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Username: janis24
Age: 24
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Region: South East
County: Norfolk
Town / City: Norwich


Janis is my name, but male admirers call me Juicy Janis! I'm bubbly and fun and I love to keep fit so I can show off my body.

Do you fantasise about being anally abused by a beautiful girl wearing a strap-on... you just found me ;-)

Name: Janis
Location: Norfolk
Age: 24
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5'6"
Breasts: D-cup
Build: Medium
Other: I'm a classy, sexy, saucy, slut who love's to be a dominatrix. My addiction is being filthy, the dirtier the better. I promise not to disappoint you and I will fulfill all of your naughtiest sexual fantasies.

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