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Username: juliet
Age: 23
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Region: South East
County: Oxfordshire
Town / City: Oxford


Want some DEEP FRENCH Sex? Ooh la la!

My name's Juliet, 5'2", HAIRY PUSSY, fiery red hair, brown eyes and large breasts.

Site rules don't allow me to post an explicit sex pic because this bits public. But once you've confirmed you're over 18 and confirmed your mobile number we can get into some private one-on-one sex sessions and I'll be able to send you xxx pics, straight to your mobile. And they're hot hot!

Note. No pushy men or men with jealousy issues plz.

Tit bit. My dream was to be a glamour model but unfortunately at 5'2" I'm a little too short :( Everything else about me is perfect though. Very frustrating!

Looking forward to hearing from you very soon.

Juliet x

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