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Username: corra
Age: 46
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Region: South West & Wales
County: Gwent
Town / City: Newport / Casnewydd


Mature MILF Corra, Newport.

This is me: I've always been an 'unusual' girl. The type to be hyper-aware of my own hedonistic nature, fully confident in my sexuality and the desire to explore it.

I'm also very inquisitive when it comes to other people and human nature, so luckily for me I have found an outlet that fulfils all of these interests and therefore that is precisely why you have stumbled across my profile.

You can call me Corra... I'm a 46 year old with a razor sharp wit and cheeky demeanour. Physically, you can get a rather complete idea from the profile photograph but for the sake of painting the picture in words, I have luscious, blonde locks of hair; complimented by silky soft skin.

I have brown eyes that are perfectly paired with my full succulent lips. I might look angelic but I have definitely got a twinkle in my eyes that indicate a devilish side. I come with a sense of humour that's quite a dark type of comedy, it's dry style at times and you can blame my naughty lifestyle for that.

I find it's important that you enjoy a good laugh. Though I'm never one to be rude or offensive to anyone else, I am admittedly known for enjoying banter that may be a little politically 'off balance'... you'll find our chat sessions laced with my personality and my jokes.

All of my jokes I find utterly hilarious so it's okay if you don't feel the same way.

I'm great at breaking the ice because I've always been lucky enough to be confident in who I am and that down to earth nature within me will help make our 'getting to know each other' feel natural. You needn't ever feel nervous.

I have delightful legs and am often complimented that I perfectly embody the style of a 1940's or 1950's starlet.

However, I am not your plainly styled woman. I have some bad habits that give me a somewhat edgy persona.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Corra xxx

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