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Username: jenny23
Age: 23
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Region: North West
County: Cumbria
Town / City: Carlisle


Pleasure Seeker • Kink Enthusiast • Mature Men 40 plus ;)

Hey, you found me on

I am a pleasure seeker and genuine sensualist. My passion for deep connection comes from my longtime practice of kink & BDSM. For me, our session together should be an encounter that is deliciously stress-relieving.

I desire to hear from mature respectful men who here for the same reason as me.

Listen, I'll be real with you. I'm open-minded and have a great body, with a smile that could melt gold. I laugh a lot, mostly at myself for the quirky things I do. I'm also a straight talker. I have traveled a lot and lived in different places.

I am an explorer type and somewhat of a risk taker by nature - I am a creature of tenderness. My flirtatious is only rivaled by my high sex-drive. I have lots of sexual fantasies that deserve to be shared and fulfilled shared.

Sending me a quick message sounds like a good place to start...

So, shall we?

Jenny xxx

I would like to hear from mature men who understand the need for discretion and safety and appreciate what this website is all about. If you are a young guy, say aged between 18 and 25, have an immature attitude or if you're some kind of freak or weirdo or into anything illegal, then don't bother contacting me, as we are NOT a match and I won't be interested in chatting with you, and you should move on and look elsewhere. Thank you

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