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Username: annis43
Age: 43
Pic Swaps:
Region: Scotland
County: City of Glasgow
Town / City: Glasgow

About Annis43:

Hello, my name is Annis and it's my pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Let's get straight to it: I'm a leggy 5'9" redhead, have big bouncy (FF) breasts and am the perfect blend of sexy and playful fun, all rolled into one neat package!

Please read my of my ad. Thanks.

I'm a redhead on a mission to have a great time here! Let's hope we get to know each other and discover that we both share some of the same interests, and desires! :)

This is me, but don't tell anyone else! I'm open-minded, very discreet, well rounded, nonjudgemental and adaptable to most situations. I can be romantic (like a secret girlfriend), sympathetic (a good listener if you're feeling lonely), intimate (if that's the experience you are looking for) and refreshingly accommodating (not much frightens me).

I will always give my utmost attention to you, from the moment I receive your first message through to wherever this adventure may take us! :)

Finding out what makes you happiest, will help to ensure our private, one-on-one, sessions are truly memorable and for us both! ;)

At a glance:
• I'm really real
• My name is Annis
• I'm from Glasgow
• 43-years-old
• Brown eyes
• Red hair, the best colour!
• 5'9"
• FF tits. They're not perky, false or tight, but more on the loose saggy side truth be known, but there are men who go for that look, or so I believe!

Are you one of them I wonder? I really do hope so! :)

Well, that's me. Hopefully, I've put enough in to help you decide whether I'm worth contacting?

Annis xxx

PS Whatever your situation, circumstances, location or age (over 25 preferred), I'm ready when you are! ;)

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