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Username: cheryl29
Age: 29
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Region: Yorkshire & North East
County: Tyne and Wear
Town / City: Sunderland


Hi, I'm Cheryl, 29, from Sunderland with a population of around 280,000 and growing thanks to the many pregnant chavettes. About 80% are chavs!

Crime figures make for depressing reading - violent crime and theft are on the up. I've seen police on pushbikes chasing chavs in stolen cars. You might not believe it but I've really seen it. lol

Nightlife in Sunderland? What nightlife? There are places that chavs go to rave, shag and beat people up, The New Monkey, Annabels, and Lush spring to mind.

About me:
I'm a nurse, have grey eyes and dark hair. I'm 5'7", single and have 36DD boobs.

You could go to the pub for a few pints or you could contact me. Tough choice! lol

Cheryl xxx

PS Mature men only, please. Thanks

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