It's been a crazy week for me, and I'm sure you've been busy too. But now it's playtime ;-)

I know contacting me out of the blue may seem unnatural, even tricky. What should I say? If you are too pushy you will make yourself appear as some kind of stalker. If you are over-confident, you could come over as an arrogant prick.

My advice would be to send a simple 'hi, or better still send a complimentary message (after all, what girl doesn't like to receive a compliment!). You'll find that things will take a natural course. Just keep in mind this is supposed to be relaxed, fun and most of all unpressured! :-)

I'm here, you're there. We should at least give things a chance, so please do message me so that I can get back to you. Who knows where this exciting adventure may lead...

Take care and talk soon.
Juicy Lucy xxx

My bio:
I'm Lucy
From Bexhill, East Sussex
I have green eyes and blonde hair
I'm 5'4"/165.5cm
My boobs are natural and perky (C)
Watch out for my cheeky smile!

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Lucy25, 25 from East Sussex | XXX Sex Contacts
Username: lucy25
Age: 25
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Region: South East
County: East Sussex
Town / City: Bexhill