and I'm what you might call a very sultry BBW.

Here's the personal bit. I'm Alessia, 27, from Wandsworth, the place of choice for old people! lol

I have brown eyes and blonde hair. My boobs are big, very big, in fact, they are F-rated! My pussy is shaved smooth and is a hair-free zone. My body is unaltered and tattoo free, just as nature intended.

I am single and have been for over six months now, don't worry, a breakup was on the cards for a while and we both saw it coming, he's moved on and so have I.

Do I have a secret? Of course, what girl doesn't have a secret! When I was very young my best friend at the time and I would undress and show each other our girly bits. I still remember us sitting on the floor with our legs spread, holding our lips apart and looking at each other.

I tried to contact her a few weeks ago (it's been over 20 years and I didn't mention what we used to get up to) but she didn't reply.

If we click, great, if not no harm done.

Alessia xxx

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Alessia, 27 from Greater London | XXX Sex Contacts
Username: alessia
Age: 27
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Region: London
County: Greater London
Town / City: Wandsworth